Upcoming LA Revamp Discussion

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DJPenguin, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    *echange "stupid" with "crazy" or "funny" at your preference
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  2. Kriegson

    I only got through the first page or two, needless to say if you are being level-headed in your discussion then my post was not directed at you, but so many jump straight to doom, gloom and spewing hatred on something that is only in the theoretical phase.
    The roadmap only says it's something they would like to do, Higby relates that it is something that would be difficult to pull off. Nothing is written in stone, and moreso there's certainly no reason to complain or expect change before it's even hit the PTS.

    Who knows, they might throw icarus JJ's back in and allow us to dual wield vanu garrote thongs. It could be sweet but we wont know until then so there's no reason for people to proclaim the destruction of the LA class via a few lines of text.
  3. DeadliestMoon

    Yeah the whole grappling hook, ropes, and piggy backing other people are just stupid *** ideas and i hope they never get implemented.
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  4. Stormsinger

    The dreaded VGT. This will be the new ZOE.
    Mark my words.
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  5. Takoita

    ???! Drifter Jets need a rework, there are zero class tools, no class-specific weaponry, UBGL nerfed to hell and back, unable to throw grenades while airborne, C4 hit with the nerfhammer numerous times too, and Higby posts something about goddrat akimbo wielding?

    This is just a big steaming pile of bull, that's what it is. Throttle that awful idea already, don't waste the man-hours!
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  6. Pathogenic

    The dual wield just sounds gimmicky and like it'll be more trouble balancing than it's worth, as much as I like the idea of going Chow Yun Fat on people.

    As far as the general idea of a revamp:

    If the tool slot was an extra Utility slot for MKs or RKs, I would be happy. C-4 seems like too powerful of an option to pass up, but an LA is more likely to be away from medics by design (and my RKs paid for themselves immensely in my time playing with LA, since I haven't certed C-4 yet). They need some sort of healing beyond the Biolab regen.

    Stock adrenaline pump sounds like it should be on the class already.

    I also liked another person's knockaround nade idea. There isn't much enemy displacement (ramming, I guess? But that's vehicles only), so it would give them a unique impact.

    And of course, add in an Icarus option.

    For more outlandish ideas:

    I thought that the ability to "lock" on to a surface would be huge for LAs. In my head, it would be jumpjet up -> fire "grappling hook"ish item -> get pulled to spot and the hook keeps you attached to the surface like a little mini-turret. It could also serve as a sort of targeted, shorter range Icarus by pulling you fairly fast in saaay a 5 to 10 meter range. And if you say hook that enemy Gal trying to get away... >:D >.>

    I also had the most problem whenever enemy air was overhead, due to LAs being encouraged to be in the open. Something to provide cover from air would be amazing. Possibly a smoke grenade (Nade slot, not launcher) that rises, spreads, and lingers for a bit longer than a standard smoke. 100 resources to make air wings have to come into thermal range and put their resources at a bit more risk isn't something in the game aside from terrain, afaik, so it would give LAs a unique sort of AV option. I would definitely trade frags for it.

    I am curious though, having just started playing with LA (and really loving it): What's wrong with flashes? Legitimately unaware, and VR didn't let me test it on myself.
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  7. Iridar51

    They aren't reliable enough to use in live combat: detonation delay is too long, area of effect isn't great, and overall blinding effect is meh. It isn't rare to only partially blind a target, so it can still easily see and shoot at you, not to mention the loud *bang* sound of the flash grenade blowing up screams: "watch out for enemy LA breaching!".
    Even fully blinded enemy can still run away and shoot back.

    I'd much rather just use normal frags.
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  8. Bankrotas

    Why can't we just get a thumper with specialized grenades, smoke, firefields, sludge areas, to make our Assault aspect more viable for breaking and at same time a possible.
    Maybe a minicharge too. Why dualwield :/.
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  9. odie361

    i think a special ability like taped mags, decrease every other reload by 50% but everyother reload would take 25% longer just food for thought, makes LA more combat driven and less support driven, and gives them an edge over an engineer who can use the same weapons
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    just as a note, not being able to ADS with akimbo SMG is likely not a real issue. with an advanced laser sight, might as well BE ADS all the time, when I run with my smg I have to keep reminding myself NOT to ADS, because I am far more dangerous hipfireing them, even AT the range were ADS would normally be required.
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  11. Kriegson

    I at least hope we get a run-speed increase with akimbo.
  12. Sandpants

    And yet something like 8 months passed, and they are still PERSISTENT on believing it's a thing that could even be considered.

    It's just another way to roll in a useless feature and label it as meaningful content. There were plenty of suggestions on this forum, non of those ideas were expanded on by the devs. It's like there is no other choice, no other thought BUT some silly akimbo update.

    It's not a doom and gloom perspective when this is a blatantly obvious behavior - they are not even trying, nor are they planning to. The only thing they are planning is THIS, with complete lacking in any indication of awareness or conscious thought of any other option it pretty much IS written in stone.
    It's pretty much "take it or leave it".
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    So I see a couple of things here that would work and some that won't.

    Yes some of these might not be balanced (you guys will have to talk to me about these.)
    Also thank you z1967 - Who I stole from and added/removed/changed some things. (Kept original titles at the start (as recognition), but better names).


    - - - Abilitys - - -

    Double jump packs (ExoJump) - Normal jump is increased to 5m instead of 2m.
    5 levels, 5 seconds between jumps. Each level decreases time between jumps by 0.75sec and increases height by 0.75m.
    Passively increases fall damage resistance so that you don't take damage from falling from 10m.

    Blitz boost packs (QuickFlex Servos (QFS)) - Original was too "bad" for hit detection purposes.
    5 levels. While active (15 sec) gain 10% runspeed (per level), Walk speed by 5% (per level). 15sec "cooldown" after use.
    However lose 50% of your shields while active (The servos need power some how).

    Icarus Jump jets - Unfortunately won't be getting added because of hit detection issues :(

    - - - Suit slot - - -

    Built in 20% movement speed bonus, Also in addition keep the Adrenaline pump, however reduce it to a 20% speed boost.

    Large holster - Adds the ability to carry a second primary instead of a pistol. Trade off is that you can't use so many other useful things like flak, ammo, ASC etc. (Could not have said it better myself).

    Duelers Pouch (Pistols) - Can be used with all Mobility packs. Cannot dual wield Commissioners/Underbosses/Xbow. No ADS possible. 2X reload length. Press F while equipped to swap between 1 and 2 pistols (at pistol draw rate). 2X longer to draw when swapping from/to main weapon.

    Akimbo (SMGs) (YES I know you don't like these HOWEVER) - Can only be used with ExoJump or QFS. Only 65% total ammo Capacity for each gun, No pistols/ADS as well. Reloads at 2.2x normal rate (Example a (normal) gun reloads at 2 seconds the total reload would be 4.4 seconds reload).

    - - - Weapons - - -

    Thumper, 6 Shots per mag, 6 in reserve. NO C4/Med packs are available when this is equipped (takes up the slot).
    5 second reload and is reloaded revolver style, slow firing (maybe 120RPM). 1.35x iron sight zoom only.
    Normal - Explodes on contact does normal grenade damage.
    OR (can swap in loadout screen between utility and damage)
    Smoke - Can swap (press a switch on the side) between flash and smoke, Press B to swap between the Flash/Smoke rounds.
    Heavy gets access via the dropping of the Rocket Launcher (no smoke or flash).

    BOAV (Bird On A Vine). 250dam @20m, 200 @85m 145 @ 120. 350 RPM Semi Auto, 550 Velocity. 12 Rounds, 96 in reserve.
    Attachment options - Flash, Suppressor. SPA or HVA. Laser Sight, Forward Grip, ADV Forward grip and Flashlight.

    BOAV. Kicks like a mule (1.35x the kick of the Warden), but is a better choice at close(r) range than the main Battle rifles. Can also be used at long(er) ranges than most LA guns when kitted out with long range attachments.

    - - - MAYBE - - - I need my chook feed back

    Stealing this Idea however I shall modify it below.
    Satchel Charge- Available to LA, Infiltrator, and Engineer; this pack of boom becomes more damaging the longer the timer is. It makes a beeping sound based on how much time is left until it detonates. 45 secs is barely detectable. Whilst 5 secs is easy to hear unless you are deaf. Engineers can disarm it with the engineer tool and infiltrators can disarm it by hacking it. Everyone else can shoot it (guaranteed bad idea) or try to cut the right wire (which will be hilarious and a 25%-12.5% chance of getting it right). Infiltrators/LA can carry 2, engi’s can carry 4. 45 seconds will gib any vehicle in the game, 5 secs is about one C4 in terms of damage.

    Satchel Charge - Available to LA, Infiltrator, and Engineer. Engineers can disarm it with the engineer tool and infiltrators can disarm it by hacking it (level 4 tool or hacking required). Everyone else can shoot it (guaranteed bad idea). It makes a beeping sound based on how much time is left until it detonates. From 45 sec to 15 Sec once every 5 seconds it will make a weak beep (have to be within 1m or have very high volume to hear), once it hits 15 seconds it will then make a beep every second. Once at 5 seconds it will make quite a large beep that anyone can hear. On 3 seconds left it will show on minimap the impending doom box (around the size of the TUGs laid on it's side). 2 Destroys a galaxy with room to spare, However they are only 100% (% is based on how much percentage has been completed so far), damaging once the 45 seconds are up. (So no place and shoot bullcrap). 1 will put a sundy in the red or destroy a tank (really you are gonna use it on a tank o_O it will most likely move before the explosive is complete (unless you kill him :D))
    Infiltrators can carry 1, LA can carry 2, engi’s can carry 4max (2 Default and 2 more depending on Explosives belt level). 400Certs each. (Infil spends 400 to max it and LA/engiee spend 800).

    - - NOTES - -
    Both the QFS and the ExoJump are "Weaker" versions of the jump jets, however give bonuses in their own way. (Silent and others).
    I would most certainly use QFS more than drifters (drifters I don't use), and I would almost exclusively use ExoJump.
  14. RyanGUK

    Give them a teleport beacon for fellow squad members to go through, think shortcuts or portable teleporters with a similar radius to AMS sunderers but allow them to be used indoors as well, unlike a squad beacon.

    That gives the LA some team play advantage...

    Just to add, they'd need to make a A and B beacon. Destroy A, can't get to B but if A or B gets destroyed you can replace them to reestablish the link. If they're both gone, you're done for.

    Also worth saying they can only do it within one lattice link. Makes so Bio Lab assaults can be crazy good, but you can't skip a link to another base. Think that would help with load screens too
  15. Rthor

    LA update has been moved to unscheduled... again.

    Isn't this about the tenth delay?
  16. JoCool

    I agree.

    Dual wielding is the most awkward thing ever. It is not cool at all. We are not Trinities in The Matrix. Nor are we cowboys. Nor is this CoD. The BF series spares its customers of it too. Here, dual wielding is for MAX units only. It is the same awkward thing as BFRs. We want to feel like serious fireteams duking it out.

    A gung-ho LA flying by, dualwielding two pistoles with a cowboy hat, screaming "Yeehaw" over local voice comms is just too much. Really.
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  17. Corezer

    Now I kinda want it...

    but seriously, no DW.
  18. JoCool

    I suppose then, for Planetside 2, a Panda-ear-hat, an eye-patch and shoulder-pat-parrots would also be justifiable. Please do not forget to give LAs the exclusive carribean battle-saber for its knife slot. And differently coloured light sabers for the VS, just like in StarWars. That would be awesome!!

    P.S. Please bring back BFRs too. Because they work for Titanfall too. Nerf immersion, it hinders the possible levels of awesomeness! Awesome!!!
  19. MasterCheef

    I think DW could work as a CQC backup option to main weapon. It wouldnt have the accuracy for a 1v1, but enough of a burst of fire power to clear injured enemies after an ambush.

    i think this actually fits the LA very nicely.
  20. JesusVoxel

    Dual pistols or SMG's sound pretty stupid. Since the knife revamp is coming soon, why not let LA dual wield knifes? When you equip knife (not quick knifing) you would be able to kill enemies with one double slash.

    As for equipment, what about laser designator/binocular combo? You could mark targets for vehicles to see and maybe if someday SOE includes artillery LA could work as a spotter for them. With binoculars you could also mark targets for your squad, so LA's would be more usefull for team.