Unofficial 96% thread...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Notheory, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Razor00

    Restart your computer after downloading new patch!!!! Enjoy playing the game!!!
  2. FlR3

    They may have more hardware problems, everybody trying to log-in at the same time is causing overload lol. I like everybody else was at 96% and I left it there this time after deleting planetside2 and starting up again. For some reason it just now jumped to 98% and stuck again. I'll sit and wait :cool:
  3. CaptainTenneal

    I know its just in my head but I tried it to:

    3 or 4 attempts before: 96%

    1st attempt after deleting, redownloading ps.exe: straight through ;)
  4. Miuku

    Another voodoo trick which has nothing to do with the actual 96% issue. It's still not a client side issue.

    For the record: I was stuck at 96% for about 5 minutes, then got in. No files deleted, no verification, no reboot, no nothing.
  5. Razor00

    Really because it works have you tried it??? I bet not. Just easier to jump on here and call it a " VOODOO TRICK" hu??? Well you enjoy sitting there at 96% I restarted my system and WOW im in. So while you sit here complaining Ill be in game killing... Enjoy
  6. Naceo

    Bring me the head of vanu to be allowed access to the server. The big guy mind you. Not those twerps running around in spandex.
  7. Xandax

    96% ......................................
  8. YuriSensen

    I've done this twice at least so far, and my game still crashes regardless, with the G99 error.
  9. -NightWhisper-

    The big twerp running around in spandex?
  10. Miuku

    Actually I got in without any tricks but since you can't read, trying to explain anything to you is a waste of time.

    Enjoy your delusions that rebooting helps, if it comforts you.
  11. Contego

    Rebooting did not work.
  12. TsubasaKuroi

    Another patch, and of course this happens. :(
  13. Drasilov

    Doesn't bode well for EQ Next if we get this performance every time a patch happens. I'm on PSS1 which are even worse than SOE so there's no chance I'll get on until the servers get more stable.

    I feel like I'm beta testing all the time playing Sony games...
  14. ZargenFlaggen

    +1. Happy Patch Day everyone.
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  15. Fink_NC

    Happy Patch Day Everyone!
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  16. SpaceTimeSpace

    Hmm, well you all are not alone, sadly this is some discomfort we all are facing. You know, try to use the verify properties in the options of the launcher. Yes, it'll take time, and I've to experience the 96% today, been there in the past. Simply the game will load fast, but 96%. Wait another 10 minute before trying to reboot, and playing on PC does make time go fast. Is it "Patience"?
  17. Seuchensaal

    "We are patching more often now, so you can enjoy those login-issues more often. Have fun!"
  18. DramaticExit

    We are the 96%! Occupy planetside!

    Although seriously, just restart your PC.
  19. Stimudent

    Indeed. Last time I asked technical support about this the official reply was: "It is a glitch." That level of technical expertise may explain the problem.
  20. Tikita

    Tried the remove the file thing did not work. Tried the restart your computer, it worked.