Upcoming LA Revamp Discussion

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DJPenguin, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Goretzu

    That just wouldn't work, one for obvious balance reasons (one or two of those things maybe, but all? o_O ), and two because the engine can't handle it (it struggled badly with Icarus jets clientside hit detection and hitbox-wise and auto-adrenaline pump would only exacerbate that).

    I think auto-adrenal pump is a decent possibility for the LA (+ DW and some sort of tool maybe), but equally you have to be realistic, the PS2 LA is never going to be a Tribes-esq class because it would simply outclass everything then in a lot of situations.
  2. OldMaster80

    Sometimes I read this rope thing. Why the hell should LAs use a rope when they have a jetpack? It's like giving engies a toolbox when they already a nanite repair tool!
  3. MasterCheef

    if they insist-

    LA should use suit slot for 2nd pistol. You lose the accuracy of backup weapon but get CQ clearing power. you cant switch between "modes". If you equip a 2nd pistol you always use it.

    I see this usefull in a point clearing situation. LA uses smg/carbine to kill a few enemies at range, drop in dual pistols to quickly clear anyone close range and still injured. Advantage is wide cone of fire , disadvantage no ADS. It wouldn't be accurate enough to win a face off or run around like its a shotty, but it would be just enough to finish off a shield depleted and injured foes trying to run for cover after an ambush. Essentially the dual pistols could serve as a clean up weapon after an initial strike. This specializes it, yet keeps it from being too powerful.

    As an LA, i find myself in many situations where i injure someone from a vantage point, but they are able to flee into cover (being high up sometimes provides tricky angles). I then have to chase and drop in on my prey. A wide cone of fire dual pistol mode would be helpful in helping me drop in and quickly finish off my prey while not having to worry about accuracy. At the same time, dual pistols would be useless as a main weapon because i would never be able to land enough bullets to kill someone full health, shield or not.


    DW pistols could serve a short quick burst of fire power. Only enough to kill badly injured enemies, but with a cone of fire wide enough to do it quickly without precise aiming.
  4. RolandTEC

    I agree, that would be much better then losing the staple of LA. They need to give LA some kind of upgrade to jets, maybe an overcharge that makes jets consumes fuel 3x faster but propel the user 2x faster as a suit slot or utility and makes more sound and a larger/brighter visual effect. I think everything the LA has should be centered around the use of jump jets not the polar opposite.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    OOO, I could see tying it to Drifter Jets... it either lets you Akimbo SMG or Pistols or you can take a single shotgun + pistol per norm.

    Since you can't ADS with Akimbo anyways, it'd pair well with Drifter.

    I still am not a fan of Akimbo, and would MUCH rather have smoke nades or C4 (or both options?) moved to the Tool slot
  6. NevarxTR

    It's probably just me but I like how the LA works right now and don't want a revamp. But I wouldn't mind a new jump jets.
  7. Caserion

    I mean as a support tool. Light asssaults fly op to hard to reach places/impossible to reach places and place a rope for non-light assaults to clim up. This makes them more viable as a squad member for something else than just killing.
  8. Maljas23

    I think that dual wielding PISTOLS is fine. However, SMGs are too much. You also shouldn't lose your jetpack at all, just not be able to ADS, meaning you have a less effective range. Losing your jetpack is pretty stupid considering mobility is what the class is suppose to be about.

    Sometimes I just don't get what SOE is thinking when they do stuff like this.
  9. Sandpants

    Months and months and months and the epitome of all the discussion, suggestions and effort is that the revamp to LA is it to stop being LA.

    ***** great.

    Glad to finally get a definitive confirmation that this game is trash-level.
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  10. Stormsinger

    Personally, I like the idea of giving Light Assaults a new, class specific oriented weapon similar to scout rifles, but with limited maximum ammo compared to SMGs.
    Additionally, I like the idea of giving them an AV / Friendly armor support role. Giving them a long-range homing-signal type dart that spots an enemy armor unit on impact, and gives it a slight increase in vulnerability to all damage sources. When used on friendly armor, it grants +1-3 seconds of time required to lock on via a jamming signal with limited battery life.

    Also, I want jet pack functionality that does more then simulate attempting to fly via farting through a straw.
  11. OldMaster80

    I like yhe target painter stuff a lot!
  12. Stormsinger

    To keep it's functionality and enhance it in order to not "revamp LA to stop being LA" ...

    More shotguns for tower fights? Seems like a bad idea...

    Better Jetpack? Sure, i'm on board for that one

    More C4...?

    How about [IMG]

    Any significant enhancement to LA will leave it unrecognizable as LA, which is the whole idea. Light Assaults need to be given a UNIQUE functionality.
    Infiltrator = Cloaking and Sniper Rifle
    HA's = Shields, launchers, and exclusive access to LMGs, not to mention AV grenades
    Medics = Necromancers and assault rifles. Shop smart. Shop S mart. All they are missing is pets. (Oh, wait... they have squads, never mind.)
    Engies = Infinite ammo, turrets, repair tool, wrenches, long necks, and western accents.
    LA = Jetpacks and...?

    Even at max level, jetpacks feel gimmickey - they require skill and precision to use, since they provide no real thrust. They can enhance a number of strategies (Bombing from above, bail assaulting, jump-pad leaping accross half the freakin' map) ... they need a toy, something that no one else can do. Equipping another pistol would be... kinda cool, but given the disparity between pistol quality between factions, it's unbalanced by nature.

    Some form of target painting, or another support role needs to happen.
    More random ideas:

    Target painter laser, auto-spots the user, but has infinite ammo, and makes lockons lockon faster, and at greater range. Must be held on a target to function, so unless air is being stupid, it wouldnt affect them much. Lets LA take extreme advantage of good positioning, which seems to be the point of the class in the first place. (Although I still like my dart / ammo based / duration idea more. _

    MORE support grenades: Why do medics have exclusive access to beneficial grenades? Let me lob a nanite-infusion grenade at mobs of friendly infantry, resetting friendly shields via a quick charge (Start charge cycle instantly, +refill rate) ... perhaps a single tic of ammo, 2 or 3 tics total for all classes. Lets you refill friendly infantry units' ammo at a resource cost. Engineers should get this one too, but a class that specializes in good positioning is uniquely suited for emergency resupply missions, so the synergy here would be amazing.

    Portable Egress and Ingress Unit: Squad based teleportation unit, can only be entered by squad members. Think TF2 Engie teleporter, place an entrance, place an exit... bash teammates with wrenches to check for spies. (Wait, not that last one...)
    Unit would be limited by range and teleport cycles... 12 ports from each side. (12 can port there, 12 can port back, on seperate charges. Range would be 200, 220, 240, 260, and 280 meters, allowing for another link in the reinforcement chain from sundies to control points. # of teleports can be increased via certs as well.
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  13. Iridar51

    B-b-but the new Lynx is good.
    Forget Higby, let's just hope really hard he will be fired in the next two seconds, and everything will be fine.
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  14. Kriegson

    Aaaand this is why the devs don't visit the forums anymore.

    FFS it's only a RUMOR that you will lose JJ. And a THOUGHT that we might get akimbo. If your panties are twisted into a fine mono molecular wire by these rumors, you should donwload PTS and hop on the moment they add the revamp to give them feedback. Not jump up and down on their nuts screaming profanity at the vaguest suggestion of what might be done with the class, because I guarantee they wont listen or care.
  15. Stargazer86


    It's hardly a rumor when the Creative Director for Planetside 2 says that akimbo weapons will be the 'cornerstone' of the LA update.

    Did you even read the first post, or did you fine-tune your internet rage filter and block out that little piece of information?
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  16. Iridar51

    We're just having a civil discussion, no need to get so emotional. And it's not a rumor, this is a quote of lead game designer, the next best unrumory thing is a PTS patch note.

    Sure we go to the PTS and give them feedback. Maybe they will even listen, after all, they already did once - with the Cougar.
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  17. Stormsinger

    Excellent idea! Infiltrators DO need panty-based garrote wire to supplement the knife changes, we can even make it so it matches the glow-color of their bras. Thanks for the constructive post!
  18. Iridar51

    I thought mono-molecular thong was Vanu Infiltrator standard issue :confused:
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  19. Regpuppy

    Regardless of the medium, these are dev words and thus dev intentions. We're just expressing how we feel about the idea.

    While some people may, seemingly, be overreacting to it(it's text, it's hard to tell). It's good that opinions are expressed about this, so that devs are hopefully made aware of how the players feel about it. Just like implants, there's a chance that expressing such things could provoke change or prevent a possibly broken/hated feature into the game in the first place.
  20. Stormsinger

    Well yeah, but our own spandex tech (SpandTechâ„¢) works against us in that regard, it stretches too much to be used as a weapon. R&D for wedgie based weapon systems is ongoing.