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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood

    Continent Locking (or the "Continental Lattice" in the post-lattice era) is on the horizon and will hopefully enhance the feel and depth of PlanetSide 2's overall metagame significantly. Here's what the basic plan looks like so far:
    • Each of our current continents (Indar, Esamir, Amerish) becomes a home continent for an Empire
    • Each empire has a single “Home Warpgate” on their home continent that can never be taken from them
    • All other warpgates can now change hands like regular territory (details here still being worked out, so let us know if you have ideas)
    • By taking control of a warpgate, your empire can now advance along any continental lattice connected to it
    • Hossin is given three warpgates, one connected to Indar, one to Esamir, and one to Amerish. There is no home warpgate on Hossin.
    • Battle Islands fall between continents on all the links not leading to Hossin

    What do you guys think?
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  2. unAimed

    YES! This is so desperately needed in the quest for some longer lasting impact by players on the game world.
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  3. Hippie

    This is needed badly. I'd say bump this and Hossin up to February and get it out quickly. I love PS2, but a metagame is sorely needed at this point.
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  4. KaMiKaZePiG

    This is so absolutely critical it's not even funny.

    But why release this in March when Hossin isn't until April? Isn't this pointless?
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  5. Gimpylung

    YES, any twinkling of the groundwork for a more meaningful metagame is badly needed.
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  6. rocqua

    No need for an actual lock, just make warpgates between continets connected and capturable (preferably by actually capturing it). This way you can lock a continent by capturing all warpgates, kinda like in risk.
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  7. nukularZ

    Yes, except throw this into the February patch! The sooner the better.
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    upvoted, but you need to be able to select what warpgate you spawn at.
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  9. mR.Waffles

    The metagame update cannot wait till March. You need to move this to February.
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  10. Zizzo

    This needs to be implemented tomorrow.
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  11. Vertoxis.

    please make this a bigger priority then some of the February updates... which would include hossin....

    please? lol
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  12. Chuina

    Guys, you are forgetting Searhus, Searhus will be out before this.
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  13. SturmovikDrakon

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  14. DMan6505

    What if the server is full? So all the people will get kicked because the continent is locked?
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  15. IWarriors

    Yes to everything.
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  16. wickedtribal

    not a downvote in sight sir o7
  17. Assist

    Any metagame feature should be going in sooner rather than later.
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  18. PineSG

    Yes please!!!!

    Though not simple adjancy.. the empire would need to be down to only the warpgate for it to be attackable. Thus a group could hold the Crown and prevent their warpgate from going under. ( of course all other current rules apply.. ie they would be getting no resources)

    I value this change ( and all meta-game addons) above all other courses except anti -hack/anti -cheat
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  19. Mogi67

    Give us Hossin and continent locking ASAP. The current capture mechanics are tired as it is
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  20. LordMondando

    Good start, but you really need to step up the game with the metagame development.

    As things stand, whilst not a bad idea. It is quite frankly nebulous. So continents can be locked like in PS1... ok... its beyond 'little snags being worked out' its quite simply... ok... then what? How does this lead to any sort of metagame beyond potentially resulting in certain maps not being accessible to players at certain times. In virtue of them being capped or not over a certain time frame.
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