Upcoming MergerSmash Server Naming

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  1. zeGambling

    Wasnt it that the match was very close call and than they were named emerald?
    I hope your right becuase that means it should be possible that for the upcomming merges.
  2. Archiadus

    This is not intended as a disrespectful post in any way but to me personally it seems like you've just decided to take the easy way out rather than trying to involve us, the players that actually play the game in the discussion.

    You're already expecting that not everyone will be happy with it so what would the difference be between them not being happy with the name "Cobalt" or "Ceres" compared to a name provided by the winners of the event? Some will like a new name, others won't but by involving the players that are attending the server smash you'll be guaranteed with at least 240+- happy players.
  3. RadarX

    I don't take your response as disrespect in any way. There are a number of problems with allowing winners to "pick" a name.

    First who picks? The leaders of the event? Everyone who participated? How do we gather and verify the right people voted? If we go to this much trouble why are we just asking those who were able to participate? Why not the whole server? Why not BOTH servers? What about the inevitable 80%-90% of the community who won't visit the forums or Reddit?

    My point is while there may be relatively easy solutions to some of this, as a whole I don't personally believe there really is an easy way. This is the fairest and most feasible direction to go.
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  4. Ninave

    You could leave it up to servers to organize a public vote by any voting system the Woodman and Miller server reps see fit. Give them the naming options of which we can vote from and we will spam the voting address in /re and /y ingame and we'll make threads for the info to here and reddit. We still have time to make this public enough to get a significant portion of people to participate.
  5. Surt

    Omg, how cares about the server name? So much discussion about it. This is ridiculous...
  6. RadarX

    This would be feasible if more time were allotted to this, but we feel delaying these merges even longer will not reap an increased benefit. We completely understand some players will not agree with the direction this will be taken, but it's what we feel is best. I'm hopeful with a short period of adjustment people will embrace their new server name and community.
  7. Shanther

    This is entirely not true. Both sides (M and W) agreed that they were going to TRY and name it Emerald because they thought it would be the best thing for both servers. Actual outcome aside, they were going to ask if that could be a thing. At no point did SOE agree to it before hand. Because of how the MergerSmash went and all of the drama that happened SOE agreed that naming it Emerald would be the best thing.
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  8. SiosDashcR

    Exactly. That is what happened.

    Distress from both parties begged for a neutral name to be chosen because there wasn't a clear victor as there was much controversy from: the non-delayed stream of the Server Smash (when everyone was supposed to have their stream delayed by 5 minutes), when Waterson wasn't filled in the details of over time, when Mattherson was told to ditch Octagon for Esamir Munitions, when no clear victor was decided after many miscountings and disputes, when both parties accused another of bringing illegitimate numbers, when no clear rules were established and so on...

    All of that forced SOE to go for a neutral name as a name from either server would've caused much drama and angst between the two communities, something that already had existed prior to the Server Smash and thankfully ceased to exist a week after the merge (at least for the TR).
  9. LordMatt XLVIII

    You cheeky bastard, I see your text there.
  10. LordMatt XLVIII

    That's not how it's been on emerald, we're all happy-good time buddies over here.
  11. Plunutsud pls

    That's what I meant. The community leaders wanted Emerald even before the smash began. SOE would have agreed in any case because that's what the community leaders wanted. Nobody expected such a close result.
  12. Goliath Mk2

    I say everyone on both servers put forward a bunch of names and someone at SOE pick the 20 or 30 of the ones they like and let everyone of those servers cast a vote. With the side that won the serversmash their votes get DOUBLE value.
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  13. zeGambling

    I will not be a new name. According to your post it will be miller or woodman. Thats not new. U dont even give communities a chance so sort it out on their own. And SOE behaviour in this regard is the problem that we dont have much time anymore. Its not the communities fault its yours. Its not that some players disagree with your policy its whole bunch that dont like ur paternalistic acting regarding the name. So pls SOE give a chance to figure it out on our own.
  14. Rachitynowy

    But on what rules? And what is community here? And how to do it quickly? I assure you that most people want merge to be as soon as possible. I even would sacrifice the name to be randomize just to not prolong my waiting.

    I do not believe in forumside and redditside democracy, They(or rather we) are not whole playerbase, not even the half of it.
    Ingame poll? Apart from the fact this is something needed to be implemented and tested(and i want Dev to work on normal thing not on such minor affair) there is possibility to just cheat on it. I have 2 aacounts on my server(left to me by my collegue to log for passive certs). Should i have 2 votes?

    The only fair way is to either do it totally random, let the machine decide. I would rather prefer to fight and lose to have some machine do it heartlessly.

    I do not see solution
  15. zeGambling

    Are u really that scared of trusting into the playerbase and instead gettin dictated by SOE? U must have a really low impression of your community if u think we couldnt deal with that.

    You are right it is a minor issue and SOE should let the playerbase decide whats best in this regard and not poeple that rather nerf things that arent broken instead of bringin new content. I like the way u think ahead and that ur giving ur input on what could went wrong when the players decide. So even if I think your post sounds negative and that you are supporting SOE in their decision ( even if its gettin less compared to your older posts), all the things u pointed out need to be dicussed when we are finally allowed (what will be an hour before match probably^^^) decide the name on our own. So thank you for that.

    I do agree with you that it would the fairest way to go if we put x amount of servernames in to a randommachine that will give us a name after the match. Involving the playerbase into the decision would still be healthier.
  16. Rachitynowy

    I still don't see the solution. We can say to bring playerbase but how? There is no legit solution i could see. And as i stated i don't want to prolong the merge just to decide a name.
    This will only start endless debate finalized by accusations of SOE being passive and lazy to do something(it happened before many times). No matter what SOE will do every time they will get blamed. I think it is rule #26 of forumside but not sure.

    On the other hand we have decision by serversmash( "I demand trail by combat!" ). Not only it is climactic, this is war game after all. Not only it will be quick way to settled it. Moreover it will be create great publicity ("It is in the hands of those brave 300 to decide the faith of the world" ) . But it ignites some fire in this game. Something is happening at last. Something more than bashing heads at crown all the time. This is great spike in metagame. Every server got 240+ ready for it when some of them struggled to get 144 before sometimes. People want to take part in it. They want to compete. They want to win.

    As i said before. There was Cobalt and Lithcorp merge and i didn't see so many suicide and quits about it. People will adapt just fine
  17. zeGambling

    I agree that we disagree. Bow down to your overlords.
  18. ilys01

    I don't get the fuss over keeping the server names. Just name them Werner and Jackson and be done with it.
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  19. Wobberjockey

    shortly before the merger smash happened, both sides leadership realized that there may actually be a chance that they lost this, and that no matter who won, someone was going to be very hurt. they both decided that if they won they would ASK SOE if the new server could be named Emerald.

    The server smash was very hard fought, but marred by the end by rules that weere untested, and sadly not workable in the end. regardless of what you feel the rules should be, PS2 cannot support overtime compressing all 480 players plus the casters into a single hex at what was EMC, now Mattherson's Triumph

    in addition the casters first called the match for Mattherson, then for Waterson, then for Matterson, all of which hinges on a timer that crashed and got lost for a good portion of the match determining if EMC was ever in play to start with. (i've heard we actually played anywhere from 2:16:00 to 2:30:00) this was supposed to be governed by in game alert, but Lady Voxel messed all that up by hiding in a car.

    so at the end of the day, Mattherson won by 1 point, but both sides felt kicked in the gut due to the ending, so SOE decided to go with emerald (which had been bantered about on reddit beforehand) had Waterson or Mattherson walked away with a clear and dominating victory, I think the story would be different.

    now, obviously much of the issue was caused by how the SS went down. Things have been improved on their part markedly, and SOE is building tools to further support these matches properly (closed servers eliminate the issue of overpop for example)

    so as much as Merger Smash 1 was hyped as "This time it matters, son" it proved to be a crucial beta test, and ultimately a trial by fire. it will be interesting to see the results when it all goes down.
  20. Paulus

    Personally, I like my server. I really don't want Ceres to be the one that survives. I want to keep playing on Cobalt, it's my home. If you don't have an emotion invested in your server, that's fine, you can chase whatever number or arrangement of pixel it is which makes the game fun for you. Personally, I've got a lot of time, friends and emotions tied up with my server.

    It's a matter of PRIDE. Cobalt is a proud server, who like to do well and hold it's head high. We don't want to have our pride dented, and we relish the opportunity to wear our server name like a badge. TR, VS or NC, when it comes to facing down another server, we're Cobalt first, and faction second.

    Ceres, you guys could be the nicest people in the world, but Cobalt is going to rip through you like shrapnel through tissue paper. We may all be allies one day, but until then, you're just an obstacle to our survival.