Unscheduled - Re-certification Item Now Archived!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dragon, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. smokemaker

    Unscheduled - Re-certification Item Now Archived!

    and no reasons why....
    but hey heres deathcam... lol
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  2. TheBlindFreak

    I'm curious to hear your reasoning behind that statement. I mean, you aren't limited in the amount of certs you can earn. So there isn't any "ideal" cert build that you would only achieve if you knew what you were doing (after the fact as the re-cert item would allow).
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  3. TomaHawk

    Then why didn't SoE come out and say that? At a minimum, they couldn't have been blamed for ignoring us.
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  4. r1po

    Make it only buyable/useable once.
    When i started playing, there was no VR.
    So i wasted some certs.
    Would be nice, but i don't bother that much if it never comes.
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  5. smokemaker

    why just once?
    I see no downside to being able to buy a re-cert coin, use it and redesign your characters abilities... where could this be used for bad?
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  6. Spaw 13

    Yep, waiting for an explanation.
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  7. QueenVanuCeres

    i hope one day this feature will be created :(
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  8. NovaAustralis

    I have a dream...
    that one day re-certification becomes a reality!
    That Terran and Vanu and NC can together enjoy the ability to reclaim their wasted certs!
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  9. TheOriginalHellBent

    At the end of the day, this all comes down to one very simple thing. This is a business. Whether you are a paying customer or not, you are a customer. They don't put these games out for free. There is a business model here and it is PAY TO WIN. Therefore, this follows the laws of supply and demand. What all game makers like to conveniently forget is that they are on the supply side of this arrangement and we are on the demand side. They have every right to put out a product that they believe in, even if nobody wants to buy it. We have every right to refuse to give them our business because we don't want the product that they are selling. The only thing that is missing here is an organized customer base to boycott them until they supply the demand. This is hardly the first or last scenario of a game company playing god and completely disregarding their customer base but until we (the customers), organize, then you will continue to get what they want you to have in a game and not exactly what you want in a game.
  10. Bonom Denej

    Stopped reading here.
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  11. z1967

    This is probably the least P2W F2P game I have ever seen. Everyone else seems to blatantly disregard the want for a non-P2W game and so PS2 is probably the best example I have seen so far. Well, there is hat simulator I guess, but we don't really talk about that.
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  12. Bonom Denej

    Exactly my point... If someone calls PS2 a P2W game, he is stupid.
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  13. Udnknome

    People just aren't starving for certs. They probably realized there wasn't much point to adding the item.

    Now if they placed some limit on cert gain (say, no more certs after BR100) then there might be a reason for such an item. Look how the community responded over 75 cent attachment purchases... could you imagine if they put a cert reset that was priced similar to cert reset items in other free to play games? ($50-$100)

    No need to even address this point.
  14. Bonom Denej

    This was one of the most upvoted threads in the roadmap. People wanted this and many still wants this. They archived it without any notice and devs refuses to speak about that. We have no information whatsoever about why they pulled that away, when they can be quite vocal about other things. And again, this was one of the most upvoted features of the roadmap, not something a few people cared about.
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  15. ironeddie

    I wouldn't use a recert item. I might have needed it once but getting certs refunded for nanoweave & zoe amongst other things gave me so many certs that it was like having bought a recert item anyway.

    That said I'm sure new players cert the wrong thing sometimes. And if SOE can make money selling it. That's good for them.
  16. Theodwulf

    Don't buy any Sony cash or items until you get it. If enough people refuse to buy SC then they will cave in.
  17. Hicksimus

    PS1 had it but BF3 did not so it can't happen.
  18. NovaAustralis

  19. RadarX

    I'm going to go ahead and close this up. Please help us consolidate feedback by keeping Roadmap discussion in the Roadmap section. Thanks!
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