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  1. Grimlore

    The Ability to see enemys more easily than others would give the class a whole new meaning. Think about it, LAs during large scale battles could play a more tactical role of spotting enemys for infantry and pointing out troop movements or pick out targets for infils and long range artillary. your still getting the Exp for the Spot so the groundwork is all there! All I ask is for enemys to be highlighted and a "Spot call" muffle option so you arent found emmediatly.
  2. UltimatePowa

    I trust these weapons will have a level requirement of around 40-75 and a hefty price in certs (2000-3000) or station cash (1000-1500).

    Idea 3:

    This ability will be available in the "utility slot" with C4.
    At base level, the player suffers an accuracy and small reloading debuff.
    Higher levels of the ability allow for increased accuracy (up to normal) and reloading speed (past normal) while duel wielding.
    When chosen, the player is allowed to wield two small weapons simultaneously.
    If the ability is chosen, the player is allowed to select small weapons for the secondary slot.
    However, any non-small weapons are not allowed in the primary slot while this ability is selected.

    Note that small weapons only need to be purchased once instead of one for each hand. The cert cost of the duel wield ability and sacrafice of the utility slot makes up for any inbalance in this situation.

    Smalls weapons are as follows:
    • Submachine guns
    • Pistols
    • Lever-Action Shotguns (details on this are listed below)
    • To be continued
    The sacrifice of the utility and accuracy debuff provides a balance to being able to duel wield.
    This ability should have a level requirement of 20. (To prevent a Halo situation where everyone was duel wielding.)

    Idea 4:

    Lever-Action Shotguns:

    Primary (small)
    These shotguns are lighter and provide a shorter, but wider spread that the standard shotguns.
    As with the standard shotguns, this one can use Slugs as well.

    However, unlike standard shotguns, this one can be duel wielded when used with the correct perk.
  3. Jerion

    I'd just like to merge LA and Inf, while making cloak and the jetpack mutually exclusive. Those classes tend to have overlapping roles, and don't do either one quite to satisfaction. If you merge the two into a "Spec Ops" class, then you solve a lot of problems and open up new levels of flexibility.

    But...if that idea has no resonance, then buffing LA shield strength to give it a little more resilience in skirmish engagements would be very welcome, as would the addition of a special bit of equipment. The ability to set down "up-goer" pads to let other plays follow them to high places, would go hand in hand with the class' high mobility (and give us a seriously useful role in breaching base walls).
  4. Joe1Soldier

    This will be cool. By the way, how about updating the medic class, give him like a deploy able healing shield. Just thinking of ideas.
  5. JBHop

    More details about dual wielding would be nice. Not sure if this idea was already posted.

    Burst Jets: Quick burst into the air. Kind of like a super jump. It would use the whole tank like the MAX's dash and the cool down only occurs when you land. Every level will increase the jump by 5-10 meters and decrease the cool down by 0.5-1 second.
  6. UltimatePowa

    I think Infiltrators just deserve a little more love.
    The two classes don't need to be merged.

    Light Assaults are designed on being able to get into the combat fast, and bail out fast. Extremely good at capturing points.
    Infiltrators are designed around being able to sneak around the battlefield and place shots on unsuspecting enemies or hack terminals in the enemy's base.
    Combining both roles would create one of the most absolute overpowered creations of all time.

    However, I heard someone mention a grappling hook idea for the Light Assault.
    While I like that idea, personally I think that the grappling hook (obviously it shouldn't have that far of a reach) should be for Infiltrator to give them more sneakability.
    A careful consideration into how overpowered a sniper on hidden ledges can be must be considered.
    In other words, it must be hard for an Infiltrator to put themselves on a random ledge, whereas it should be easily to get over walls and take shortcuts.
    The Infiltrator would have to choose between invisibility and the grappling hook.

    As a dedicated Light Assault, the game would be utterly ruined for me if they combined the two classes.

    In regards to the jumping pad idea, it's already being discussed as a deployable option for the Flash.
  7. Phizuol

    For a tool:
    Meet the PESA: Performance Enhancing Stimulant Applicator
    The light assault has a tool with a few shots of a "drug" that can be replenished like the infiltrator darts. Different drugs can be certed into for various effects. The effects would be pretty short lived, but give the light assault a way to help allies such as a 10 second cone of fire reduction. The tool can only be used on others, the light assault can't buff themself.

    One drug in particular is what inspired this idea: Adrenaline. Adrenaline gives an ally a 10% HP boost for 10 seconds. When the boost wears off the extra HP are lost and if the player is below 1 health they will die. The main feature, however, is that Adrenaline can be used on dead players which will act similar to a rez: If the affected player accepts the effect they will return to life with 10% health, but they will be limited only to movement actions (can't shoot, throw grenades, knife, etc.) If the player is shot in this zombie state it will count as a kill for the enemy, but if 10 seconds expire the player dies and it doesn't count as a "death". The player cannot be healed in the zombie state, but they can be rezzed by a medic. If they aren't rezzed within the 10 seconds they'll return to the dead state and will still have the option of being rezzed later.

    The purpose of Adrenaline is to allow a light assault to rescue people who die in unfortunate places. For example, light assaults are always dying on roofs where medics can't get to them. This can split up a team because the light assault will need to find a way to respawn and hopefully get back to the team quickly. With adrenaline another light assault can rescue the downed player and they will have 10 seconds to get somewhere that a medic can get them back up.

    With Adrenaline and other drug options the light assault can have some support options without enhancing their own offensive abilities or robbing another class of their role. In fact you could say in this example it actually helps medics do their job.
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  8. Tar

    You'll never balance dual wielding. Leave it alone.
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  9. NeverWas

    I'm actually thinking if it's possible to have a new jetpacks that flies exactly where my cursor points at, like normal air planes without hover ability.
  10. BlackBulletIV

    The only thing I think the light assault needs is a lot more ammunition.
  11. Ghostloadout

    1st one Underbarrel Grappling hook for SMGs, this would be for all classes and SMGs. - Attachment/Tool
    • 10min-15max meter Grapple range
    • Comes as a certable tool for LA as well as underbarrel for light weapons like SMGs
    • Advanced version scales with current grapple level I.E. Standard is 10m range maxed is 15m
    • Adds more mobility to LA and other classes, would particularly help infiltrators as well
    • Called Zipcord Anchor
    • Slight arc similar to rockets
    • travels slightly faster than launched grenades
    • On impact can stick to surface indefinitely, until pressing "jump" button, Something to this effect
    • *Batman Style* [IMG]
    Nanite Blast Tubes - Tool
    • Infinite uses on a 30min - 15max second cooldown
    • Can place two at once
    • Deals 50% more damage than C4 (enough to take down a liberator/sundy with one blast)
    • Has 15% of the blast radius of C4, but does max damage in that range
    • Can be placed like C4
    • More effective vs Vehicles/Stationary targets, rendering C4 still useful for disruption, but not neccessary
    SMG Advanced Attachments
    • Advanced Extended Magazine - Adds +10 mag size and increases ammo pool accordingly
    • Can equip one specialty underbarrel (Repair tool, Recon Detector, Kinetic Slug, Medical Syringe, Zipcord Anchor, as well as a rail attachment (laser sight, extended mags, flashlight)
    • New iron sight mods, different types, still costs 30 certs
    • Extended barrel - Decreases hipfire accuracy for less damage drop off and higher velocity
    New Passive Certifications
    • Adrenaline Pump - Passively out of combat (while shields are recharging/full) Regenerates 1%-5% armor per second.
    • Scavenger Gear - Shows enemy and friendly ammo pack indicators on the HUD(heads up display), as well as deployables like mines and spawn beacons (includes turrets). Also makes the ammo packs instantly give max ammo for all weapons, assuming the clips magazines are full.
    Carbine Edits
    • Extendable Buttstocks for longer range and S variant carbines, decreases CoF spread / horizontal recoil as well as hipfire accuracy (examples: Ac-x11, Trac-5 s, pulsar C)
    • Advanced Underbarrels - Doubles amount of ammo carried.
    New Utility (Not so New)
    • Gives LAs the ability to use spawn beacons in the utility slot even without having squad leader *scales with spawn beacon level* This should solve the issue of LA not having a support item currently, So we can have more LAs like the one in the trailer.
    New Abilties
    • Icarus Jump jets - Allow for a short charge up time 1-5 seconds and increases in power depending on charge level, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, higher levels increase recharge time and max charge time
    • Other jump jets will change the in-game model for the jetpack.
    New Suit Mod
    • Light Bionics - Decreases damage take from falling and impact by 20%-100%, Increases base speed by 2%-10%, Sprint speed by 3%-15% jump height increases by 20%-100%, changes visual appearance to be more bulky and armored Something like the such from bionic commando.
    • [IMG]
    • Adrenaline pump removed from suit mods replaced to passive with a different type of effect.
    Also NO DUAL WELDING, not only would it be impractical, but it would attract the wrong audience, TTK is already fast enough as is, could even be even slower for all I care, Honestly though this is my opinion on what the LA should get. Long post, like normal. This should make not only SMGs more useful for other classes, but make LAs more supportive and effective at disruption and commandoing (not a word) around.
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  12. AlloK

    Tool: Personal Teleporter
    Not the best of ideas, but a "Quality of Life" improvement.

    a Personal Teleporter that I can lay down somewhere and then if I get into trouble and I am in range of that teleporter (lets say 150m) I can "jump" back to the telelporter and to safety.
    OR, Since it is often tough to get to some of the spots that LA like to hang out, I have been joining a platoon and then asking the leader to put me into MY OWN SQUAD so that I can use my beacon. Once I reach my destination(high up spot) I drop my beacon. Not only is it good to have your beacon out of the way, if (when) I die, I can spawn on that point and dont have to -FLY-back to that location. If I could put down a Telelporter instead of the beacon I would have the same functionality (slightly improved, but with a range trade off) and I wouldn't have to hold a squad lead position. Also, ONLY the LA can use his own teleporter, not the whole squad, like the beacon.

    Tool: Hologram
    Places a device on the ground about the size of an ammo box that projects a Hologram above it. The Hologram mimics the motions of the LA who dropped it, but is obviously stationary. Last 30 seconds, or until the Holo-box is destroyed.
    Picture being on a ledge behind and above an enemy position, dropping a holo-box, and then flying to a more hidden spot near the holo-box. Start sniping and watch as they try to shoot at your hologram.

    Tool: Tazer/Rez tool
    Can taze and enemy, stunning them for 3 seconds, taking some health and disabling their shield.
    OR can bring a dead player back to life with 10% health BUT disables their shield(as a result of the shock) for 30 seconds. ALSO, takes 10 seconds for the LA to perform.

    I realize none os these are great ideas, but I really want a LA tool. and hope that this might make someone else think of something. Or possibly these can be improved upon. I dont know.

    What I do know is LA is my favorite class, and not having a tool is slowly killing me.
  13. franchised

    as long as I can become Bobba Fett and duel wield pistols I will be happy
  14. Grimlore

    You do realize the lack of attention here is due to how terrible the class is right? its a situational class at best. ATLEAST improve their sheild capacity by 15-25 percent until then, as a forward assault class it dies too quikly on its own when trying to defend sheild generators it has just compromised.

    Give it more "Oh ****" CDs, like a smoke screen when its found or a run boost like the max. Infils can turn invisable, Light Assaults can fly up in the air where everyone can have a clear shot at them. Combine the Boost and Drifter jump jets. None EVER use the drifters because the class is **** without the ability to perch itself quikly.
  15. Nikrul

    I'm very glad you finaly decided to put the MAX revamp in priority instead of the LA revamp.

    Still the inbfiltrator need a revamp at least as much as the MAX :/
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  16. RomulusX

    Make the Jetpack be able to switch from Jump Jet to Drifter using "F"
  17. ArcMinuteLight

    Infiltrators don't turn invisible, they turn ultra-visible; Flying targets are hard to hit, and you don't know how to use drifters.
  18. DoktorDekay

    but but but...my precious light assault??!!
  19. Arcanum

    They're not that harder to hit. Honestly. Which is one of the reasons I'd like to be able to shoot accurately mid-flight. Sure, keep the ridiculous seizure sway penalty in the initial jump, but while I'm flying using the jets I don't want to see that. I want to see it more like when you fly using the NV scopes. I haven't seen people complaining that they're overpowered for LA.
  20. Arcanum

    Yay more vertical progression.
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