Unlocks are extremely overpriced....or am I just new to f2p

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  1. SFJake

    Biggest problem right here.

    I mean, anyone that supports this game is downright immoral purely because of this.

    Its just pathetic. There is no money value in there at all and when people defend a game that does it in any way, its sickening.

    Its one thing to have things take forever to unlock to make you pay. Its another that it costs so much.

    A weapon is never, ever worth more than a single buck, so their pricing is just laughable. We're talking about an item that is created once and spread to everyone, not unlike games are. If we applied that logic of prices to games, most games would be in the 500$ range, probably more, when you consider the engine, every maps, every little thing.

    Those prices are immoral.
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  2. Gambles

    This guy is so absurd he thinks that playing a game everyday for over 6 hours is the only way to call yourself a gamer. I have been a gamer all my life, I invest much of my free time in games. But I also have a life, I have a job a girlfriend and a son that need my attention too. I have a family and friends and other things I need to do also aside from gaming. I am not 16 years old. What you just implied is that I either have no life what so ever and just neglect everyone around me to play games (hell I work 8 hours or more a day and then come home and expect me to play games for 6 hours to not be casual?).

    This guys posts are seriously ridiculous just look at them. Some people, talk about an overblown sense of worth.
  3. sharpT

    Most people think buying new weapons will help them. In fact, it doesn't really help you much. The default weapons SOE gives you for free are very capable compared to weapons on sale in the shop on most occasions. However, weapon like shotgun or burst AA or lock-on rocket launcher might be handy if you need them in some rare situations, but you don't use them on consistent basis to warrant the purchase unless you are dedicated CQC combatants or tank busters or Air defense specialists.
  4. UKFX

    I completely agree.

    They either need to revise their prices, or lower Station Cash prices and improve the Station Cash quantity price scale. £80 for 10,000 credits, is STEEP! Very steep, considering the stuff you have is for one class on one server for one faction and for just one time. Bad scaling for prices, bad pricing for item pieces or unlocks (some are ridiculous considering the certs for a particular item) .

    The game is not Pay 2 WIN which is cool, but that doesn't justify the horrible pricing structure, and horrendous Station Cash. I can see this game dropping in popularity fast. Enjoy members, You've just wasted £80 on a year subscription. If SC was more reasonable priced... I'd have more incentive to SPEND my money, and I would, but as it stands, after buying the SC I did and learning that it's for one character, I'm not doing it again.

    Note: I did buy SC. £4 for 500 is a joke. I got mine during Black Friday though. £4 for 1000 is still steep but more worth it. In fact. The double prices for all Station Cash packages during Black Friday were a reasonable pricing set for Station Cash. Now... it isn't.

    I know we don't have to PAY for anything, so anyone considering that argument can save some key presses. The point is, we ARE willing to spend, but the lack of brains put into the Store is in fact discouraging people - like myself.

  5. Botji

    Im a member for 6 months and just want to point out that for ~60€ I get 6 months of:

    -----> PRIORITY LOGIN <-----
    +50% experience
    +50% resources
    +50% passive cert gain
    500 station cash each month

    I dont really see it as me having wasted 60€ on my subscription, hell its probably worth it just to be able to skip the que. The fact that I also unlock stuff faster is just an added bonus but I do agree that weapon prices and SCs pricing is crazy both in the cert cost and SC cost, luckily I already knew what weapon I wanted for my engineer so I got that any more SC purchases from me is most likely only going to happen when or if there are any 2x-3x days, even then I might not get much at all because there are just a few weapons I feel that I "need".

    But really, the priority login is what you actually want... Listening on teamspeak when people in the outfit is sitting and waiting in que for ~30-40 minutes only to get in to the server and face a "Server is shutting down in 5 minutes for a quick update" message is just priceless since it makes you realise how big of an advantage being a member actually is.

    Just wanted to add that after that we were joking that the game isnt Pay2Win but Pay2PLAY.
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  6. MykeMichail

    I had just spent a bunch of Certs upgrading vehicles/classes, and had 9 certs left. Was in full platoon that was capturing regions and getting into big fights.

    About 2 hours later, I had 200 certs again.

    That's 191 certs in around 2 hours, or 95 certs an hour.

    At that rate, you can unlock the most expensive items in the game (1000 certs) after 11 hours of gameplay.

    That's obviously a best case scenario, but having a Dalton or some uber-powerful primary weapon is also the best case scenario.

    You don't 'need' a Dalton, but its' nice to have. You can settle for a Zephyr.

    You don't 'need' that uber Sniper Rifle for your Infiltrator, but it's nice to have.
  7. Ark

    There's people with 6 hours a day to play videogames? OMG...LOL
  8. Xylogenesis

    Uh huh. Based on a rate of about 24,000 points per hour. Because that's a thing.

    Do me a favor, man. Press Tab in game. Let me know the next time it actually reads 24k.

    Hint: that will not happen.
  9. Gary

    I had 22k yesterday at one point. Perhaps if the graphs are accurate enough i can find it and screenshot it for you :)
  10. Marlboro Man

    I think the prices are high and the access limited. BOTH need tweaked.
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  11. Setsuna

    I don't think you understand how things work. The costing structure of this game has *nothing* to do with how long it takes to develop, model or implement the weapon. This is why you don't see a complex weapon like the "lasher" costing more currency than a "simple" pistol.

    The costs are purely derived from a business point of view on how many/much of each weapon they need to sell to make the game profitable, because in the end games aren't made for your satisfaction but for how much money they can bring back to a business. Satisfaction is only a vehicle in which to increase customer spend.

    Thus saying that a weapon is never, ever worth more than a single buck is stupid. The fact is, there will *always* be a number of people who will complain about the pricing, whether the price is $7 or the price is $0.50c. To SOE it is a trade-off of how many people would be willing to pay the price they set or heaven forbid, play the game FREE and earn your unlocks.

    Either way it comes down to opportunity cost, how much do you value your time? $1 ? I make that in 3.5 minutes. How much enjoyment do I get out of the game? Hours and Hours and Hours.

    The prices aren't immoral at *all*. This is a totally F2P game - you can without any financial obligation, go and download the game (costing them money for hosting and bandwidth as well as the hundreds of dev hours), play the game (also costing them money and bandwidth) for NO investment on your end at *all*.

    TL:DR: Game is F2P, no investment is required on your part. But there is also no need to cry when you can't afford to buy things.

    Ball = in your court SFJake.
  12. Gary

    Ultimately your getting an entire game for free which you can play when ever you want. If you dont want to pay for a shortcut then dont. If you want to put some money in the best thing anyone can buy the xp boosters/membership. Then if you have a bit spare buy a gun. My advice. get the membership/boost then wait for something nice to come up on the daily deal. Also notice that the daily deal can be bought with certs at a greatly reduced rate!
  13. Gavyne

    Answer me this. Would you rather have to pay $50 like all other games right out of the box? And have to work certs for these weapons and no way to buy them? My prediction is, you may say yes you would, but deep inside you wouldn't. You'd rather this game be free, and have people have the CHOICE, key word, CHOICE, to buy them if they want to. If you don't want to buy them, work exp for them and you STILL can play for free.

    So complaining about price is quite moot in a F2P game, because buying them are optional. It would be completely different, and you would have a point, if they sold a weapon that you could only get by spending cash. Since none of the items are designed that way, all items that can be purchased can be obtained via exp ingame totally free, the talks about pricing is completely moot.
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  14. Jourmand1r

    Your argument is a joke.

    If this game had a 50 dollar base price everyone would have all the weapons and they would unlock faster.

    Battlefield 3 sold for 60 dollars, cost more to make, has a stronger engine, and all of the weapons in BF3 can be unlocked in ~100 hours of gameplay.

    If the target market of Planetside 2 is younger gamers with 6-10 hours of free time every day to play games it will fail.

    Average human day.

    8 hours at work, 8 hours of sleep. Thats 16 hours.
    Add in ~30 minutes driving to and from work, and 1 hour cooking and eating dinner and that leaves 6:30 hours of free time.

    If you think the average human being spends every second of their free time playing a video game you are an idiot.

    Also, to the people arguing that "you dont need the unlocked weapons" ****.

    Most people who play FPS games expect to use more than 4 weapons over the course of their time on a game.

    Explain to me why someone would want to play this game for 720 hours to max one class when they could invest their money into other FPS or buy Firefall and actually enjoy some variety in their gaming?

    As it stands now, at 50 certs per hour I will be using the same guns and vehicles for the next 2 months, and I will most likely get bored by how repetitive that becomes.

    Villify me all you want, but be realistic.
  15. Kaun

    If they changed it so the unlocks were account wide i would be happy.
  16. Jourmand1r

    Also I'd just like to throw in this little gem.

    Not everyone finds it fun to jump in a mosquito (or whatever) and fly to the nearest Zerg battle and stand there healing the same 5 dead people or rebuilding turrets just to get cert points.

    The fact that "grinding for cert points" is even a thing clearly shows that there is a problem with the pricing on the upgrades.

    But hey, if you guys want Planetside 2 to be a Korean grind mmo (which it currently is) prepare for the inevitable crash when the hype wears off.

    And believe me, the hype will wear off. Expect a huge population drop within 2-3 months. EVERY MMO EVER has huge retention issues once the release hype wears off.
  17. Zapon

    My gaming rig broke before launch - i have to wait about 2 weeks or so for the replacement part. Give or take a few days,

    I WANT , mainly, to unlock EVERY THERMAL and IRNV unlock for the Magrider, perhaps the Liberator, Scythe perhaps- and get the IRNV for perhaps 3 classes, on probably 2 and maybe for one , 3 guns per class.

    That's my priority i chose just for the heck of it-(my real reasons for that is just to see how it's(the sights) done compared to other games. )

    -I won't be buying anything. Perhaps in a month I might drop a small amount on Station Cash.

    I can put down probably 20 +hours a week towards this- especially after college classes end.(also around the time my computer part arrives)

    So, how long will it take for me to unlock the scopes/sights for a couple rifles in a class or few , as well as get them for the vehicles? And maybe toss in a upgrade or two for the Magrider I guess.

    Any estimates? Seriously?
    /since we're putting stuff on the table, I'm curious how long it'll take me to complete this goal-

    EDIT: I highly enjoy Zerg vs Zerg battles because I enjoy the strategics of large battles.
    /former MAG player

    So I do seek out large battles- but if the Zerg isn't doing anything, i find a squad and just join along

  18. Jourmand1r

    Depends on how you play.

    If you log on and spend ALL YOUR TIME at huge fights whoring for kills you will get them in no time.

    If you plan on taking any time to relax, goof off with friends, fly around in vehicles or basically do anything but capture big facilities it will take a long time.
  19. James161324

    It seems like its going be a grind for those in organized outfits to, i grind out about 20-40 certs. But then the combat i see can depend on where command whats you. I'm sitting here wondering how these people get large number of certs, but i guess they are the people who fight over the crown for 6 hrs
  20. Jourmand1r

    The game has a problem with the cert upgrades being overpriced.

    Reduce them by 25 percent and it would be fine.

    The people campaigning to say they are fine probably don't care one way or the other, they are just fanboys and refuse to admit Planetside 2 isn't perfect one week from release.

    Its ok for there to be issues guys, it doesn't mean we dont like the game.

    And thats not even including people who bought everything with Station Cash and WANT upgrades to be hard to get without SC so that they can maintain their early advantage for longer.