Upcoming LA Revamp Discussion

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DJPenguin, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Kriegson

    No point in discussing it anymore, it's been moved back to unscheduled.
  2. Iridar51

    Talk about jinxing it.
  3. Kriegson

    Blame the interviewer who brought it up.

    "So I heard you guys will be doing a LA revamp soon!"
    "yeah....soon..." <_< >_>

    -Roadmap update
    LA moved to unscheduled.
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  4. OldMaster80

    100% agree.
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  5. RockPlanetSide2

    I doubt they will ever really be able to dual wield SMGs or if they do there will be some STUPID SOE restriction on them... "for no reason at all your SMGs fire at 45% less speed!"... it WILL be something like that or "you have a 400% hip fire penalty so you basically have to be standing in KNIFE range to kill somebody!"... general Higby ****.

    I've got my GOLD plated box-set CYCLONES ready for this day... but, I doubt it will come.
  6. Sandpants

    You're late to the whole "stupid restriction" party.
    SOE beat you, way back on the first page. It had something to do with not having a jetpack.

    Following in my regular trend of ***** and conspiracy theory, this ends up very convenient for SOE - us disliking the idea gives them the perfect reason to unschedule the revamp. A hard crowd to please... right? There is so many people in the world who would be pleased with a pair of dirty socks in their mouths, why aren't we? Damn us. Had the revamp right in our sights, if only we were so content to accept running around as a watered down MAX.
  7. DJPenguin

    We've waited this long, let them continue to push this revamp back until the class gets something useful and doesn't remove the jetpack. Keep the suggestions coming.
  8. Daibar

  9. Planeswalker

    Sounds like such a bad idea.

    I definately wont give up my jet pack for 2 SMGs... I hate SMGs in this game to begin with, so giving up the awesome jet pack for 1 more of those lacklustre weapons .... no thanks

    EDIT: This might be because the SMG i started using was Hailstorm.. and I have never EVER in ANY game used something THAT pathetic!!
  10. R4GING

    need a way to reload any of the two weapons held separately first, can't count how many times my MAX died because it started reloading both weapons instead of just one.
  11. biterwylie

    I dont think Mr Higby said - No new tool for light assualt? Did I miss something?
  12. Zorro

    While I am not against akimbo, I do not think it should be the "cornerstone" of the revamp, and surely not in that manner. Adrenaline pumps need to be buffed and should have multiple levels. C4 needs to be revamped and potentially transformed. Jetpacks need more variety and more mobility. There should be a tool, perhaps a net-gun to entrap enemies with.
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  13. Kriegson

    In retrospect, maybe it going back to unsched is a good thing? Wishful thinking perhaps,but maybe... just maybe they noticed our complaining about the removal of mobility for dual wield and decided to go back to the drawing board?
  14. John_Aitc

    I never thought dual wielding a Primary Weapon would be a possibility.

    I always guessed that, similar to the Infil's Stalker Cloak, they would lose their Primary in exchange for dual wielding new secondary weapons sold as pairs so they would fit into the single weapon slot available but would be considered 1 item in the store.

    The idea of taking away jets from the LA class never, ever crossed my mind.
  15. John_Aitc

    I remember the rope / grappling hook threads from way back, @OldMaster. It was an idea brought about by the silly traction mechanic of players not being able to walk up low grade slopes. The idea was that a LA could drop a rope down from somewhere for his squad mates to use. i.e. Amp Station access over walls or scale the cliffs of Indar. (certs would be for longer ropes)
  16. Malcmodnar


    I don't know what to make of this being moved back anymore. It could be a sign that the developers are listening to us and have delayed it in favor of giving it more work... or that they just don't know what to do with us. I really have no idea at this point.

    Either way, I'd love to hear something from Sony about this. Even their saying they just don't know what to do would be better than this silence. I know they can't say much, but a simple "we're listening" would be greatly reassuring.
  17. Dietre

    I agree that duel wielding smg is not the best idea. For a good LA buff. How about making the adrenalin pump a passive cert line, 5%-10%-15% (20% movement speed may be to much??) and make it walk and run. reduce hip fire penalty while using jet packs and make the jumper jet pack have a higher intital thrust. Also allow by default the LA to carry two nades.

    Now if they want to have duel wield, allow pistols to be dual wield. Now that I could enjoy as something different from the other classes.

    A gadget for LA would be difficult to come up with. Recon darts are already for Inf, however, since the LA can get up high for a vantage point, maybe a tool that is like binoculars that when used will relay that info onto your squads/platoon mini map or something like that. (similar to the recon dart but you can control the angle/direction and so its not a radius effect and since your using the item its not a consumable)

    I for one would use a battle rifle any day with the LA if that was available but I believe that may be a bit to OP for the class.

    One last thought......What about Empire specific secondary weapons. NC, sawed off shotty, TR pdw or duel wield repeators, VS... some sort of plasma ball cqc thingy lol (something ES to make LA unique and fun to each faction)

    HA are ES with one main unique primary and launcher, and they somewhat did the same with ES sniper. why not a ES LA soldier !! I think that is the way to go for a buff to the LA
  18. Pathogenic

    My revised revamp list:

    Necessary Changes:

    Inclusion of a longer range weapon set to bring LA in line with other classes. Namely, a selection from ARs, BRs, or scout rifles.

    My Insertion Module idea, link below.

    Flash nades given a shorter timer and more intuitive effect and counterplay.

    Smoke grenades turned into some sort of aerial cover or given a serious buff over the refillable UBSL.

    Would Be Nice Changes:

    Passive flat 10% movement speed buff (not just sprint).

    A suit slot to reduce/eliminate being highlighted by thermal or NV.

    C-4 being changed to not stick after 3-5m. Still lets us blow up unsuspecting tankers, but more aware ones have some leeway unless you get right up on them.

    As much flak as it gets, I still think a grappling hook/wall cling tool would be perfect for the Assassin's Creed-y feel of JJ LA. The insertion module is more important, IMO, since it could help both out more.