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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. EndlessWaves

    Slightly increasing the camera lock on vehicles would be nice (i.e. better overhead visibility).
  2. Wandering Mania

    Where is my "Darklight Implant"? I think those should be added back. As well as the "Reload Speed" implants from the beta.
  3. VicinityProxy

    Night vision would be sweet. The magnification implant needs to make a come-back as well. Nothing silly like quicker reload or zoom. We don't need one-man killing machines. An implant that confers a slight bonus to vehicle repair and healing wouldn't go amiss.
  4. albeido

    IR vision implant so you can quit ******** on infiltrators and start giving us real infiltration tools and cloak that actually works and for a long duration. players would have the IR vision implant as a hard counter.
  5. Kogmaw

    I missed these in Beta, thought they were a great idea :D
  6. Waffle1

    Darklight, Silent Run, Melee Booster and Audio Amp please
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  7. KJOtaku

    If they are like the implants in PS1 then I'll take most of them with open arms. But wouldn't we have to implement s type of energy or "mana" system to keep their durations under control without giving them 30 min cool downs?
  8. James Seth Lynch

    Enhanced Strength: Wouldnt work in this game or would be up.
    Scavenger: Very interesting.
    Surge: Interesting.
    Akimbo: Horrifically overpowered.
    Melee Fiend: You can of already are. Increased knife range would be useful but lets not make this Call of Duty.
    Bionic Legs: Im okay with reduced damage but not zero damage. Increased jump height seems like a light assault only thing.
    Eagle Eyes: The game doesnt work that way
    Nimble Hands: I like this. Especially useful for a medic or engie
    Regeneration: Overpowered. Its going to do a lot more then you think trust me. It also makes Medics and Biolabs much less useful and useless respectively.
    Saboteur: Extremely overpowered.
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  9. Nikrul

    quoted the wrong person sorry
  10. Nikrul

    I fthey add a way to share music, even if it's just broadcast it to a small group it will cause copyrights issues
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  11. Nikrul

    Best idea so far :eek: But this should be infiltrator specific
  12. Nikrul

    No to this COD cold blooded copy. I hate dark corner dark corner mcdougal enough like this :/
  13. Nikrul

    I dont get how this post does nort have more upvote :eek:
  14. Nikrul

    You play too much Black ops 2
  15. anaverageguy

    Given that I don't play that particular game, I've no idea what you're talking about. We don't need doritos.
  16. GeekaBite

    Spotting is so important in the game, although too many player don't mark enemies at all. But these features could improve tactics a lot, and these features are the ones our outfit often talks abouts and wishes for...
    Enhanced climbing capabilities would be cool too. It sucks massively when run up an hill for "hours" only to notice you can't get over the ridge at that specific point - either the ridges must be consistent so one can tell if the ridges are passable or not, or we should have an option to tackle the ridge in any case...
    Music is an absolute no-go for me though - clogging up the connection, too many dumb spammers, too much trash music, too distracting, lessen the battlefield awareness - and besides: I wouldn't be able to hear the music over the sound of my own awesomeness anyways ^^ ;) :p
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  17. GeekaBite

    what about the "support skills" that were announced in the beta as implants? Like faster reload for hand weapons; faster switch between weapons; faster aiming; improved aiming;
  18. KodanBlack

    You have a LOT of people who agree with you.
  19. GeekaBite

    How about implant with different qualities - e.g. lowest Quality 15% speed improvement, middle quality 30% speed improvement and highest Quality 50% speed improvement...
    maybe even make them sequential as well...
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  20. Fatalness

    I think that these Implants should be short and simple. Not like the call of duty PERKS where they greatly change how you play and how much of an advantage they give you. The Implants should be something as simple as Faster running or No Fall damage or Your primary does damage to armored tanks or sundys.

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