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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. JGood

    There has been a desire from our community to be able to re-cert their characters. To facilitate this, we would sell a consumable item(s) from the Depot that would allow just that.

    **Note: This thread used to cover all "Convenience Items" - we've since split that out into individual deliverables and given this one over to the Re-cert Item so we don't lose all of your posts.
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  2. Arreo

    Gender change? I mean Sherly I can't be the only one to setup an opposite gender alt character only to find that she's now the only one I play under...
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  3. Smokeshot

    I thought server transfers were coming 1-30-13?
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    name change should not be possible. name is your rep. rep means a lot in the ps community.
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  5. Shockfrosted

    Oh dear me yes! So much yes!
  6. SenorBeef

    Previous information was that server transfers would be available as an option on January 30. This post isn't indicating that it's delayed till March, right?
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  7. ArchlordBlanket

    Agree with Pointman, names mean a lot in this game, not sure how name changes would really impact the game though.

    Also agree with Smokeshot, thought the server transfer tokens were going to be in 1-30's patch? Is this no longer the case? I'd like to think you guys wouldn't want to delay alleviating some of the dead servers of their bored players.
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  8. CaptainTenneal

    If more faces/voices come out, it would be nice to change those.

    Really looking forward to server change, and people will buy cert-resets frequently.
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  9. Riskae

    cert reset!!!!! drool!
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  10. IamSalvation

    Plz, Plz, Plz put the Server change token in on 30.01!

    I need it! I allready signed up for an outfit on another Server and i can´t wait to play with them!

    Dont let me wait so long!
    Pretty, Pretty Plz!
    I NEED this asap! Can´t be to hard to do this, can it?
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  11. ThelynEnnor

    Will this mean we can "unbuy" items we bought with cert? or does it only affect pure cert stuff like abilities?
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  12. SideOfBeef

    No, name does not mean much, in PS2 or really any game. Look at Starcraft 2, where people are building professional careers around their game names. And they still choose to change those in-game names by buying new accounts.
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  13. Salutem

    Cert reset should be free for first time, then Charge for 2nd, poss higher charge for 3rd etc
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  14. iNuc

    Okay, so this is going to be a bit more visible, because it's important.
    Some of your servers are dead - Ceres, Genudine for example - these people want to play with other people, not ... you know ... nobody.
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  15. Phattie

    Agree with gender change token. Cert reset would be just... awesome.
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  16. Kittel

    Great ideas, all accounts should have 1 of each of the above mentioned for free then rest are paid only.
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  17. Flambe87

    Empire Transfer? I like my character and my server, but I want to move from this empire to another. Obviously this would have to reset certs too.

    Costmetic reset: (change appearance)
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  18. innociv

    Why does server transfer cost money?

    Sometimes I'm only on in the early AM, and on the US servers it's dead. I should be able to freely play on EU during those times.

    I understand it's a F2P game, but I've spent $45 and I'm not going to spend $5 a day, or even $1 a day, transferring.
    Just make it only cost money to transfer for the top 25% most populated servers. The rest should be free.
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  19. Loegi

    Pricing should be ultra low, or in the case of the server transfer maybe even non existent.

    Also like the idea of gender change. Also other changes to your appearance, though I don't know if this is really the correct place to say that.
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  20. ArrowRL201

    Expand "gender reset" to "cosmetic reset".

    Server transferring should cost differently based on the server population; smaller servers should be cheaper to transfer to.

    Also consider a large "outfit transfer" option of some description - it's important to keep outfits together, after all.
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