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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. 0mega7heta

    Light Assaults essentially the most agile of the classes, so maybe some sort of sabotage equipment like a power sapping device or something like that?
  2. Hypest

    I agree that the way i can currently imagine the dual wielding (even pistols) would be overpowered.

    But the rest of the post is just unecessery nerf to a problem doesn't exist. Rapidly pressing (multiple times in a second) space make your character bunnyhoping and doesn't use jumpjet fuel, so it's nothing to do with jumpjets. If that is causing "latency-exploit" then rapid ADADADAD strafing should does the same (if not worse) thus also need nerf, but only crazy people would advise something like that in an FPS right?

    Flare would be just as useful as a flashlight. The rocket attractor device would be the most gimped ability since it would require another player to make any difference. You can repair your vehicle, turrets alone, you can revive, heal yourself alone, cloak, hack etc. but if you use this device and there is noone with a rocket launcher or AV turret around it won't do anything. I would like to see more like a AoE for mobility boost for your teammates (like faster sprint), or the ammo scavenging mentioned before.
  3. Cabbage

    I wouldn't normally agree with a class merger, but frankly, this idea is good. Having a hopping sniper isn't as bad as it sounds, what with the current places a player can legitimately get their characters into. Just make it so the stealthy aspect switches off when you go a-hopping. Auto-off would also make sense, if using this "stealth is automatic if you don't move". Would just need to understand, you hop, you're extremely visible.
  4. Xaanieysa

    Ah, but I'm also of the opinion that strafing shouldn't exist either, especially not to the degree it does. It is the biggest "legitimate" (by that, I mean without hacking) latency exploit ever added to the FPS genre, and one of the worst. Have you ever tried strafing in real life to the extent that it's possible in video games? It's very difficult, especially if you're slightly weary. Now try pointing a gun accurately while doing so. I guarantee you'll trip quite often. Weaving is fine, but strafing is absolutely stupid. Strafing really has no point in a game like this where everything isn't moving at lighting speeds. Strafing is more acceptable Unreal Tournament and similar games, for example, where everything is very fast paced and hit detection only has to go on between relatively few people.

    As for the dropping stuff, it was just an idea to give the things to do while in glide mode, they'd be able to drop C4 and shoot just the same. People have been suggesting all sorts of support things for LAs, and they were really just to add to the list of potential tools and incorporate my idea.

    I think the LA jumpjet scheme is just ********, and I refuse to play LA because of it. All they do is get in high places, so what? I think it would be absolutely awesome to glide over the battlefield raining terror on peoples heads (bullets and bombs alike). Sure, there'd be a lot of noobs who would just die over and over trying to fly head first into an enemy line, but the skillful could flank and do some serious damage. Add a couple of escape mechanisms and the class would be an absolute blast to play, something it severely lacks at present. And, with this, you could make them very versatile, let's say the top cert upgrade would enable them to glide massive distances, especially if launched from a tower. It truly would make the class unique and fun.
  5. Squigzy

    200 hours into Light Assault, and It took a lot of time and effort for me to go through the checklist of "What a Light Assault Needs", and it seems we keep trying to put the LA into a support role like the Medic, Engineer, or Infiltrator where they help your team push by helping YOUR team. But the Assault title in their name (Like the Heavy Assault) Denotes that you help your team by doing something to the enemy.

    The LA doesn't need to support HIS team, he needs to destabilize the ENEMY team. The Light Assault is a shock trooper, a mini agent of chaos with jetpacks, any and all roles applied to the LA need to keep in mind "disrupting the enemy" versus "helping friendlies".

    Confusion Grenade:
    Functions much like the Flash grenade (in terms of radius) but instead of flashing the enemy it instead gives false IFF signs. Making the mini-map glow with different enemy colors (like a decoy grenade), and also shuffling name-tags and Colors of players nearby (So a Terran may see a friendly Terran with an NC nameplate and colored as an enemy). The model of the individual would stay the same. The grenade would have a quick Flash like the EMP or Flash grenade, but would only last about half a second. IFF mixing and "Emp-like" effects would continue for 10 seconds or so. during which time Medics could heal enemies, and engineers could repair enemies (Though unlikely).
    NOTE: This is just a change in nameplates and not a change in model, so TR would still look like TR, VS like VS, NC like NC.

    Malfunction Grenade:
    The grenade would temporarily randomize movement and look controls. Jumping, Jetpacks, Shields, support utilities, and aiming would be shuffled around causing players to have trouble moving and aiming. Note: the Fire button, and Grenades keys would be switched (so people don't move forward and inadvertently TK all of their friendlies)

    Utility Options:
    EMP Smoke Launcher:
    The Light Assault would launch a charged smoke cloud where all passer's through would be afflicted in a similar way to being hit by an EMP grenade. The smoke would be a visible electrically charged cloud, but would not obscure vision like a Smoke Grenade.

    Anti-Vehicle Shotgun/Launcher:
    A Utility slot that would (when close) do damage to vehicles (much like hitting with a rocket launcher) the LA would need to be fairly close to the vehicle (and likely exposed) for this to be at full effectiveness and do reasonable damage. It would carry 1 (one) round per magazine with a reload comparable to a Rocket Launcher.
    VS: Fires super-heated Plasma
    TR: Fires something akin to Thermite
    NC: Fires shaped Armor Penetrating Flechettes.

    Primary Weapons:
    Heavy Assault Rifles:
    Providing a High DPS, low DPM weapon for quick flanks and fall-backs. Or providing a Medium range Burst-Rifle with low First Shot multiplier.
    +Fire Rate
    +Damage Per Bullet
    +Bullet Velocity

    -Magazine Size (Larger Rounds)
    -Recoil (Larger Round + Faster Firing Rate)
    -Poor ADS Cone of Fire

    Final Note: If you like the EMP Smoke Launcher, Consider Biolab spam. Just a note.
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  6. ashzilla

    In line with the above comment, I think a nice feature or the Light Assault would be a tool that could disrupt a medics healing gun or an engineers repair tool for a short time. This would allow for your squad to advance further up without the enemy repairing defenses, or reviving falling soldiers. Kind of like dropping C4, you could drop this device and it would like emmit a pulse or something and stop their tools from working for a short time.
  7. vincent-

    A cool tool I would like to see would be grapple hooks and wires to help teams get to places that only light assault can reach which would improve team work. The only reason I got this idea was from this picture. [IMG]
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  8. Neurotoxin

    I say NO to dual-wielding. There are no studies anywhere that confirm dual-wielding firearms to be more effective than using a single firearm. The only purpose for such a tactic is to lay down suppressing fire, and because being shot just once or twice by rapid-fire weapons doesn't mean hardly anything in this game, to the concept of suppressing fire is completely bogus. Beyond that, we already have the Pump-Action Shotgun and SMG for assassinating targets at point-blank range, so there is really no reason for dual wielding functionality to duplicate this purpose. Please save the time and effort for other things, do not add dual-wield functionality! It isn't worth the time to design the animations and code, even if there's already a working model in the internal servers!

    Beyond that, I'm disappointed that Light Assault was pushed so far back, but I guess they will be almost like adding a new class by the time the revamp is designed and implemented.

    i'm glad to see that Light Assault will be getting more tools and features eventually, though. For now I'd just be happy with natural resistance to EMP and Concussion aftereffects, and possibly a significant reduction to falling damage.
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  9. Metal Insomniac

    Agreed. Besides, MAXes can already dual wield, so there really isn't a need to add it to LA. I'm perfectly happy with Carbines and Shotty's.
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  10. lunate

    I dont know if any1 suggested them yet.

    Add Booster attachment to jump jets (like flash turbo and esf turbo)While using jumpjets u can boost by holding shift like planes.

    Emp grenades which take away shields of every1 including friendly within a room or radius of 15m. These grenades are able to take down/disable any turrets nearby. For Non player create turrets, these grenades force ejects the pilot and cause the turret to go in a down mode for 1min. This grenade also disable any shield recharge / nanite skills of the player that was hit by it.

    Grenade/pouch utility slots. Works like the same way as engineer utility only that it is for grenade. Allowing the LA to carry a few different type of grenades at 1 time.

    Parachute / something like galaxy drop thing. I notice that LA that jumps off a cliff will sometimes die when they run out of fuel/ if they fall too fast and was late on the jets. That should not be the case they are LA for some reason they should have a safe fall from any height.
  11. oLd.Sneakers

    No to dual wielding.

    Add useful tools instead that isn't from toys r us.
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  12. Flukeman62

    i would really like the Heavy Assault Rifles but it would have to be longer ranged to avoid becoming just another scout rifle.
  13. PALin00

    I'm playing as LA most of the time and when I look at the name Light Assault 2 things pop into my mind:

    1. Light - Probably mostly effective against soft targets e.g. infantry, light armored vehicles and not so durable himself (compensating by maneuverability).
    2. Assault - Primarily focusing enemy, trying to create hell on Auraxium for him - shooting, blowing up stuff, etc.

    So here are my suggestions for potential tweaks (don't know if any of them have been mentioned before, but I don't have time to read all 17 pages, so I'm sorry if anyone already suggested these):

    1. Choose different explosives than C4 (AP mines for example) - With this, player could choose, if he wants to focus just on infantry or be able to do some damage to vehicles.
    2. Throw grenades into vehicles (jump on one, open hatch, throw) - In my opinion this would be perfect way for LA to deal with vehicles that synergizes with class name. Grenade would kill crew of the vehicle, but vehicle itself would sustain only minor damage and could be mounted again.
    3. Use battle rifle - I don't agree that LA should be effective only at short-to-medium range. It should be effective mostly against soft targets - that is the main idea. This would give LA ability to do better at medium-to-long range, but limit him by semi-auto fire.
    4. Choose 2 jumpjets speeds - This would work kind of like walking and running - player could choose e.g. by pressing shift if he wants to fly slower longer and more controllable or fast short time with impaired ability to turn.
    5. Give LA sapper tool - This could be used to make simple traps - tripwire, falling net, punji stick pit, grenade in a can, etc. (this could be probably better with engineer though)
    6. Ability to scavenge - LA could be able to pick up ammo and/or explosives from deceased enemies and/or allies to replenish their supplies, or use their weapons (limited use time or not being able to reload, just finish dropped gun's magazine).

    I'm not suggesting to apply all these things. However, if I wanted to tweak something, I would probably choose something from this.
    My personal favorites are 1. and 3. - I would simply love those :)

    Feel free to comment on these :)
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  14. Andy79

    I'd love to see the addition of a grappling hook, it should work on all surfaces, even on vehicles, if you cant survive the consequences (ie you latch onto a ESF and get slammed into a tree) its your fault.

    something vanu specific would be hover boots, they would allow to slide down slopes at rapid speeds, but you gotta be careful and not slam into a rock, however the momentum could be combined with a long jetpackjump
  15. Flukeman62

    just a comment on idea 3.
    i think that the more classes that get to use these the better and i feel that they should be merged with scout rifles
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  16. Arbitratio

    may i suggest an infiltrator class revamp such as the ability to disguise ones self as the enemy or hack a vehicle and use that as a disguise
  17. LocoGato

    I'm not sure when this thread became about the infiltrator, but here is my opinion on light assault.
    The class as a whole is pretty capable but it would be nice to see the following things

    1. More maneuverability when flying cut the crap with the drifter jets no one uses them if anything give the jetpack different modes like guns do with burst, auto, and single fire this would help a crap ton

    2. Let us aim while flying, I'm assuming it was intentional and I know it is possible to aim while jetpacking but its a skill you have to practice for a quite a while before you get good at it. It would be nice being able to aim better with jumping on someone (It would also be nice to be able to aim straight down, just saying)

    3. A Grenade launcher Weapon type would be really nice for this classes flavor, of course this would have to be balanced with slow fire speed and reload but none the loads more useful essentially it would allow us to jump through doors and clear out corners of camping enemies.

    4. I don't honestly think we need a squad utility our scouting and flanking ability to provide cover fire is already pretty useful in an organized squad situation.
    Alright now for all the guys posting about Infiltrator I've played this class a lot and yes its kinda a either you win or you loose class if you have the right position you can take out scores of enemies with just a little sharp shooting skill however these positions aren't always available in every battle so infiltrators can find them self of little use sometimes this makes it tough if you want to specialize in the class and basically let it be your "main"

    Cloaking is a powerful tool when used correctly dipping in and out of stealth along with staggering your movements and greatly confuse an attacking enemy but this takes a little practice

    It would be nice to see infiltrators be a Sniper/AV class a demolition expert of sorts run in stealthed stick some explosives on the back of a tank squad and then detonate when your a safe distance away tanks and armor don't have good peripherals like infantry do so its much easier to sneak up behind them. That along with there already existing hacking skill could easily prevent armored reinforcements from making it to the battle on time.
  18. NaySayer

    How about adding another type of jetpack in addition to jumpjet and drifter jet? Something like a speed jet that uses fuel alot more than the other two and simply gets you around faster. A tradeoff would be obvious full spread on the hipfire crosshair, the loudness of the jetpack would make you visible on the map to anyone in vicinity of the sound.
  19. Alexus

  20. xxtheitalianxx

    make a larger clip for light assault, i go through ammo fast.

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