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  1. Vreki

    No. A waste of development time and resources.
    This is basically a sandbox war, it needs small "esports" tournaments like a fish needs a bike.
    The outfits will clash and develop rivalry all by themselves as time passes, and the game will be so much better for it.

    Instead spend the time on the fabled metagame, so that outfits might have a way to track their concontribution to the war.
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  2. Torok

    Guys remember that it's a long way to June, don't haste on conclusions, we might have server transfer and who knows!, plus you gotta think about SOE's plans too, as they said they wanted to communicate and give the community the power to change the game, so they also said they want Planetside 2 to rise to ESL level, now it's up to us help them with this,
    imho we should work with this in mind!
    we're here to help them help us!

    this Entire Roadmap System shouldn't stop to the first days conclusions, give it a try, reconsider posts and point of views, let's surpass our suggestions with always better one! to VICTORY!
    it's a long way to the top but we can do it!

    this said i'm not that much into the whole ESL idea... because i fear the consequences on server population, but truth is that fear itself is what anguish me, while i have no really idea how it will evolve, so let's try by keeping our fears at bay, this game is great, let's make it better while satisfying anyone, you gotta think that the game that made most $€ out there is a Free 2 Play.. League of Legends, and it's fortune is made sure from the Store itself, but it's backed up by the fact it's the greatest ESL game out there, yes even better than starcraft 2, by a large portion.
    so the ESL serves as a Propaganda Act, what you think guys?
    we need always more players and we need everything we can to get this replacement system to work, by advertising the game and by making it famous.

    sorry for my English.
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  3. Adam543i

    I think what they mean about instanced maps is they are actually separate from the actual maps we play in. Like, they could have a second Indar for example, and have the tournament there, while everyone else on the same server plays on the normal Indar.
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  4. AJay

    esports pls go
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  5. FeFiFoFum

    You have too much to do in your 6 month plan already. This is something for the 24 month plan, not something for this year.
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  6. Rago

    No interest as for my PErson,
  7. Jaloro

    "At specific events and periodically throughout the year," clearly you missed this. The idea is to have tournaments on an e-sports basis, not instances available 24/7.
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  8. ThereIsNoTry

    I love esports. I love esports games. I have been involved as being a player as well being an admin for ladders and leagues for years.
    This is not a game where I would deem esports to be a wise decision or a game suitable.
    But well, it's happening anyway. Isn't it.
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  9. Tharrak

    Sounds like a game within a game to me. Just don't do anything funny to the bigger wheel, when trying to power it with smaller ones. Please. :)

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  10. Karragos

    My biggest problem with this is what eventually happens to E Sports games. Everything gets "balanced" to the point of homogenization, and before you know it, there is NO discernible difference between NC/TR/VS.
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  11. Garem

    In response to the concerns about reducing player populations, be open-minded to the idea of addition by subtraction.

    Some teamwork-oriented players really want this, a more clear and direct way of testing the ability of one Outfit to match up against another Outfit for bragging rights and fun competition. This is just another fun option in the game. Because they're having fun, they want to play more Planetside 2.

    By giving them a change of pace, and something that they want, they actually play the regular game more and not less.


    By their very nature, eSports are intended to showcase the talent of players and teams. This creates exposure to high-level PS2 play. Because small groups of players are extracted from the game every now and then and their activities shown to the world, more players are attracted to check out what this whole game is all about.

    TL;DR: So it's possible to reduce the short-term population for these sort of scrims and increase the long-term interest in the game.

    As a case study, look at Global Agenda. It wanted to do the exact opposite of what PS2 is doing, moving from small-scale instances to open world. It failed to do so for technical reasons, but those developers like our own PS2 Dev Team isn't crazy for giving players more options on how to play the game.
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  12. Garem

    I hope you're not implying that LoL or CoD are low player count games.

    Regardless, opening up PS2 to other markets can only serve to increase overall players. It seems unreasonable to believe players who may be attracted by the eSports aspect won't find their way rather quickly to the open-world combat.
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  13. BuzzCutPsycho

    PlanetSide 2 has "E-Sports" potential but not in the way it is being pitched. In order for PS2 to have a meaningful E-Sport appeal it needs to do something that's different and not only attracts viewers who don't play the game but also involves the entire community.

    Graphs, leader boards and charts based on in-game merit are amazing for outfits and a step in the right direction but removing the actual outfits and putting them on their own servers for face offs is the wrong way to go about this. We don't want to create a separate world in PlanetSide no matter what as that will take away from what makes PlanetSide what it is.

    My suggestion is to build off of this UES event and have global challenges for each server to do. This type of event naturally includes all players within the PS2 community and encourages outfits to bring their best and brightest into the game world. Players get the chance to fight alongside or against rival outfits in an environment that "matters" and has an impact. "Ultimate bragging rights" are then awarded to not just the outfits but the entire winning faction. Let's bring the entire PS2 community into these events and refine what we learned from the UES. Have better rules, use more contintents and make them into true global wars. Give everyone a chance to participate and make an impact and you will get much better results.

    Also remember that PlanetSide has outfits that specialize in things that aren't tournament friendly. What about that outfit full of tankers or air cav? What role do they have in an arena setting? How about a resecure outfit or rapid response "spec-ops" outfit? Do they have a role in an arena tournament setting? No. No they do not but they all have meaningful and important rolls within the game itself and that is why we must turn these "tournaments" into "events" that everyone can participate in.

    If you go down the route of traditional 12v12 or 48v48 you're not going to get much attention and do more harm to the game than good. I'm sorry but "Outfit Wars" in PS1 was a disgusting joke and came out long after that game was dead and a shell of it's former self.

    Think outside the box SOE and don't limit yourself to the same tired trash that's been done in BF3/COD/CS for the last decade.
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  14. Revanmug

    The opposite. This give more possibility to the game, not less. I believe alot of people are starting to forget what sandbox actually mean and are just using it whenever they feel like it.
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  15. Cinc

    Still, i cant help but realize you're saying "Instead of 48v48, just keep it on the normal continents and have it be 666v666v666!"

    While i actully agree with that, especially in how that would be unique as hell in current e-sports, i just though i'd work off your idea a bit.

    Quite simply, the current continents are designed to be COD on a bigger scale. Ignoring any possible other arguments, COD and other games like it dont seem to draw much e-sports attention. People much prefer games like starcraft or something, at the very least because that can easily get whats going on. COD is just a giant cluster-****, not a game of exciting strategic manuevering and sudden turn-arounds. Therefore, i simply suggest that an entirely new continent be designed with the idea of future UES events being done on it.

    Just to be clear though, i DONT suggest it to be instanced. However, something like a giant wrecked city map could be much better for e-sports. Just hear me out on this one

    1 - A city would have a much more well-defined road system. Therefore, it would be very easy to track and guess the movements of any ground-based units, addind in a sort of strategic depth a random viewer could get (ignoring any benefits ground-commanders might get)

    2 - It would make sense if alot of building in such a continent would have collapsed roofs and such. If so, it would be very easy for any over-flying observers to see whats going on and it would be much easier to follow the action (i also suggest a TON of AA turrets be put all over the place, to help balance it out. Air isnt all that exciting, anyway.)

    3 - To be honest, all e-sports thoughts aside, it would be awesome to fight in such an area. Especially if we could start multi-floor battles, battling it out for a wrecked 7-story building (with a ton of holes in it, it would again be easy for anyone that can fly to follow tha action)

    So, those are my ideas and the pros to it. Anyone got any counter-ideas, cons, or any more pros to add on?
  16. BuzzCutPsycho


    We need less COD/BF3 in our PlanetSide 2. We need more PlanetSide in our PlanetSide 2.

    I get what you're saying but toning it down and instancing this game is an awful idea.
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  17. Degenatron

    Drop Zone Missions

    Drop Zone missions would be a way to integrate instanced objective-based matches with clear win-lose conditions into the Planetside universe.

    Basic concept: There are facilities that are remote and isolated from the wider conflict. These locations are designed to be automated resource mining and refining facilities. They have a limited power supply that must be replenished on a regular basis. The empires fight for control of these facilities when their power runs out and their automated defenses fail. The winning empire restores power to the facility and routes the resources to their global resource bank.

    Rules of Engagement:
    1. Drop Zones are locked for 6 hours. They open on a rotating basis every 1 1/2 hours. (Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, Map 4, Map 1, Map 2, etc.)

    2. Each Empire sends one drop ship with 200 soldiers to the Drop Zone - matches are a 3 way battle of 600 players.

    3. There is no respawn ability in the drop zone except when an empire establishes a power connection to the central base - then that Empire is able to respawn soldiers at the central base.

    4. If a soldier is killed they have the option to either spectate and wait to be revived by a medic (or the ability to respawn), or they can drop out of the match and respawn back at the launch pad.

    5. There is no resource gain while in a Drop Zone Mission - soldiers are limited to the resources they brought with them.

    6. The Drop Zone mission ends when one Empire secures the central control zone and eliminates all enemies from the base.

    Joining a Drop Zone Mission:
    1. Soldiers volunteer for drop zone duty by reporting to the launchpad at their designated Warpgate.

    2. An automated announcement is made ten minutes before the Drop Ship departs.

    3. Soldiers are selected for duty on the following criteria:
    Outfits with the most members at the launchpad are selected first.
    Platoons with the most members at the launchpad are selected next.
    Squads with the most members at the launchpad are then selected.
    Finally, individual soldiers are selected on a first come / first selected basis.

    Selections are made in this way until the 200 seats on the drop ship are filled. Only whole squads and platoons are selected: if there are not enough seats to accommodate your entire group then your group will be skipped.

    4. A dynamic roster board will be visible to all players in the launchpad area so that they can see if they are to be selected.

    5. If your Empire cannot fill all of the seats in the Drop Ship it will still depart with the volunteers that have signed up.

    6. You may forfeit your seat at any time by leaving the launchpad area.

    This is done specifically because communication and coordination are critical to capturing Drop Zone objectives. Large outfits and platoons give your empire the best chance at winning these objectives. If an Outfit shows up with 200 players at the launchpad, then their entire outfit will be selected. If another outfit shows up a minute later with 200 players they are too late and will not be selected. If an outfit shows up with 199 players and another outfit shows up a minute later with 200 players, the first outfit (and the 1 individual player) will be bumped in favor of the larger outfit. If the large outfit then decides they don't want to go and they leave, then the 199 outfit and the 1 player are restored on the roster. If an Outfit shows up with 201 players, they will NOT be selected - they are expected to reduce their roster internally to meet the requirement. This mechanic is repeated for platoons and squads.

    Spectating: Players may spectate by logging in to a special spectator account which allows them to broadcast the match and have control over 1 ~ 3 spectator cameras. All spectators will view the match with a 3 minute delay to prevent them from passing information to players in the match.

    Bases: There are four bases. Three of the bases provide one resource each. The fourth base grants a spawn bonus. Each base has a unique design and location.

    Desert Mining Base: This base is located in the middle of a large barren desert. The are large sand dunes in all directions. The base itself is located in pit that is 100m deep. There are three paths down into the base, and each empire starts at the top of one of the paths. At these start location there is a small outpost building, a landing pad for the drop ship, two infantry terminals, and a vehicle pad. The base down in the pit is a large refinery with many roads and pathways through it. The objective is a centralized control building. This base provides Mechanized Resources.

    Off Shore Drilling Platform: This base is located far out to sea. There is no land in sight. The base layout mimics the Warpgate design with a large round central area and three spokes that extend out to form an equilateral triangle. Each drop ship dock at the end of these spokes. Also located at the end of each spoke are two infantry terminals an two aircraft pads. Troops must make their way to the center of the facility and gain control of the control center. The drilling station in the center of the base consists of multiple levels above and below the main deck. This base provides Aerospace Resources.

    Jungle Biodome: This base is located deep within a thick jungle. Three landing pads are located 150m from the biodome, with small footpaths that connect them to the facility. Troops must make their way to the base of the biodome, establish a power link to one of the teleporters located at the base of the legs, and use that to access the biolab. Once an empire has access to the biolab they then must restore power to it by taking control of all three capture points. This base provides Infantry Resources.

    Orbital Platform: This base is located in orbit above Auraxis. The space station is consists of three concentric circles connected by three equilateral spokes. The drop ships dock at the end of each spoke. The rings are 100m, 200m, and 300m in diameter. This base is characterized by wide corridors with fighting from behind cover. Teams must secure three control points located in the central ring to restore power to the station. Each control point is located half way between each spoke. There is a spawn area the central shaft of the base. This base grants faster drop pod deployments to the battlefield.

    This is my concept for bringing E-Sport style matches to Planetside. I believe this offers the best format for blending the scale and scope of Planetside with the controlled environment of an E-sport match. I see these matches being comprised of partial team made of small squads and individual soloist players during off-peak hours and dominated by large outfits with rehearsed tactical plans during peak-times. I also think the broadcast of these matches could lead to "appointment viewing" by spectators during the big outfit matches. My hope in posting this here is to change the idea of what this can be and to give everyone an idea of how this could be seamlessly integrated into the Planetside metagame without conflicting with the rest of the game.
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  18. Nocturnal7x

    This is incredibly stupid. Smedley says "only way to make esports work IMO". Why make it work? you don't make esports work...Esports either works or it doesn't. PS2 is not an esport kind of game, pretty much no mmo ever is. MOBA, RTS, small scale FPS can be esports if they are well balanced, people like playing them and they are interesting to watch. PS2 rarely has more than 1k viewers on twitch, and thats peak. No one wants to watch this game, the scale is too big for esports to make sense.

    Why are you going to try to force it? that's stupid, stick to what you're good at. Make PS2 the best it can be, don't make it some esport it wasn't meant to be.
  19. Cinc

    Ya... i only just realized i cut out some of my elaboration on no-instancing in editing. So let me clarify again, i DONT suggest it be instanced. I was thinking for it to be created with e-sports in mind, specifically in making it easier to follow the action from up high, but i also wanted it to be availabe as a regular continent.

    So again, i was just working off your idea by adding in the concept of an e-sports friendly continent. Because even when you can fly, with our current continents you'll have almost no idea of whats going on. Forgetting the disaster of instances, just going "LOOK, pretty explosions and zergs!" without having the slightest idea of what's going on or how it's remotely important, is simply another disaster waiting to happen.
  20. MaxFail

    It does suggest that there might be brackets for smaller outfits as well.
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