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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood

    Implants would utilize a new loadout slot and provide special bonuses that allow you to further tailor your class to the way you want to play.
    • Example implants might include stuff like:
      • Silent running
        • Your character emits no footstep audio
      • Safe Landing
        • Allows you to fall greater distances before taking damage
      • Audio Amp
        • Increases distance that enemies are spotted based on firing
    What kinds of implants would you like to see added?
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  2. FizzzoVan

    How about an ability to jump higher than?
    Or just a faster running speed.
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  3. SharpLight

    This will make the game less skill-based, no.
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  4. iNuc

    I think it's okay as long as the implants are limited to non-combat attributes.
    For example, with footsteps you need to watch out, and if you have the Silent running perk you can just run around like you're a Magridger or something. Takes away the skill.

    Higher jumping, faster running, easier hill climbing, slower sliding off edges etc.
    Maybe some utillities like "You throw grenades farther", "You throw grenades faster", faster weapon switching (useful for medics and engis).
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  5. Shockfrosted

    At last! I have been tapping my foot for implants since launch. :D
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  6. Gost

    what about bringing back faster reloads or sprint like in beta?
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  7. ScorpDK

    Safe Landing hhhhnggg, YES! Gimme!

    Longer hold-breath ability for Infiltrators?
    I like all kinds of upgrades that do not affect a direct 1-vs-1 standoff with another soldier.
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  8. Sirisian

    I'd personally like to see a transition toward active implants especially if we have multiple implant slots. Using an energy bar for this to make certain implants more mutually exclusive would be amazing like we had in PS1 with the stamina system. Examples I'd like to see would be nanite shields. The ability to aim at the ground and form a waist high shield in front of the player that drains energy when attacked and can be deactivated if the player chooses. This would open up a lot of teamwork where players could either protect themselves or others for moments. This could also open up different types of shields like full sphere ones with different properties like for an HA fighting a tank it could direct their primary energy bar and their implant energy bar into a shield that is highly resistant to tank/Liberator rounds.

    The other active ones I'd really like to see would be more science fiction added to the game with implants. Things like telekinesis to grab grenades, rockets, and tank shells out of the air (stopping their detonation while held) and throw them back into targets. I think that would open up a lot of opportunities to make the game feel a lot more dynamic with choices especially when you see something before it happens which is very common with grenades and tank shells.

    The other thing I'd like to see which we didn't have in PS1 would be class specific implants. Things like an engineer ranged nanite burst heal that drains a player's energy bar for a rapid small heal on an object like a max or vehicle. We already have AOE healing on the medic, but I think adding AOE implants would be amazing. Imagine an infiltrator that can transfer their cloak to their squadmates in an area or an HA that can transfer their shields to boost everyone's shields around them using their energy bar when activated. Obviously there are balance implications for which classes this could be applied to (like you can't boost an HA's shields or cloak a MAX), but there are a lot of room for active team oriented implants for classes.
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  9. Chuina

    These need to be cert and SC available and not just SC like they were in the beta. It would lead to an overall advantage for one paying station cash if they could hide their footstep sounds, etc.
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  10. Scienta

  11. Jackalmaster

    bring back darklight and we'll be good.
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  12. Phattie

    Yes! Bring back more from PS1 and you're going in the right direction.
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  13. YRUAB

    Silent spotting! A must have for infiltrators behind enemy lines.
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  14. Davelantor

    Make it so that you loose them when you die and you got a deal
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  15. Salutem

    Like ps1 ideas coming in, so many good ones
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  16. Antivide

    Safe landing would encroach too much on the Light Assault's verticality. If you want to survive from a long distance fall, PLAY A LIGHT ASSAULT
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  17. TheEvilBlight

    Bring back Stamina and tie it back to running and implant use. I suppose having an extra bar to watch (shields, health, energy, stamina) may tax people. Tie to energy so people have to choose between special ability (except engys, hah!) and implants.
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  18. Kittel

    Hell yea, about time!
  19. drNovikov

    As an infiltrator, I'd like to jump very high.
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  20. Village

    Please, no silent running, but others i would enjoy. Takes away the skill and the point of having decent audio.
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