Unscheduled - Class Revamp: Light Assault

Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood

    We would like to polish and enhance the Light Assault class.
    • We’ll investigate the possible additions of new tools, new abilities, and new suit options
    • We want to add the ability for the Light Assault class to dual wield weapons
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  2. Vertoxis.

    i can wait till march (no i cant) but i know there are much bigger things that need fixing other then my main class......

    Love all the ideas... cant wait to see them implemented
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  3. Smokeshot

    Nice, but shouldn't infiltrator get a revamp sooner, ATM light assault is just an infiltrator that's better at infiltrating.
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  4. thelonegamer16

    PLEASE NOOOOO dual wielding. leave that out of this game PLEASE
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  5. ScorpDK

    I like the promise of new tools (ICARUS' return, maybe?) and dual-wielding sounds neat, too... needs to be tested, but color me intrigued :D
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  6. Blackhand

    OMG! Do you guys just LOVE Light Assault? If anything needs a revamp it's INFILTRATOR. New suit options for LA?! Really? DO you guys even see the Infiltrator forums, and how unhappy a lot of people are with it?
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  7. Wesley Snacks

    I'm greatly curious as to what possible tools might go onto the Light Assault.
    Considering they already have access to smoke and flashbangs, they don't need too much help in terms of confusing enemies.
    But if the tool is there to help them assault more, then the only one that really comes to mind would be like a one-shot mini-rocket of some kind, but that sounds prone to abuse.

    Dual Wielding I'm a huge fan of however.
    Dual wielding shotguns especially.
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  8. mR.Waffles

    I believe all classes need greater lateral movement speed, but the light assault needs his movement tweaked. All classes can benefit from revamped movement, but playing as light assault especially needs to feel more fluid. I want faster lateral strafe movement in an effort to make quick peeks a move valuable strategy.
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  9. Wren

    If any class in need of a 'revamp', I dont believe Light Assaults are one of them

    Infiltrator needs it more.
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  10. SenorBeef

    As far as dual wielding goes, consider allowing the light assault to throw out and detonate C4 without losing use of their primary weapon using secondary and tertiary fire keys.
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  11. Grotpar

    Seriously, dual wielding is something that has no place in a military shooter. Even if it's a futuristic military shooter.
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  12. Antivide

    No akimbo. NO

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  13. Ineluki

    More options and tools are good, but dual wield? Please don't bother.
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  14. iNuc

    Just merge Infiltrator with Light Assault with some tweaks so it's not OP.
    Light Assault doesn't really have a function apart from being xxxLONE420WOLFxxx behind the enemy lines and planting some C4.
    This way LA would actually be useful - jump up to a Station tower and hack the turrets/terminals.
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  15. Dever

    I LOVE my LA... love it, I play it 80% of the time. That being said, I think infs could use work before light.

    To be honest, dual wield sounds kind of tacky unless it's limited to pistols, and even then... Right now the best thing about light is that it's less of a rambo class. You get on a roof, you sneak up behind people.

    That being said, here's an idea for a light assault expansion: a one-use item that gives you a vertical burst equal to a full jet pack, without using your fuel. Maybe it does it really fast with tons of smoke.
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  16. Qaz

    mhm, dual wielding ... i dont see how it's possible without breaking the game. even if it was just possible with pistols, it'd be broken. just imagine a LA with 2x TR smg pistols, or 2 heavy pistols.
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  17. 294thPapaBear

    Yes to general polish, but clear NO to dual wielding. This doesn't really fit in the ps2 universe...
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  18. IWarriors

    Dual weapons sounds awesome.
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  19. the pestimist

    sounds epic hope it is conveyed well to.
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  20. Pikeman84

    I think the LA class and the Infiltrator class both need work, but the infiltrator class needs it far more

    That being said, there are things that could be done for the LA. What we really need is a way to more directly support our teammates. Right now all we can do to help is just kill people. We need some new kind of tool or mechanic beyond just combat effectiveness

    As for the new suit slots, YES PLEASE. Right now all the LA has as a 'unique' ability beyond it's jetpack is the adrenaline pump, which is hardly noticeable and only has one level.

    But please don't do duel wielding. That just seems silly.
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