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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood

    Supply Containers are locked boxes that hold something randomish and potentially spectacular inside.
    • In theory, you would then ask yourself: WHAT"S IN THE BOX?!
    • Unable to not know what splendor might await you inside, you buy a key from the depot that unlocks it, and you get whatever awesome item is inside the container.
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  2. DamonGant

    Please don't. TF2 might work that way, but from my experience, a key from SOE will probably cost up to $10, for an unknown item that I could either already own or have no need for.
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  3. PharmD

    This sounds a lot like Guild Wars 2's Black Lion Chests where you have to obtain a key either through RNG drop or buying one from the store and the rewards would be random. I'm not sure how they would appear in the world, maybe as a loot reward after killing enemies? Sounds like a good idea but I personally am against it because it encourages gambling type habbits, but this depends on the rewards too and the chance of obtaining something good.
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  4. JPRampage

    Please don't. I've had enough of these random reward boxes in near every other F2P game. It's been overdone and restricts certain content only to those willing to gamble a lot of money.

    If you make something spectacular, don't put it in a box. Show it to the players and I bet you'll be able to sell it to us for a pretty penny.
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  5. Smokeshot

    Please don't, unless they drop and open for free, things like this make F2Ps very frustrating for people!
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  6. Kiekeboe

    No not this, Pls NEVER do this.
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  7. Mylon

    No. Please no no no.
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  8. Tharrn

    Sounds like a pure money grab :/
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  9. Keelin

    Staple cash shop item these days. I'm not particularly fond of these - i don't like to gamble away my money.
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  10. Phaze

    This sucks.

    I've spend plenty of money on PS2, but F-off with this idea. It makes the game seem like gumball machine.

    You want more $$$ from me? Put COOL THINGS in the game... put COOL FEATURES in the game... not this BS.

    I hope that was emphatic enough of a response :)
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  11. Richardsonnn

    You would have to tread very carefully to avoid making people mad if you do this. A way to open these boxes with in-game currency as well as station cash would be great.

    Maybe work Auraxium back in for use with certain purchases?
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  12. NanoBitSplit

    What's in the box? Tears and disappointment and maybe some pocket fluff. There's really no reason for this to be implemented other than a cash grab.
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  13. Pockets

    Oh hey, you took one of the worst ideas from games like GW 2 and CO and decided you wanted it in your game. Great.

    If you do this I want a setting I can check off so I NEVER get these. I hate useless garbage filling my inventory and the odds that you get anything worthwhile from gamble boxes is slim.
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  14. Nathaniak

    No objection to boxes, but there needs to be a way for free players to unlock them. For example, 750 infantry resources. Then anyone can get them, but it's a lot easier to get them from the store - you could buy a packi of 10 keys for, say, 500 SC.
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  15. Sabzi

    First I thought it would be great, anything that makes a game more similar to tf2(item wise, trading, drops, etc) can only be good.
    But than I read a few comments and I couldn't agree more. Knowing SOE(money wise) it would turn out bad. The current weapon prices are already way too high. So no, please don't.
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  16. Shockfrosted

    Dear god please don't sell keys.
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  17. P0INTMAN

    dumb idea. do not want.
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  18. Ranik

    Is this a ******* joke?
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  19. Antivide

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  20. FlawlessRuby

    Nothing I hate more than seeing a floating crate come in the way of my game experience.
    If you do give crate, do it once you die, like yeah crate so it doesn't affect gameplay.
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