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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. zolop

    Agree Entirely, Please put Teamwork first in this game not one click doomsday weapon
  2. Bob Niac

    How about a high altitude bombardment? OS in PS1 was always a bit OP. I wouldn't mind seeing something that reflects modern laser targeting, where the strike is defensible and is more of a ballistic trajectory instead of perpendicular to the ground.

    or this

  3. Noxx(ia)

    I know I said Orbital Strike should be in the game in fairly harsh language... :p ...but I've considered what people have said and despite how I think they should still be in the game, I don't think the game is ready for them. I expand further on it here, in my lovely blog post.

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  4. Anvos

    I'm okay with it as long as cost about all 3 full meters of resources and can only be used by platoon leaders.
  5. Lyel

    Real wars use these, theyre not "totally out there"...
  6. KingSnuggler

    Lib spamming and rocket pod spamming takes no skill either so we should just remove it for no skill sakes right?
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  7. KingSnuggler

    I would like to see the Flails make a return to PS2 something at least to remove clusters of tanks or troops a nice artillery strike or OS would do to stop large advances and make them use their head for once.
  8. DukeFlash

    What if Orbital Strike could Disable entire hexes?
    (Not counting major bases like Tech Plant, Amp Station and Bio Lab)

    Have OS only targetable at enemy spawn locations, which besides killing players, would also DISABLE the entire territory, scorched earth style. The hex could then not be recaptured for a long time... say, an hour.
    If used on outlier spawns of a major base, that outlier would be disabled, never the whole Hex.

    If an empire controls everything except disabled hexes, they can still claim the continent bonus.
    Friendly fire kills should not count towards weapon locking with this... the fact that I suggest it only be target-able at enemy spawn facilities (and perhaps deployed, spotted enemy Sunderers) should limit griefing of your own empire.
    If targeted on deployed enemy Sunderer... nothing is disabled, you just get the kills of your unfortunate victims.
  9. JimPanC

    Let only SL/ PLs use it. Its so hard to get points as a squad/platoon leader (because youre on the map most of the time) so they should get atleast anything
    Make it expensive and let it use like 500 fly resources and a long cooldown so it would be balanced
  10. Vultre9

    NO NO NO NO NO Add artillery tanks, not orbital strikes!!! hell you guys would even make more money if you put in the tanks, and it would be more vehicles for us!
  11. classicmintsauce

    I think that the artillery is a great Idea not to powerful and still is very effective.
  12. HoriZon357

    Agreed Kaisuke7, OS back in the day was, and was not, a big deal at the same time. Povided it doesn't get into everyone's hands. With respect I would hope its not SOLD OFF like command chat, and is somehow unique, if implemented right these naysayers have no good arguments considering bombing runs/artillery has existed for 100's of years to soften up groups of targets.

    Skill? ffs, un-clumping is a skill too, clumping up leads to high value targets getting bomb'ed/OS'ed/artillery'ed. Listen and look for the signs a bomb is coming, the OS will be a counter for the stupid game play you are skill'in all about. There are risks for every benefit.
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  13. theholeyone

    Orbital strikes are too unskilled, imo, it is better replaced it with a targeting beacon for high speed paper thin bombers launched out of the warpgate.

    To flesh the idea out a bit more, the beacon only appears on the bomber's map while it is being targetted, bombs can only be released in an area where the target beacon is active. all bombs are unguided and follow a high speed ballistic trajectoy, so the bomber must plan the attack run to avoid friendlies. Bombers are rendered at extreme distances and can be taken out with sustained small arms fire. Bomb damage is applied from the server side (I assume this is how orbitals are supposed to work anyway) so non-rendered units are affected, with unguided bombs the lag will not be a problem.
  14. ShrimpToast

    Why is everyone complaining about a "zero-skill" weapon to stop zero-skill spawn camping/clumping? I think OS is a fantastic idea, as long as it's implemented correctly.
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  15. LordMatt XLVIII

    This needs to be limited to people with A high Battle rank, Let's say 50, and cost at LEAST 2000 certs, and only be available to people leading a platoon, not just a squad.

    I don't care what the thing does, I just don't want to have an ORBITAL STRIKE SPAMWAR. That would be both terrifying and boring.
  16. Shiaari

    I say put orbital strike on a world-wide availability cycle, available on one continent at a time for a reasonable period of time. You can tie it to the day-night cycle if you want. As new continents are added you can make it available on multiple continents at a time, but always have it to where it is unavailable for most of the real-time day.

    You can then give Platoon commanders a timer which tells them when the strike platform is overhead, and for how long. But, for the period it is over-head... god help you.
  17. zman988

    I Downvoted this mainly because I want to see some real skill, We've got Gunships and Galaxies that can punish campers and such with heavy weapons!
  18. DaemonG

    I would rather see orbital strikes being handled with liberators or a new type of aircraft which would be laser designated by an infiltrator tool... This isn't CoD...
  19. Nicolai Mandrag

    I don't think that would be a viable deterent - I for example only spawn a vehicle once an hour or so and rarely use MAXes.I could call down a OS and never worry about a thing.
    If implemented, OS need to be restricted severly to only be used by one person per area by some means AND using an OS should NEVER EVER IN 100 years give any reward whatsoever.
    Cert / BR restrictions only hold up for so long as every core player has achieved Rank X or gained X Certs.
    To properly restrict usage it would be necessary to implement a solid command structure for each faction and server. Borrowing the system from Rising Force online (ancient MMO,discontinued afaik ), each faction would have a leader and sub-leaders that get voted into office by Players each week and only they could use devestating nukes in PvP. Only Players that have achieved a certain level (equivalent to about two weeks of hardcore leveling) have a vote.
    This way, the ability to call down an OS would be restricted to 5-10 whatever players per faction at all times AND reinforces player interaction in each faction due to the need to gather votes to gain and keep the ability to OS and perhaps other command functions.
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  20. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    Only allow platoon leaders to do this. I don't lead a platoon, but I know that they're usually competent people.

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