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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. JGood

    We would like to polish and enhance the Galaxy.
    Some of the ideas being bandied about internally for the Galaxy at this point include stuff like:
    • Deploying into a forward garrison
    • Certifications for Proximity Repair
    • Certifications for Proximity Ammo Dispenser
    • Allowing it to provide transport for other vehicles
    • Adding a fifth, front facing weapon
    • Adding/unlocking some additional weapons for the wing slots
    These are still only ideas at this point - we may end up with some, all, or none of this stuff by the time we go live with the galaxy update, but it at least gives some more insight on what we're thinking about at the moment. Let us know what you think and please keep leaving your feedback for other cool ideas for the Galaxy.
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  2. Mechlord

    Something for rapid dustoff and redeployment maybe.

    Deployable energy scoop, squad teleport recall, etc.
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  3. Radec594

    Vehicle loading?
    AMS when hovering stationary?

    None of the above? :)
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  4. gnometheft

    Give gal's the option to trade most/all infantry carrying capacity to carry vehicles. Can fit either a lightning or some flashes, and eventually the buggy. MBT drops may be too powerful, and a sundy dropped on certain capable buildings would probably be OP without a no deploy zone on top.
    Allow a radar utility slot. Would Function like a UAV, allows the pilot to get points from spot bonus!
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  5. SiosDashcR

    No AMS..

    You saw how that went back in beta :c

    Galaxies.. Galaxies everywhere.
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  6. Wesley Snacks

    A ram shield on the front and the ability to trade its weapons for flamethrowers.

    Though in all seriousness, vehicle transport would be great.
    And while it might be a pipe dream actually being able to see the loading area for people to hop in would be great as well.
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  7. souled

    gunship variant requiring multiple people
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  8. Gary

    Please no AMS or spawning ability!

    Forward base/deployment

    When equipped allows the galaxy to deploy when landed and stationary on the ground. This turns the Galaxy into a forward base providing a large area shield.
    • The shield cannot be fired through from either faction but can be passed through by all sides. This prevents attackers placing one in front of a spawn room or objective and simply firing through a one way shield
    • The Shield will remain in place as long as the Galaxy remains deployed and intact, Moving it or destroying it removes the shield.
    • Whilst in deployed state the galaxy allows players to swap all aspects of the character and weapons just like a terminal.
    • Also allows vehicles to change loadout without respawning the vehicle .
    Vehicle hauling

    • Trade in a number of Passenger seats for the ability to carry vehicles.
    • Vehicle carrying Capacity is based on the vehicles being transported, 1 MBT or 1 Sunderer, Couple of Lightnings, small amount of buggies (when implemented) or larger amount of flashes,
    • Galaxy must land in order to disembark vehicles, No dropping them onto bases by flying over!
    Plus some sort of gunship variant that allows more weaponry but lower transport ability not thought about it to much, To be honest the above was thought up as i went along in 5 minutes! feel free to add to it :)
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  9. Maton41

    Maybe a ammo supply crate crate drop? Say, there's low numbers of sunderer with ammos on them and you can fly in and drop the crate midair. and get XP for every time you resupply a tank or something
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  10. Flukeman62

    i want to be able to actually use that big rear door to deploy from/get into the gal.
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  11. Foefaller

    I like the idea of vehicle deployment. Also, more armament options, especially for the wing and tail guns would be nice.

    Here's a crazy idea: a cert upgrade, either for the chassis or the wing turrets that moves one of the guns to the other side of the Galaxy, giving both of the possible Bulldog turrets an overlaping field of fire. Combine that with maybe a new gun or two, and now players can have the own AC-120 gunship :D
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  12. Swarmnog

    I think one of the things they were talking about someone was making it have the ability to have a squad only based ams where you spawned inside of it in the air and could drop out, but it had to be in the air and/or staying still or something like that....I think this would work as long as it had limmited spawns, and the galaxy wasnt uber tanky like it was when deployed in early beta...

    also, let me see inside the gal when inside it for immersion :D
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  13. Blitzkrieg

    This has already existed. It was called the Galaxy Gunship in Planetside.
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  14. Blitzkrieg

    What I would love to see, when people bail out of Galaxies they come down in drop pods.
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  15. Foefaller

    You mean there is already a precendent? Awesome!
  16. Poorform

    Gunship airframe with much, much higher resistance to damage of all kinds, but with much less maneuverability.
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  17. Tanelorn

    I am pretty satisfied as is, honestly. You can specialize in AA (for airdrops) and gunship already. Its tough, and can carry up to 12 maxes. Not much more to ask for. AMS would be overpowered and you cant really argue for it as it would add too much weight realistically.

    I would suggest an ability to carry a light vehicle (we only have lightnings thus far) in exchange for losing half the troop space.

    What we really need is a half scale faster galaxy that carries half a squad.

    Thinking about it, just based on size, the Galaxy is way too big for what it currently carries. Look at a man standing beside it... You could fit two or more squads in the current model.
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  18. Blitzkrieg

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  19. Rexsaw

    Call me crazy, but there are really only 2 possible ways to improve the galaxy in my opinion:

    1. Make it more battle capable.
    2. Make it a spawn point in some way.

    Lots of ideas for option 1

    Option 2 is frowned upon negatively for good reasons, but really it is the only thing that would give a galaxy a niche. Is there somehow, some possibility of making this a balanced real possibility? Perhaps the galaxy has to land and undergo a transformation to become a stationary AMS. Once this transformation has occured a set of requirements or a set duration of time must be met before it can switch back to a galaxy.

    Also (or alternatively), the time to respawn could be used as a great limiting factor to the usefulness of galaxy respawning. If you can respawn with a sundy in 8 seconds, but with a galaxy you had to sit out 30 seconds, the sundy would still maintain its superiority as an AMS, but the galaxy would have some purpose.

    Feel free to disagree or voice your opinion on this. It's just an idea tossed into a discussion.
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  20. Rexsaw

    I totally agree with adding a smaller transport aircraft. The equivalent of the buggy for the air. A 4-6 man air transport with limited firepower, but moderate durability. Perhaps even something like the buggy without any firepower of its own but 2 of the passengers could shoot down from the sides (like helicopters IRL)
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