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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DJPenguin, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. DJPenguin

    From: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/599/feature/8415/page/2

    While all the details and mechanics haven't been brought to light and at best all we can do is speculate.. why would a LA ever want to trade in their jetpack for akimbo smgs? Firepower goes up sure, but i can only assume the use of aiming down the sight won't be allowed making it a close range/point blank spray n pray setup.

    When and why would i want to give up the jetpack for akimbo smgs? What advantage in combat can it offer me that a jetpack with 1 smg can't? How is it better than choosing a real grounded class like the HA who still does have their class mechanic on top of a 100 round lmg and a rocket launcher to boot.

    No other class revamp removed (or more accurately allows the removal of) a class' trademark mechanic. After all it's the reason people go LA in the first place. Imagine the backlash from Infiltrators if their new toys required them to ditch cloaking. Or if HA needed to give up their shields, Medics w/ no healing capabilities etc.

    I strongly hope the devs reconsider this revamp. As Higby himself said the class already has good firepower. What it lacks is a reason to say "I need to go LA so i can accomplish X". Does any non-LA main consistently switch classes for any reason other than maybe taking out the occasional sunderer? It's essentially all the class is notorious for but it's hardly a "role" in the grand scheme of things. Consider some form of utility rather than just raw firepower at the expense of the one thing the class has going for it.

    - A disappointed LA main
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  2. Winfield

    Makes me wonder what they have in store for the HA revamp when they do it.

    I do admit it does sound silly to trade-off your Jetpack for more firepower, but at the same time 2 SMGs can be extremely deadly.
    This they should reconsider this whole thing.
  3. Regpuppy

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  4. Dahwhatsdat???

    Gotta wonder sometimes what's going through the developers heads :/ What dreams of madness. What visions of prolonged and chronic imbalance between the various disparate elements of this monstrosity of ones and zeros they hath bequeathed life unto.
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  5. Kanil

    So the LA revamp allows you to stop being LA?


    Edit: Light assaults ask for a tool, instead they get their ability removed. SOE logic is the best.
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  6. Ronin Oni

    While I would certainly never give up JJ's for Akimbo... I'm glad it's such a crappy deal... I hated the idea of Akimbo since it was mentioned and using it should make you sacrifice shields too just because.

    It's a terrible idea.

    I'd rather LA got something completely different to better the class... some kind of teamplay tool would be awesome! Or hell, just let LA's equip C4 AND Medstims. Or move Smoke Grenades to the Tool Slot. Something. Anything!

    But at least Akimbo will blow balls.... god that was a terrible idea and I'm GLAD that the implementation makes it a terrible choice
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  7. MasterCheef

    The only way i can see dual wield working is if

    -You can dual wield pistols and it serves as a short range backup SMG in addition to main weapon (carbine/shotgun), Making the LA a versatile medium range and close range threat at the same time.

    -You dual wield SMGs, no ADS but with a very wide arc of fire. making it the true CQC pay and spray option.

    -it can't take away the JJ completely, maybe be drifter jet only. Give those things some use. Or maybe shorten JJ fuel in half.

    ..i still think akimbo is pointless. I'd much prefer a useful tool instead of a gimmick.
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  8. MasterCheef

  9. SharpeShooter

  10. Wargrim

    So the dumbest possible feature out of all the proposed LA changes is, i quote
    Wow, just wow. Everytime i look up the changes to the game since i uninstalled, SOE has provided a new reason to keep it that way.
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  11. ViXeN

    I'm guessing dual SMGs would be instant death in cqc but I would definitely take the jetpack instead. Now if you let me choose between dual SMGs and my shield for the HA, I may take the guns sometimes.
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  12. daniel696

    SOE - the dumb.
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  13. M2_Bradley

    I don't want duel wielding...I want a straight buff to the LA.Make adrenaline pump built in for the LA(infiltrator still needs to put certs into it and it will hog up the suit slot).Give us good hipfire when jump-jetting.Give us the Icarus jumpjets.Give us a gadget of some sort.(don't care what).And for the new toys we could get....I'd imagine something(don't judge me,just an idea) like an arm mounted weapon(like the max has) that has awesome hipfire but no ADS capability.JUST DO NOT GIVE US THE BLOODY DUEL WIELD!I DO NOT WANT TO DUEL WIELD.
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  14. Angry Scientist

  15. kobortor

    Dual wielding without jetpack completely goes against everything the LA was built for: high mobility, why would we replace it with a mini MAX (pun intended) with SMGs
  16. OrbitalNZ

    I hope they also give us bullet time as well.
    Akimbo weapons only work if I can also jump dive in slow motion through windows.
    Damn they need to give us Breakable GLASS!!!!
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  17. FateJH

    Well, all the windows will be filled with something; but, it won't be made of glass. Or breakable.
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  18. JP_Russell

    Dual SMG's, huh?

    And I thought akimbo sounded impossible to balance when I thought it was just going to be for sidearms...
  19. Maljas23

    Awesome! I've always wanted to dual wield two Hailstorms and pretend I am playing COD!
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  20. MasonSTL

    Personally I think the dual wielding should be for pistols only and be a utility so the LA can keep their jet packs and main weapon. I think it would be a good fair trade off for C4 or Medic kit.
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