Upcoming infiltrator recon tool.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Fafnir, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Fafnir

    Huh. I'm not sure what to think about this. How do you think that would work? An infiltrator marks something with his laser designator and squad leaders are able to open the map and see orbital strike request?
  2. Skeith

    orbital strikes will not be avaible for a loooong time the devs have alredy stated that they need to work on that a LOT.

    besides that reconing abilities are the last thing the infiltrator needs right now
  3. Fafnir

    Couldn't disagree more.
  4. Skeith

    except that it's the truth

    we alredy have the cloak and the sensor dart to spot the enemies.

    our ability to infiltrate inside the enemy base is non existant right now,consider the crappiness of our kit in medium close range.

    dont get me wrong more tools are always nice but fixing our stealth mechanic is a n1 priority imo.
  5. Fafnir

    Both improved infiltrating capability and new recon tools would give infiltrator something he lacks at the moment - more utility.
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  6. Skeith

    the thing is that we dont need an improvement onf infiltrating capabilities

    we NEED infiltrating capabilities.
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  7. Cirno

    I was thinking; what if the "spotting for artillery" was changed to "spotting for rocket pods"?
    Give dumb fired rocket pods some scatter so they're less effective against a single target, but if the target's designated they're accurate.
    Suddenly, teamwork!
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  8. SquirrelWizard

    Actually they should give liberators a LGB. After a short aquisition time by the recon tool, the bombs will home into the target. The target can be a tank, a doorway, a group of troops, what have you. Otherwise the bomb is treated as a dumbfire bomb.

    For the gunners, targets would pop up as big red circles they can "aim" at to aquire them.
  9. Echra

    I have no problems infiltrating even the heaviest of hotspots. The problem I have is well.. having things to do once i'm sitting inside their base. I have no C4, there are sometimes 0 terminals to hack outside of their main structure (sometimes there are 1-2 if i'm lucky), I can't hack vehicles anymore, "setting off" a generator can easily be done by any other class too. There is just no reward for being there as an infiltrator right now besides kills (Which I am still fine with right now :)). There needs to be more terminals, and for infiltrators sake, stop putting the only equipment terminals in "restricted areas" blocked off by pain fields or barriers at the many towers and outposts. It's a pain restocking on my two bouncing bettys when I have to travel 800m to another area just because there are no accessible equipment terminals.
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  10. SquirrelWizard

    ^ brings up another valid issue.

    Hacking is neigh pointless as the only benefit comes from pulling vehicles from hacked vehicle terminals ASSUMING PEOPLE DONT BLOW THE TERMINALS UP! Infantry terminals are too few and far between, especially on bigger bases.

    Speaking of blowing up terminals... Engineers need to be able to repair broken terminals and turrets of any faction, but limit the exp gained from repairing enemy equipment. This way infiltrators can hack them and people can use them. It would build intraclass synergy. In addition it fixes the problem with people hacking terminals in your base and destroying them so they cant be repaired until the base is flipped.
  11. aR2k

    Agree with the guy above, I have no issues with the current state of the infiltrator, alltho the cloak could use some work.
    The problem is that once you infiltrate, there is nothing to do.

    1. Do not put the only terminals of that location inside shields, either move them outside or add more terminals.
    2. Give more hacking options, either hacking vehicles or add more stuff to the terminals, just beeing able to turn the terminals to your side is not a huge advantage. Hacking is such a great mechanic, do more with it!
    - Hacking vehicles
    - Disable or turn shields against the enemy for a short period of time (lock yourself in with the generator for a certain amount of time, or blocking the enemy advancements)
    - Disable turrets on that location
    Hacking a terminal can give a list of options where only 1 can be used per terminal/location.

    As it stands now, once ifiltrated, putting down your proximity mine and using the sensor dart, there its no advantage of beeing an infiltrator, if your lucky and you can hack a terminal then you might as well just switch classes, because other classes excells at this better.
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  12. Red-XIII

    Could you show us a vid of you infiltrating the what's-it's-name base where the defenders get to TP inside from respawn (and subsequently ride outside through shields) and attackers get to walk through 2 small unshielded doors? (This base also has a "lift" and a trend of attacking LA jumping up to that "lift" and killing defenders there)

    That base has the heaviest "hotspots" I've seen. Barely half a second goes by without anyone shooting at those doors from a turret or throwing a grenade in there or shooting a rocket. I can't imagine us getting through in one piece even if we could sprint in complete invisibility.

    Just let us "hack" broken equipment, that'd be a more sensible thing to do. Hack it, then fix it, not the other way around.

    I still don't see how our cloak can be considered a valid infiltration tool, but that's a separate subject.

    1.Even if you put them outside, they are still within a few steps from the enemy respawn point, which warrants hard time hacking and easy time hacking back.

    There's a broader issue - the objects that defenders need to control are unreasonably distance-biased towards their location. It'd be ok if they had territory advantage (easyer to defend and assault from their side), but not the walking time advantage (excluding player-made spawn points of cause).

    2. Just letting us hack shields would cause enough havoc (possibly even more than enough), seeing how SCU generators are protected by shields, which are maintained by generators, which are never taken down before the control point itself changes colour.

    In any event, SOE seems to be very reluctant when it comes to implementing subterfuge into their gas flow simulator. We could spend an eternity theorizing about possible ways to improve that aspect, but I doubt that anyone could be limited enough to want to implement it but do as badly at it as they did. In other words, If they wanted it to get any better than it is, they would have done it already.
  13. Tnsr

    Nice, spotting infantry. Even if we can't call orbital strikes ourselves as Infiltrators it hope our spots will be visible for the whole team for a short period of time.
    Scout sniper 4tw!
  14. Hoki

    The more I play the more I think infiltrator and light assault should be merged into an "Operative" class

    I don't think it would be OP, make you choose between stealth and jetpack so can't have both. When you think about what LA and inf should be doing, there is a lot of overlap. I think the best way to balance them is to merge to one class and give options, or give LA hacking and sniper rifles, and give infs jetpacks and sprint speed improvement.

    Its a shame they weren't the same class in the first place, would have been perfect.
  15. Paulus

    To bring the thread back on track, I would think this referes to an "aiming Aid" much like the Flail had in PS1.

    For those that didn't play PS1, the Flail was a large mobile field artilary that once deployed could then fire over long distances, and could be made quite accurate with a buddy acting as a "spotter". The laser designator would make a bar pop up in the middle of the Flail gunners vision, and put a cross on said bar for him to aim at so he got the trajectory for the lit target, if the two people worked as a unit, you could rain down shells on a target you couldn't actualy see from the Flail.

    To compensate for this, the flail was cumbersome to move, vulnerable to ground and air attack (it had no defencive weapons, only the deployable cannon) and the shells showed up on the mini-map, so if you wanted to shut it down, you just followed the trail of shells backwards over 1 or 2 lattices until you found it. Downside was often they would be stationed inside the walls of a base, or by time you got to it, the target (usualy the V.pad) was wrecked.

    I can't say it would be likely for them to impliment a new vechicle so close to launch, so my guess would be it is more likely to be for one of the existing projectile expelling units like tanks, HA launchers, Air Cav (maybe a new type of rocket or "Paveway" type bomb?) or tower turrets (although i suspect there probably is going to be an element of "you must spend 100 certs to use this ability")
  16. m44v

    A turtled tech plant. Yeaah, I would love to see him trying to infiltrate *that* hotspot too.
  17. Davinel

    There is really only one thing i lack in infiltrator. And it's ability to shoot from stealth. Ofc stealth must break on shot.

    Everything else is fine. Weapons is fine. Yeah i'd want shotgun) Or at least carabine. But it's ok as is.
    And I think inf need C4.
    And ability to hack vehicles.
    And ability to pass through shields.

    It will be good to have those.
    But inability to shoot from stealth is game-breaking.
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  18. Darthbob509

    ill be happy with a laser designator, that shows enemy vehicles to any nearby air, and marks it as a priority target.
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  19. Sworaven

  20. ThElement078

    Assuming ofc means of course (yeah sorry I don't know what that means) yeah that's a pretty good idea, maybe you should start a new thread for it.

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