Unusual ways of getting killed

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  1. Modern Ancestor

    I once left camped spawn with rocket pack only to be roadkilled or should i say skykilled by Reaver.:confused:
    Another one is lock-on launcher hitting me in the back while running medic in the middle of nowhere.:confused:
    Surprisingly many occasions of debris from destroyed vehicles dropping on me or sliding down slope on me.:eek:

    Vehicle pads sometimes no probs while walking on them and sometimes random insta-kills.o_O
  2. Paski

    In beta we didn't have hand brakes, but at least we had the slippery slopes.
    This in combination with vehicles instant killing you upon touching the door handle made repairing a good challenge or a long run down hill.
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  3. fdykn

    Yesterday i died midair by a friendly mossi which was afterburnering trough my biolab jumppad flypath.

    I think the pilot must have felt like that:

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  4. Riddlley

    Back in beta my tank decided it wanted to fly... I got bored, started to redploy. About 5 seconds later I get a kill notice on a reaver.
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  5. TheBlindFreak

    About the only weird death I can remember was pulling up to an esimir base in a lightning and suddenly flipping and blowing up because some jackwaggon decided to set up an AV turret right outside the base facing the infantry exit point. His excuse? "I was covering you".

    As for interesting kills that I've done:

    I once bellyslammed a Scythe into the ground with my Reaver. It was lolpodding my squad on the ground, so I flew to it, turned and braked, hovering right above it, and hit Descend. Slammed the poor sucker right into the ground.

    Multiple times, I've gotten Scythes to nosedive straight into the ground. Get them to follow me in air combat, nose down to the ground and pull up at the last moment and laugh as they realize the Scythe can't maneuver quite like a Reaver. :p

    Other fun things involve scraping TR and VS scum off of air pads with the belly of my Reaver. Or making high speed, low altitude strafing runs with the Air Hammer.

    Also, random AI mine kills 2 hours after you placed it at a base you totally forgot about.
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  6. TheStonehawk

    I just killed a light assault that bailed from a scythe a few days ago...by ramming him as I bailed from MY reaver. That guy must have the worst luck XD
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  7. asmodraxus

    Ever had the pleasure of spawning at a sunderer that was parked near a grav lift, and getting lifted into orbit?
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  8. Chubzdoomer

    The other day I died to a HA using his LMG.

    I know, it's crazy, right!? No missile launcher to be seen. He actually shot me with BULLETS!
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  9. AssaultPig

    Once, while tail gunning a galaxy, I killed an ESF pilot. Yep, just the pilot.

    I dunno if he was attempting a mid-air repair or just thought it was time to bail or what, but I killed him with the walker. About 30 seconds later I got a scythe kill assist when his plane drifted into a tree and exploded.
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  10. aRottenKomquat

    A friendly Sunderer some distance away exploded, and the tire flew through the air and hit me in the face, instantly killing me.

    I spawned a Sunderer at a friendly Amp station. It rolled out of the vehicle bay and exploded before I was given control of it. It counted as a suicide and I have no idea what happened.

    Doing a Galaxy drop and I was the pilot. I bailed out over our objective and the Galaxy fell on my head and killed me.

    I started shooting at someone and instantly got friendly-fire warnings, which was strange because he was NC and I was TR. I stopped shooting and he didn't. So I died.

    And of course there's getting smacked in the face to death by a friendly tank turret as you're running past.
  11. Kristan

    Had it yesterday. Decided to play as C4 fairy. Soaring above enemy Vanguard, dropping presents. About to press the button... BOOM! Tank blows up, I'm dead as well. At the death screen I see TR guy who blew up my C4s, got the Vanguard kill and I got killed by C4 splash. I got nothing but wasted resources and increased death count. Nice.
  12. FateJH

    I ejected from a Galaxy that was being blasted into the red while in flight. Momentarily after I ejected, the Galaxy exploded and the debris generated above me, though the Galaxy had already passed me in flight. Normally, this would still be fine. BUT, then the debris fell faster than me, through me, and crushed me in mid-air as I started to land on top of it and it on top of me.

    It teleported, fell faster, slower, then faster again, all to crush me during freefall.

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  13. Codex561

    My outfit's best pilot did some very strange maneuver and just threw my ESF into a hill. Killing both of us.
  14. GrymMSK

    Amerish Chem plant...don't drink the water.

    Also on Amerish, driving a tank off the spawn pad hit a bump disguised as flat ground before I got control of my vehicle and flipped over into a ditch. Tried again later, and somebody actually helped push me out lol
  15. -MJ12-

    Got killed inside a tech plant near point A (behind that weapon-like construction) ... by a reaver.
    I reported the pilot and he wasn't banned, so it was legit I guess. :rolleyes:
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  16. SuperMedicated

    i threw a sticky grenade on an enemy who was trying to knife me, it blew up and both of us died
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  17. GaBeRock

    I once drove too fast and got my lightning wedged in between a tree an a rock, with all exits blocked. Then an enterprising sundy just inked me to death with a kobalt because I couldn't see where it was.
  18. PraetorGavorn

    Bravo, sir, bravo.

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  19. PraetorGavorn

    Only saw this one after I read the story of the TR infil setting off an NC AI mine killing himself and all the NC around him. THIS here is the thread winner.
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  20. QQlazors

    One time I was in a prowler with AP rounds. I'm waiting for auraxis firearms corp to cap, when a tank starts to roll down from Raven Landing. I take two shots at it, the shots travel about 200M, then a friendly mossie swoops in from off-screen and intercepts the shots. It goes boom, and I watch the rubble fall onto previously said tank, and blow him up too.
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