Unparking your CPU to get more performance

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Natir, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Natir


    In that link above, is software that will unpark your CPU. For whatever ungodly reason, your CPU may be in "power save" mode. Outside of the regular disabling of power save options for your GPU and CPU, this will be the finisher. Note: If you really want to save those extra 5w of power for the environment, please do not do this.

    What this does is set the registry value that puts some of your cores in power save mode. After you unpark everything, you will need to reboot your PC. Just to be clear, you may or may not see an increase. I have a 2600k and I saw my FPS jump a bit. Where it made the most difference was in bigger fights...
  2. Roadhouseman

  3. Exigo

    Nice find Natir but for the average pc user DL registry codes to unpark your parked cores is bit much and tbh we shouldnt have to.
    SoE needs to work faster on it (I know they are working on it)

    Again nice find, glad i worked, hope it works for all. I won't do it though because we shouldnt have too
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  4. Mansen

    This is not a specific Planetside 2 fix. This is a general fix for games having issues with multi core behaviour.
  5. Exigo

    Oh i know, but most of my other games manage to unpark my CPU on their own as they are mostly 64bit applications
  6. Megagoth1702

    I don't see the point of this...

    I got an i5 at 4.6 Ghz and I can see that during gaming all my cores are being used sparingly, but being used. I guess that's windows giving the threads to whatever core is "free" at the moment.

    However - all cores seem active...
  7. Natir

    All your cores are active, but some or all may be in a power save mode by default. Some people have noticed the difference while others have now. This can give you a little bit of a performance boost in the big battles. Maybe 5-10fps or higher in some cases. 5-10 or higher FPS is huge when it comes to a FPS game. Especially a game like this.
  8. Khorneholio

    I gave this a try with no results of any kind. Is there anything else I need to do after using this program to re-enable core parking?
  9. TallPaul_S

    Did this and noticed an immediate improvement of around 10-15fps on my i3 2100. 15fps when a platoon drops on a tower be-gone!!! :D
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  10. Phattie

    The only people who will notice a difference are the people that are primarily or regularly CPU-bound. If your graphics card is too slow and is hindering the games performance, thus fix won't make a noticeable difference.
  11. StrifeRaZoR

    For those of you saying that a program will "Automatically unpark my CPUs so that I get maximum performance" you're dead wrong. It doesn't matter which version of Windows you are running (x64 or x86). The problem is that Windows (Not the games) will dock your system resources to reduce power and overall performance. No - It is nothing you have done in the past. Yes - Your games have run perfectly fine in the past without 'unparking' your cores. The problem lies with Planetside 2. The issue is (And always has been) the fact that the game does NOT -- I'll repeat that -- does NOT utilize multiple cores efficiently. With that being said, the game DOES use multiple cores, but it does NOT use them efficiently. Key word there. So while the issue may be with the game itself, 'unparking' your cores COULD mean the difference between 10FPS and 30FPS.

    Will everyone benefit? No. Will you benefit? Who knows. Try it yourself. It's a simple procedure and can be reversed easily.
  12. Crazedmonk86

    Unparking cores makes no difference in virtually any game, the one exception is for SOME people on BF3 but even my I7-3820 it made zero difference.
  13. Ecko

    I'm guessing this only applies to Intel CPUs?
  14. Ckorus

    Not sure about AMD CPU's but I do believe that unparking an AMD CPU should help a lot. AMD CPU's run this game like cabbage and I've heard of a few people who've managed to unpark their amd system and get a sizable performance increase. I have a new ivy bridge i5 so I'm ok anyway, but I ran an AMD system before during beta...it ran like crap so I would definitely look into it.


  15. Ecko

    I gave it try. Haven't been in any big battles yet so I can't tell for sure. I think I did gain some FPS boost.
  16. Blade782

    Can confirm this works had 3 of my cores parked on my i52500k
    At least 20 fps increase in big fights, fps does not go below 80 now, also disabling shadows in ini has a huge increase, all my setting high except lod, flora, model distance quality set to med
  17. nitram1000

    Unparked mine during beta, no improvement.
  18. MrTwizzpops

    This sounds promising :D I will give it a whirl when I get home! Thanks for the heads up
  19. Cyridius

    People not noticing any difference could possibly be having restricted FPS as a result of a weak GPU.
  20. Mansen

    2500K and a 7870 no change (never have). :D
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