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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood

    • We'd like to add growth and progression to Outfits.
    • One of the ideas we have for doing this is to allow players to contribute points to their Outfit by earning experience, and when enough points are accrued, the Outfit will earn a rank.
      • At each rank, the Outfit Leader can select a benefit/perk/specialization that will affect everyone in the outfit.
      • What these benefits might be is still a topic of discussion, so toss us any ideas you have.
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  2. Mylon

    Please make outfits like certs. You can always keep earning points to spend and you swap out benefits. So if the leader makes a misstep, they just grind out more outfit points.
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  3. KiddParK

    Easy.. take PS1 as your guide.

    level 1 Waypoints: the outfit can earn upwards of 3 extra REAL waypoints so we can organize a platoon better. We've made it to that level without them (with great pain) and have earned the right for them.

    level 2 Crayons: Let outfits that have reached this level have access to draw on the map for organization purposes because we do use them and really miss them for multi squad ops, armor/air/inf.

    just off the top of my head. Those things are definite advantages but not so much that they have any real overpowering effect on another outfit IMO.

    other things would be various discounts on a particular style of play. a solid 10% off armor, air, etc they could focus on ONE of the three resources that they deem their outfit plays a majority of the time. Also we could perhaps have a 'super' station cash to buy one individual specialized weapon (like annihilator all my guys are required to have) for every member of the outfit.

    And outfit owned bases of course.
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  4. Soothsayer

    This was one of your really good ideas long ago that fell by the wayside. Would like to see this bumped way up. Should provide true distinction like you said it would, an air specce'ed outfit should be identifiable as an air specc'ed outfit, armor and infantry should stand out as member of an outfit that has sunk some serious investment into those playstyles.
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  5. Dalkun

    Outfits could have "devisions" to designate strategic stuff - the "air devision" would have a bonus to air acquisition timers but a dramatic decrease in armor and infantry timers. Same for the "armor devision", the "AA max devision", etc.
    Allow each devision to have it's own waypoint much as a squad does, or make these squad specific properties.
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  6. KittyKitakie

    I wish this would get moved up in the timeline as giving long-term goals is what keep people logging in. I hoped for a xp system to make outfit upgrades, and even a resource banking system to gather massive resources for outfit vehicles and weapons geared around larger scale team play (like larger aircraft for troop transport, radars to reveal enemy locations on a small area, or deployable structures to provide emire benefits like enemy movement on the main map, or a mass anywhere-accessible spawn point, things that you only see once an hour/day/week/month from the sheer amount of resources needed but give us goals to defend/attack and change small things)
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  7. Vachek

    Anarchy Online did something like this for outfit/faction rewards
  8. Fethrion

    No. This one will make people join the biggest outfits for best benefits (they'll also advance faster), making big outfits even bigger and small outfits even smaller.
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  9. kymcman

    I like the idea, but am wary that this would just aid in the conglomeration of mega-outfits to get as many certs as possible. As a smaller outfit leader that is hoping to grow, this could end up crippling any desire of people to join us. However, still like the idea.
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  10. DJPenguin

    For the sake of smaller outfits, a weekly cap of potential outfit xp will be needed. If not, not only zerg guilds will acquire their unlocks at an insane rate but players will be even more tempted to join such outfits over smaller ones.
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  11. Trof

    I am not sure i like the idea of game changing benefits i.e. reduced timers or extra resoucres, xp etc.. to me that would just make huge outfits that much more powerful. What I could get behind are fluff items.
    1. Additional rank titles.
    2. Emotes like salute, stand at attention etc..
    3. Cosmetic items like berets, patches, and decals.
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  12. Nathaniak

    Maybe have two trees - a gameplay tree and a customisation tree. Each rank gives one point in each, allowing both visual customisation with things that cannot be bought with SC (to give outfit identity) and gameplay upgrades (to make outift play more effective).
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  13. Sturmhardt

    I don't see the point of that. I would like to design my own outfit decal, but benefits... no thanks, that should be the player's choice.
  14. Mylon

    This is a cool idea. You could even add division slots as something that can be unlocked so larger outfits can make better use of their large playerbase.
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  15. KnowFear

    What bonuses do those of us who fight singly get from this system? Or shall our contributions be diminished over time in favor of (even more) advantages that those in outfits have? If you have to give out more useless cruft (badges, decals, other shiny things for idiots to fawn over) that is perfectly fine by me, but don't give even more advantages to those who fight in zerg packs than the rest of us.
  16. Crashsplash

    A warning.

    With certain certs and certain shop items you can earn power, you can hit harder and be more durable than a newly born br1. This is not a good development and is only acceptable if it is limited. So, this development shouldn't exp-and on that.
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  17. Pikeman84

    As long as the bonuses don't give them direct combat advantages, I love this idea
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  18. Dalkun

    Yeah! And maybe players could have that as part of their profile. So some players are specialized as pilots in an air devision, or maybe could gain specific cert options to help that devision.
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  19. Flambe87

    I dunno - I like the idea of giving people who cooperate bonuses for doing so, but just going out and mindlessly killing isn't necessarily "cooperating." Tie rewards to accomplishing real tactical goals and you may have something.

    Also; just make sure that people who aren't in Outfits (because not everyone wants to participate in them) aren't missing out in anything unique.
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  20. JohnnyOmaha

    I know E911 SolTech TR the many people who joined did so to make a difference. We're over 700 members (to be culled after we get some "last logged on" stats). We are the tutorial. We provide basic training for our troops so people know how to play the game so they have fun, keep playing, and possibly spend some station cash. We're constantly pushing and looking for new tactics and strategies and combinations.

    I'm in favor of outfit rewards because this hard work deserves to be rewarded. It makes sense that if I've put tons of hours into the game, I'm invested. I want a return on that investment to give me the tools I need so I can keep paying it forward to my fellow outfit members and empire. I want there to be an incentive for outfit members to keep working towards that common goal, and outfit specific bonuses will be more effective than cosmetic items because they offer a greater return on investment.

    I don't want to take away anything from smaller outfits, but I don't want to be restricted because we made it our mission to offer an inviting atmosphere for people who want to play in larger, organized platoons without getting screamed at or demeaned. We're not all zergfits.
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