Upcoming adjustments to Air vs Ground balance

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  1. cottonrabbit

    QFT. If AA gets buffed to the point where they can reliably kill any aircraft they see, then air will not be viable at all. Unlike ground, you are completely exposed in the air. AA MAXs are already effective right now in driving off air right now, they simply don't get rewarded for it, so people don't like doing it. When a couple AA MAXs do get together, it's a very effective defense in it's current state.
  2. MexelVanMexelen

    I won't do a charge back. I've had a lot of fun in beta and live, so payment for that is fair. But I will spend no further cash on this game if this is how they are going to treat the player base. They are fools and charlatans, sorry.
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  3. omega4

    You're right. That's why I said to award XPs for damage to Anti Air weapons ONLY.
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  4. Maximilious

    I feel sorry for all the ESF that spend so many certs on flak armor
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  5. omega4

    You're right. That's why I won't spend any more money on PS2.

    I was afraid that the PS2 developers were going to eventually trash the almost perfect aircraft v. ground balance.

    It turns out my fears are coming to fruition.
  6. omega4


    AA is quite effective as a deterrent, yet no one uses it en masse because no one gets any XPs for serving as a deterrent to aircraft.

    All the PS2 developers need to do is award XPs for ALL Anti Aircraft weapons ONLY, while leaving the aircraft v. ground balance intact in its current form.

    Problem solved.

    The best solutions are most often the simplest ones. Yet game developers tend to overcomplicate matters when it comes to game balance rather than seek out the simplest solutions.
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  7. RockHarder

  8. DukeFlash

    If SoE does the AA / AT rocket must-lockon change, they need to refund the Station Cash used.

    Or, better yet, just leave the rocket launchers alone in the first place.
    They are already futzing with a lot of things at once.
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  9. warmachine1

    AT/AA launcher prices should be cut in half, cause their usage is now limited
  10. Palidan01

    Well I respect and appreciate all the effort you guys it put into this the changes sound good the only complaint I will have his about the requirement to lock on before firing I mean what about that Prowler that rolls up on yah hes not going to just sit there wAiting for the launcher to lock on then in that case the infantry is going to get screwed because now we only have a deterrent from range instead of close combat with a tank sofa tank rolls up on us and surprises us he's going to get a mass amount of kills because there's nothing we can do there's no way he's going to sit still long enough for somebody to turn around and lock on to him
  11. JakeLunn

    I am greatly concerned about increasing the range of lock-on rockets.
    EDIT: Actually nevermind. I thought that included A2A missiles and was concerned. G2A missiles can have infinite range for all I care. If I stay far enough away those thing are easy to drive into a wall or simply outrun.
  12. Dakkaface

    Mostly true - Skyguards and Walker guns ARE really underpowered for their roles. The Skyguard because it's flak does not explode and it's CoF is horrendous for shooting at anything that isn't a fighter currently engaged in rocket-farming infantry. The Walker because it does less damage than the Basilisk to aircraft, and is just as hard to lead with despite supposedly being an AA gun. AA is my preferred ground role, and while I am terrible at flying, I spend a lot of time in both gunner positions in my buddies Lib.

    AA is good en masse - my buddy and I were relatively safe in a Lib from a single ESF, Burster MAX or HA with AA. We rolled up on one base with two bursters, 2 AA HA's, an ESF and another Lib and got blown out of the sky in short order. The problem is that by the time enough people pull some AA, the base is either being overrun by the tank and infantry waves following the planes, and the AA dies, or the couple of people who pulled AA get killed early by a Lib/rocket and the planes waltz about the base killing as they please. there needs to be a preponderance of it to clear the skies, and it's not easy to get that dedication to AA when there is no reward for it.

    I can handle it being boring from time to time - that's the downside of playing a defensive or guard position. What I can't handle is the HUGE discrepancy in XP between being AA, even for the whole duration of a base or tower fight, and gunning on the Lib for even 5-10 minutes. AA's not rewarding, and the only reason I get any enjoyment out of it is purely a sense of spite towards hovering ESF pilots. (Speaking of Lib XP - can we get XP for the vehicle split three ways? The pilot is generally the one who invested the certs for a good plane, but he gets only a small percentage of each kill, and it's near impossible to recruit a tailgunner because they only get XP from their own kills. The bomber gets the lions share of XP. I'd like to see an even split in XP for all vehicle crew - gunners and drivers/pilots.)

    Anyway, I can see why they're trying to tweak weapon stats instead of the XP system - any changes to the XP system have to be pretty carefully thought out and will require a lot more coding than just editing some weapon stats. If they attach bonus XP on hit to AA weapons, then people may start using AA to shoot at EVERYTHING for the bonus XP - we already saw how the faster projectile speed made the AA missile popular for AV work. They need to reward AA for deterring planes, but only do so for shooting at planes - and it can't be too much or too little XP. I imagine that this change will come eventually, but AA buffs in the meantime are a stopgap measure until the problem of rewarding AA for their time can be fixed.
  13. omega4

    That's exactly why PS2 should award MASSIVE XPs to those who are willing to deter enemy aircraft with AA weapons.

    As it is, the PS2 developers want to destroy the almost perfect aircraft v. ground balance rather than give out more XPs to those who fulfill an AA role.

    Sad but true.

  14. Vortok

    Best change of the patch. I felt it was an incredibly weak option and pretty bad at protecting you against explosives. Nice to see this change as flak armor isn't 90% of the time a joke cert anymore.

    Helps against.... everything. podspam, grenade chokepoint spam, noobtubes, tanks farming infantry, and more. Want to kill infantry with your ESF? Use bullets. What's that? Of course those require aim, but hopefully pods will as well now.

    The most concerned I'd be is tanks feeling weaker if it becomes a common option.... but that can be dealt with then if it ever becomes an issue.
  15. Spoonkill

    This is the exact situation I'm in most of the time!
  16. McHiggins

    Well, im glad to see they disnt try and just shuffle flat damage. Never works and just annoys people.

    The lock to fire thing is just infuriating though. It turns taking a high cert launcher into way too specialised role, and now even in that role you cant choose to fire early for a skil shot or a surprise hit on enemy armor.

    Since the reason they did this has to be "noob tubing" why not give a dumfire from the lock on launchers a cone of fire and the same splash reducti on as pods? The it would only be worthwhile against larger targets and at shorter range. No more rocket snipers.
  17. Flarestar

    Don't do this. You will lose the chargeback. The transaction is for Station Cash, and they'll be able to provide ample evidence that they provided you the digital currency you purchased. That's game over for you.
  18. Xenthian

    Aside from the functionality change of the weapon, what really baffles me is:

    Pilots can cert into flares, which if I understand correctly, fool all incoming missiles and give them a period where no-one can lock on to them. With this in mind a lone ESF could fly over 100 G2A armed heavies and get away by activating "godmode" ..The heavies can't fire without lock-on, and you can prevent them locking.

    To me this is a really big issue.
  19. Collapse

    Is anyone else able to cert into new weapons (Longshot) that they do not own?
  20. RedStarAlice

    Homing missiles are the worst idea yet. they completely ruin dogfights there is almost no skill with homing missiles and now your going to buff it ?

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