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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Rhinzual

    Lovely, NC get their PS1 pistol back, TR get a real mini-SMG and VS get a re-skinned Spiker Pistol. I bet the Lancer will operate like The Scorpion and require trigonometry to use. Gotta make all the VS sci-fi weapons act like garbage to keep them from being OP....
  2. Aege

    Sometimes that is what it seems like. Thank the whiners for that.
  3. Rhinzual

    Probably the whiners on reddit and twitter since it's like none of the devs visit the official forums, ugh. I guess I have a tiny sliver of hope remaining that the Scattershot will be useless out of pretty much contact range (essentially 0 meters) and the TR's will be balanced via horrible accuracy outside of an extremely short range.
  4. Spets

    I'd rather see the NC get like a revolver.
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  5. the pestimist

    two shot kill probs
  6. Saturax

    Why pistol ? Who like revolvers ?
    Six Bullets with serious dmg and scopes for it. I know revolvers dont suit PS2 imige becos they dont take to much amunition but even now you can say the same think but they have some advantages
    1. Construction of revolver is more reliable and with right maintenance it can not jam.
    2. Long barrel give weapon beter accuracy
    3. Biger caliber of gun with stoping efect like soft point amunition
    4. Revolver with long barell will look awesom :)
    I will not write 30 pages why i love revolvers but check this ( image of this: Taurus 44 44MAG 6" ) ofc there are beter revolvers and historical too, but they will not fit PS2. His small brother in .45 is all time with me :)

    Dont forget revolvers can have silencer too( Revolver 7.62 mm Nagant ) and its WWII.
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  7. Marinealver

    Finally some weapons that are diffrent than the other empire weapons.

    Can we get the MCG fixed to a hipfireing weapon plz.
  8. WNxSpectre

    I would like the developers to address the fact that all the weapons are already Over Powered. Death comes so quickly under fire that game play often is not fun. I know players that have quit this game due to this and no longer play.

    All the weapons need to be toned down.
  9. SecondPrize

    This doesn't seem so good for the VS. We need a decent backup weapon. Our current options are the worst available. Having to charge a shot to full power doesn't seem to fill our needs for a secondary which will perform on par with either of our opponents.
  10. TheRunDown

    If you bring out a Scatter Pistol I will Destroy you!
    And if you Bring out the Charge Pistol aka "Spiker" I will Destroy your Mac so you can't make any more stupid ideas.

    TR Auto-Pistol? Well lardy♪ dardy♫ dar♪, Isn't that what we basically already have?
    So at the end of it, NC get a One / Two shot kill Pistol, the VS get a AOE Pistol to shoot around corners and TR get? What? The exact same Gun we already have minus the Tapping of the Trigger? Well Blow my Socks Off, that totally sounds like a Smashing IDEA! ῳ
  11. michigori

    If only NC could have a x3 pistol... It would be epic!
  12. michigori

    We need a better pistol! NC pistol is nothing compare to the TR pistol! No more shotgun please....
  13. michigori

    NC infiltrator are ridiculous compare to the TR infiltrator with their x3 pistol.
  14. RumbleGrumble

    So TR and NC get good pistols and VS gets AIDS.
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  15. Messaiga

    If they gonna do the scatterpistol, I hope they do it right. Not sure how it was in PS1, but make it semi auto, with a ROF of 250(Same as Semi Auto shotguns.) 3 rounds per mag, 6 rounds with extended mags. Lower mag size is to even out the difference between these and the Semi Auto shotguns. I would think the ammo reserve of this would be 7 spare mags because of the small mag size, this means that the scatterpistol would carry 24 rounds in total, use them wisely. I would say 1.5 seconds short reload (Bullet/Shell left in mag), 2.2 seconds long reload (No Bullets/Shells left in mag) because it is a pistol. 4 pellets per shot, each dealing 143 damage. This evens out to 572 damage per shot, if all pellets hit the target. This allows for a 2 shot kill if you can aim the pistol. Due to the lower pellets per shot fired and smaller mag size, keep the spread between them lower than our semi auto shotguns. Attachments for it could be the following: Barrel: Suppressor
    Rail: Extended Mags, Laser Sight, Flashlight.
  16. Flukeman62

    'tis the risk you take when you have *** like that!
  17. kisven

    great more TR hand rails. they need help aiming so lets give em ANOTHER AUTO PISTOL... that spits bullets like an infant spits up milk. that TR pistol better have low low damage per bullet. no reason they should have another effing T9 carv on their hip.
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  18. blaclika

    so the VS pistol is just ripping of the plasma pistol from halo...[clap clap clap] well done well done
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  19. Bubbalicious

    Really, did we not learn from Planetside 1 that "charge up" weapons for the Vanu were the kiss of death for the faction and yet here we are years later with the same ideas? Say it with me Balance.....

    1. Give Vanu and NC a Burst auto pistol
    2. Create a non faction shotgun pistol.
    3. I would say give TR a single shot pistol like NC and VS however they would never buy it, thus a waste of Dev time.
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  20. GeekaBite

    I am really on the fence with this one. Although I do like the idea of faction pistol, or rather I like anything that gives a further destinction to the factions. But the idea for the Vanu pistols sound crap to me, since Pistol are mostly used as backup weapon when your primary weapon runs out of ammo. So since you have no time to reload the primary what makes you think you have time to charge up this pistol? It's kindy contradictory and most definitely useless. Vanu already has the crappiest major hardware - please don't ruin the handweapons as well!
    Vanu really needs more love. TR and NC have their clear characteristics, while Vanu seems to be like a unliked stepchild always getting some stopgaps or other unconsistent stuff. Sure VS is supposed to be more agile and flexible but the difference is only marginale. What good does it to you if you can't kill diddly squad because TR has such rapidfire while NV has massive alpha damage combined with stronger defense? Moving a tad faster/more agile does not account for such firepower, nor does this help balance this secondary attribute.
    How about giving Vanu dead on accuracy combined with no bullet drop at all for ANY hand and vehicle weapon? Vanu is supposed to be alien and most advanced but instead they got only mixed up crap. This way Vanu can actually make use of accuracy and movement, as opposed to now where Vanu have to close in to hit anything but don't stand a chance because they are outmatched in firepower. Make Vanu consistent and give them some primary attribute power like the other two factions have!!!!

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