Unplayable lag. Yes LAG, internet lag, server lag. Latency.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Baleur, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Baleur

    Absolutely unplayable. It was NOTHING like this in beta even on "full" servers at peak time, nothing like this.
    I shoot at a sunderer, i get a hit feedback THREE seconds later as i blow up to nothing (nothing on the kill screen).

    I see magriders flying inside and out of cliffs as the client can't comprehend the packet loss i receive from the server about player positions. I see people running in and out of bridges and through walls, i shoot like mad at their "approximate" location but can't hit anything, because, obviously they are not there anymore..

    This is unacceptable. 3 sec lag, are you kidding me?
    Offer players free character migration immediately and open MORE servers, limit the player number on each server a bit tighter, because this is not playable.

    I also lost all my station cash.
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  2. Sloakz

    Yep have the same mate, made my own thread but just noticed yours. Hopefully this will be resolved soon
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  3. Frydac

    I have the exact same problem, last night it went very smooth, also the server was pretty full i think, but no problems at all. Now its just unplayable :( and i want to play so much

    im on eu Miller server atm

    edit: character migration would idd be so good..
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  4. TSR-JoshuaM Customer Service

    What servers are you playing on? We haven't had very many similar reports of server side 'lag' on the US servers.
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  5. susspect3

    me two screen stopped like it was gner crash then it stuttered on for 30 secs went to about 30fps my view went wonky then ctd.
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  6. Jez

    Yep, unplayable lag just now on Indar. last night was fine

    Server = Miller
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  7. macca2278

    yes same problems here on eur server miller, i was in beta and had no problems what so ever with lag, this is un playable guys. players skipping freez frames heavy lag spikes.
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  8. susspect3

    but the thing was i was on another continent tryed the terminal to go to indar wouldn't let me so i thought must be full so i tryed quick drop from map and it worked could it be that the continents are over limit.
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  9. viddey

    Miller server is clearly massively overpopulated or there are some serious network issues going on there. It is completely unplayable right now.
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  10. Babylon Rocker

    4 days to **** up the fairly playable build we had at the end of beta, classic SOE

    and dont give me the hardware speech, i have a fairly decent rig and connection, good enough to play 200+ battles in GW2 without much problems....
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  11. AdennTM

    Wait 20 minutes in queue for server to dc you due to lag *sigh*
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  12. susspect3

    so remind me again when beta finishes and the game starts !
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  13. StormCraft

    Massive Lag on Miller right now, ppl warping all over the place.
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  14. General Epeen

    Confirmed, Miller EU is awfully laggy atm. Nearly all players and vehicles are warping very badly.
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  15. TermiGR

    Same problem here on Miller!
    Lags with peaks of 5-10 seconds delay! Flying Vanguards etc. My whole outfit reports the same issue!
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  16. TSR-JoshuaM Customer Service

    Make sure you folks on the EU side are contacting ProSieben Games to discuss the stability and latency. These issues are not reflected on the US servers at this time and may be specific to their services.

    This article will walk you through contacting ProSieben, it is written for DCUO but applies here as well - http://help.station.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/35698

    In the meantime, I'll make sure everyone that needs to know on our end knows that Miller is having these performance issues.
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  17. macca2278

    common devs sort this out asap miller server needs optimizing or summin
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  18. comete

    server Miller unplayable lag crash etc......
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  19. TimeyWimey

    Miller is basically unplayable right now. People dying 10-15 seconds after I've unloaded a full mag at them etc.
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  20. susspect3

    you say contact them yet all my details are on your server and not there,s my log on details don't work on there site.
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