Unplayable Lag Spikes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Vilem, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. iNuc

    OP describes his lag spike as 10-30 seconds. My times are estimates. You might have noticed my FPS drops to 0-1 FPS, which IS a lag spike, but you just might have been busy writing everything in bright green.

    EDIT: Ah, you're preaching that to every user here, just stupid or a troll then. Carry on.
  2. RayDrazon

    Must I simplify this even more?...

    Lag is your network connection speed or latency. Frame rate is how many frames or slides your computer can generate per second, hence FPS or Frames Per Second.

    So a LAG Spike is different from an FPS drop.
  3. RayDrazon

    Do you think it's either not the issue or the fix just didn't work?
  4. Duvenel

    I think that the issue isn't from a memory leak. I've seen no one else report anymore memory leak issues.
  5. santuckcasper

    i think it is hackers, ive been in a battle and one hex crashed....... EVERYONE IN MY OUTFIT THAT WAS IN THAT HEX HAD THEIR GAME CRASH, but in no other hex, and it was when we were taking over a base, and then the enemy moved in while we had crashed, so maybe hackers are causing some lag as well
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  6. SgtBarrett01

    There is no need to be so condescending Ray. I'm very glad you can spell things out though. I'm not sure how long you've been alive or even if you have any background in networking beyond A+ certification or what, but you might want to assume that most of us have been around the block longer than you and show some humility. That way in the off chance you are proven wrong and that lag spikes do affect FPS you wont feel or look so bad. Not all FPS issues are Lag related, but most Lag issues will affect FPS in some way.

    A system can Lag because of network issues (not much effect on FPS), or it can Lag because of rendering issues (huge effect on FPS). Lag is simply a bottleneck in performance that will cause your system to sputter. Lag can be video specific, (client side) or network specific, (server or client or route issue). But FPS problems are usually client side driven and even thought my network connection is not showing lag and my system is plenty beefy, my game experience sure LAGS and my FPS drops to between 1-15 FPS during battles and rests around 40-60 now at the Warpgate.

    So please, as you attempt to school total strangers with who you carry absolutely no weight since we don't know you from Adam, keep your attitude in check so we can take you seriously. It really turns people off and you may not realize it, but your opinion, when tainted with arrogance, leads folks to weigh you and your opinion lightly.

    I was reading up on the latest hot fix and noticed the notes say nothing about dealing with FPS or Lag issues. Did anyone else notice? Are they seeing this Lag issue as a non-issue? Just wondering.
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  7. RayDrazon

    It does however say something about server stabilization optimization which hopefully will solve my horridly frequent disconnects.
  8. ExarRazor

    i've been gettin some rather severe fps spikes whenever i jump into an aircraft lately.

    i'll be runnin along at a solid 50ish FPS, but as soon as i try to fly an aircraft, fps drops like a rock anytime i make a turn. its fine if im flying in one direction, but as soon as i try to turn, bam, 1-5 fps.

    its getting really annoying, and i cant figure out why the game is doing this

    im runnign with an i5 3570k @4.5g
    8gb ddr3 1666 ram
    gtx 650
    ocz vector 128gb ssd

    this happens on every setting, low, medium, high, 4, 5, and its also not a heat or dust issue
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  9. RayDrazon

    FPS Spikes? You mean your FPS goes UP? The way you described it is FPS drop. What happened to this being a lag thread?...
  10. SgtBarrett01

    Again with the condescension Ray. You really need to work on attitude. Try being helpful instead of annoying. Allow me to explain that a spike can go up or down. A downward spike is a general reduction and an upward spike is an increase. When you spike the ball in volleyball do you knock it up or down?... Now give it a rest while the adults talk.

    ExarRazor - One of my co-players has the same issue with most vehicles. He hops out of the vehicle and hops back in and the issue resolves. Try that and see if it allows you to continue with the battle.
  11. RayDrazon

    Text can have different attitudes depending on how you read it; while most assume the tone in the way that it is typed, it is not always the tone the writer meant it to be. Me being annoying is a matter of opinion.

    When we think of a spike, I am quite certain the majority will think upwards if we are talking in technical terms. Anyways, did the patch have any effect on the server lag? So far, I have not yet disconnected so I assume it might be solved; not 100% sure yet.
  12. RayDrazon

    Welp... Sad news. Today, I just got disconnected again after yesterday's patch... However, this disconnection was after 2 hours of playing so saw some improvement there. Not sure if it was just bad luck or that the problem isn't fixed yet...
  13. RayDrazon

    A bump for good measure.
  14. TheWhiteDragon

    I also experience this. Usually I can still walk around but everything starts warping. Eventually the game can't keep up with the lag and will freeze. I have to kill process to get out of it. It does not appear to affect the others in my outfit. There was a little bit of complaining during the hotfix, but today I am the only one with issues. Only recently showed up.
  15. RayDrazon

    So your game freezes after the lag? o_O
  16. Mal69

    Exactly this. It was resolved with some of the previous fixes, been ok for like a month now, but started happening again after 23.01. update. Only this time more severe, it happens from one to five minutes in the game, sometimes freezes the game, sometimes cathes up with real time, just for a minute or so, then continues to flutter and go wild.
    This renders the game unplayable, obviously.

    My guess is I'm getting disconnected from the server for some reason. It happens when the game runs smoothly, 50-60 fps, so the system is not stressed, I guess. Tried different servers, Lithcorp, Miller, all the same.
  17. RedArmy

    upon inspection of every card within that matrix, my GT610 still exedes the cards listed in yellow, and some in green for all specifications, DDR3, clock speed 800+ and even on the nvidia website comparing example the GT610 vs the GT440, mine wins on ALL aspects, as it also met, and beat many other cards on the lists. so how is downgrading to a lower quality card, both proccessing and chipset wise not meeting min requirements..... Comparison used google reviews, and specs from ebay.
    and how come it only started this week, and worked absolutly perfect before? even in both beta, and heavy fire/tank colums up untill the last hotfix(prior to 01/22 hotfix)
    something doesnt make sence in the logic at which cards are rated for requirments. 1gb ddr3 clocked at the same speeds using the same type of ram, the same specifications - doesnt make sence.
    something clearly happened durring that period to make it less effective on PS2. the fualt is not w/ my card and therefore must be with your software as a change made recently. i want this issue resolved or rolled back to where it was, or i'd like to speak w/ a supervisor
  18. TheWhiteDragon

    Exactly. Also players continue walking in the same direction. If I am gunning a tank, it appears that the driver goes through walls. Exactly what you might expect if you had bad packet loss. We must have something in common. What is your network setup? I have Comcast with a Motorola modem and Linksys WRT54GL router.
  19. Mal69

    I have a WLAN Thomson sx763 router.
    Tonight I played for about 2 hours, and while there were a few minor lags, the game run ok. I totally dont get this..:confused:
  20. Chellios1

    I have an i73930k@ 4.5GHZ and 680's and getting the same thing on us west. My brother got it yesterday on his system running AMD cards and I could not understand what he was describing until I got it today, all evening, seeing people skip by then appear behind you, tanks flying through air...I even swapped out to a killernetworks 2100 network card from onboard and the same thing, my gpu never went over 63 cpu over 56 and network flow was average for normal times playing...It is not your systems it is their servers or programming...we never had this until this last big fix and after that hotfix. I think Sony boobood big time ( Obvious) but hopefully they will fix it soon. P.S. CPU load was low and gpu load was average and never ever loaded. only thing I didn't get was 1 fps it did drop to 40 even on medium settings...Seams to me like they are having network qos problems..