Unplayable with many bugs since patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by QRLegion, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. QRLegion

    I am now unable to play this game since the patch (and the subsequent hotfix)

    Prior to patch I had no Issue with the performance, ran smoothly and almost always between 50 - 100 fps.

    After the patch the frame rate was much lower in general but became a stuttering slideshow in many areas.
    It's improved a bit since todays hotfix but still unplayable in some areas.The FPS indicator now shows a reasonable 40 + fps but it feels more like 5 fps.

    All my lightning variants are broken, no projectiles appear when I fire and no damage is done to the enemy.
    Enemy lock on missiles no longer give me the lock on indicator but just the word locked after I get hit, which stays there constantly until I exit the vehicle and get back in.

    My Sunderer/AMS/Ammo resupply vehicle is broken, guns don't fire where you point them and no projectiles show, Ammo resupply gives no XP.

    Minimap colours for friendlies and enemies are inconsistent, with enemies sometimes appearing red, yellow or blue. I spent 2 minutes chasing a red infantry arrow around on the minimap this morning only to find when I got closer it was a friendly.

    I took out a Dual hacksaw max in a biolab and lasted about 1 second before dying from something invisible, there was no indication I was being hit, no sound, no hit indicators and when I died it didn't show who or what killed me.

    Placing ammo packs as an engineer worked fine before for me, now it rarely resupplies anyone even if they have the ammo required icon above their heads. Or if it is resupplying them I don't get the XP.
  2. UsedRugs

    I am unable to play after game patch 2. I have an i7 8gigs of ram, geforce 750. Getting 40 - 50 fps at gate. Near broken arch road and other random places it goes down to 1 fps yes I said 1 fps.
  3. Aerensiniac

    Please add these to the already existing list: