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  1. JGood

    PlanetSide 2 has always embraced the idea that the core game content is totally player driven, so the mission system just takes that idea a little further.

    Mission Types
    Squad: Missions for squads add to group cohesion and direction and help a squad stay together. Players in the squad are motivated to follow the objective and the squad leader has control over where that objective is.
    • Location Mission – SL places mission anywhere on the map instructing squad members to go to that location.
    • Escort Mission – SL places mission on a friendly player or vehicle, and the mission follows that player around until killed or destroyed.
    • Default Mission – SL defers squad mission to the automated system used for solo missions. This also happens under certain conditions, like an escort mission where the target is killed and a certain amount of time elapses, or when a location mission has no squad members around it for a time.
    Solo: Missions created for solo players to guide them to the next objective and help create and balance fights.
    • These missions are automatically created and assigned based on current map criteria, population balance, and player proximity. As a general rule these missions will strongly encourage population balancing and will likely give opposing missions to factions. For example, some players on TR might get a mission to attack a VS outpost, while an appropriate number of VS players get a mission to defend that outpost. It is the primary purpose of these missions to create fun and reasonably balanced fights for players, or to reinforce fights that need more balancing.
    • Players cannot choose these missions, but using Instant Action will assign a different mission and deploy the player to that location.
    • When a mission is completed a new mission will be created for the player.
    • Players given a mission that is more than a single lattice-link from their current location will be given a message allowing them to immediately deploy via drop pod to that objective.
    • Squad leaders can opt-in their entire squad to these missions, and this is automatic under uncommon situations.
    Support Requests: Missions created by squad leaders that are assistance-requests that feed into the automated mission creation system.
    • These can only be placed when certain criteria is met to prevent trolling and to ensure the integrity of the mission.
    • These are only created by squad leaders.
    • These are used in conjunction with the automated solo mission to guide players to appropriate content.
    • For example, solo players in aircraft or squads in aircraft who use default mission selection may be offered an Air Superiority mission if another squad leader is being overwhelmed with aircraft and requests assistance. In this way both squads and solo players can be better directed to content they desire. In this case the content was air-to-air combat.
    Mission Properties
    Players can have at most one mission active. They have a HUD icon that directs them to the mission area. The mission center and area is indicated on the map and minimap. Players receive notifications when their mission changes. The mission UI is currently used in the Tutorial to introduce new players and teach them to follow that mission waypoint

    Mission Rewards
    For all missions there are XP rewards for being in the mission area and doing certain activities within the mission area. For example, squad members in their squad mission area will receive an XP bonus. Solo players who fight in the area directed by the solo mission will also receive XP bonuses. These are intended to motivate players to follow the mission and stay with their squads.

    Quick Action Menu Update
    This refers to the menu that comes up if you hold down the spot key on a friendly. (Also known as the command wheel, or commo rose). This will be updated to better support mission creation particularly for squad leaders, but all players should find improvements.
    • General bugfixes to this feature to make it more usable, such as Y-inversion support, and helping avoid the issue of players left-clicking to select and inadvertently shooting or killing a teammate.
    • Allowing a default selection so it is quicker to open the menu and select the most common tasks, such as requesting/offering ammo/transport/repairs/healing, or assigning the target as a squad mission.
    • Retooling to support Squad Missions, selecting locations for missions, support requests, and opting the squad into automated missions.
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  2. SharpLight

    I've seen players in the 10-20 BR with leadership abilities certed and continually spamming the chat area with nonsense commands. If you want to go ahead with this then make them put up their own certs for rewards.
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  3. Sabzi

    Probably this is what I am most excited about in the roadmap.
    Not the most important thing neither what I want most, but definitely makes me very very excited.
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  4. Shockfrosted

    That could be absolutely phenomenal for strategic play.
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  5. Soothsayer

    Move this up to Feb, include a wider variety of micro-management so that if there is an immediate need for some action (however minute), that action can be rewarded.
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  6. rocqua

    Perhaps have it cost rescources to prevent spamming and making it a decision that carries actual weight?.
    Could have it cost different resources for different missions, e.g. air for an airstrike, vehicle for armoured support, infantry for reinforcements. This way we can use our air-resources in cases where air is needed, without needing to be able to fly.
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  7. Lambda217

    All the fun of calling in airstrikes without having to tie yourself to an outfit!
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  8. SenorBeef

    You would need to restrict who could create these missions. The point of missions is to focus the action in a particular area, and give a sense of specific accomplishment. If everyone can create a mission, and they absolutely flood the game, that eliminates those benefits. Action would still be spread out, and people wouldn't really feel as though they accomplished something by doing one out of hundreds of missions available at any given time.

    I think you should look into an automated mission system that would task squads or platoons with automated tasks like attacking or defending specific points in a specific time window. It would be a way to concentrate the action around lesser used bases. You could have the automated system send that mission to a set number of people - perhaps 50-100 on each side - near that sector in order to keep the skirmishs size manageable. In fact, giving out multiple missions to small to medium sized forces simultaneously would be an effective way to break up zergs and encourage fighting as equal-sized forces show up into an area. It's a system that if properly designed would fight both zerging, and ghost capping, and also give smaller bases that don't often see a lot of fighting some action, and giving a sense of purpose to taking or holding territory.
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  9. pURE

    Depending on who's giving out the missions, this could be a key way for outfits to use the friendly zerg to their advantage. Tell the zerg to go do an amp station, while the outfit takes the surrounding territories.
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  10. daxed

    Each battle having individual player-run objectives sounds like what I signed up for. I hope this gets moved up. Despite any minor bugs, balance or lack of content the game has, knowing you're properly coordinating with your empire and working as a team gives that sense of satisfaction that allows you to overlook the smaller issues. In other words I feel like this would keep certain types of people playing longer than carrot rewards ever could.
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  11. Jackalmaster

    Can this just be for Outfit/Platoon only and not Empire wide because there will be tons of missions at any given time and it would be very annoying.
    And what if 3 commanders set the same goal? Do we get 3x xp bonus?

    I really think it should be outfit/platoon specific
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  12. Crashsplash

    Too unrestricted, missions could get spammed and disordered.

    Abuse? I'm going to Lib bomb a base so I slap a mission down to maximise my XP.

    What's wrong with a proper command chat?
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  13. HammerZeit

    I think that having squad-specific and platoon-specific (restricted) missions would be great, in addition to this. This would be an awesome tool, as a squad leader or platoon leader, to add incentives for teamwork and to execute slightly more complicated battle plans.


    Mission Part 1: Spawn an X vehicle at Y location (alternate condition: man a gunner/passenger position in an X vehicle for Z amount of time) Reward: Small XP amount
    Mission Part 2: Get X Vehicle to a specific hex. Reward: XP bonus to vehicle actions in that Hex
    Mission Part 3: Get kills/deploy Sunderer/drop off passengers. Reward: Kill XP.

    For the Commander who made the mission: XP ticks for Mission stages completed by any/all players in the squad or platoon and an XP bonus for Mission Complete actions. This would really reward a dedicated commander-type position. Maybe a commander can cert up through a squad/platoon mission tree to get more mission stages/objectives.
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  14. kymcman

    Would especially love to do this for outfits, but limiting it would be really important. Potentially introducing the ability for players to "vote" well planned, enjoyable mission posts to the top of the list so that people that really add value w/ solid missions are not drowned by mission spammers.
  15. KestrelM1

    I think it should be specific to the Platoon level. Making this a generalized thing will result in its overuse and lessen mission relevance. Only a Platoon leader should be able to specify these missions - adding it as a cert-able ability available to anyone will be a mistake.

    Promoting platoon-based play seems like the best way to implement missions. As a bonus, it will greatly increase the ability for non-outfit Platoon leaders to effectively order their forces.
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  16. Ineluki

    Makes me think of the old Tribes 2 Command Console. Great idea!
    Squad commanders need a better way to micro manage their troops, and voice channels are usually full enough in a platoon.
    Don't just make missions, make it work for very small things as well, like "player a,b,c go and defend that gen", "d,e,f recap the outer point", etc. ... there can be xp involved, but I don't even think it necessary.
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  17. mags

    VERY worried about xp increase to AMS spawns. This will lead to people teamkilling their own teams sunderers ALOT
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  18. rocqua

    How about having it cost resources to set a mission, with the resource type dependant on the type of mission?
    In this idea, if you are attacked by a lot of air, you can give out a mission for AA in your area, and have it cleared. The focus is on facilitating communication/cooperation, rather then directing the battle like the instant action system.
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  19. bishopau

    Platoon Leaders only enabled by buying the skill with certs. The last thing we need are a heap of random nonsense missions being misued by those who are stupid, malicious, gaming the game, etc.
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  20. KiddParK

    outfit / squad / platoon thats it. we have no CR5's anymore. The guys who took the BR hit to gain CR over sometimes months and wore the backpack for others to show they KNEW how to lead and didn't just buy it.

    People who have that ability outside of their own outfit/squad/etc should have some MASSIVE points in leadership in order to help guide the zerg. I have no idea how to track this. Base Cap figures alone do not denote leadership anymore than an outfit leader does. Perhaps if there was a way to TRACK how many hours people play as a Platoon Leader as opposed to anything else. WHICH by the way can be hard as hell with a mid to full platoon with no bonus or reward other than the respect of your people. I can't speak for everyone however whenever i hear ANYONE say they're going off for the night and 'who would like platoon' you hear crickets most of the time.

    the guys who take charge, and the far fewer number who do it well... those are the guys who make your game work.
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