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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by PsyStorm, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. PsyStorm

    Hi I want to play on the test server but I don't want to farm to test things when I have really good certs on the main game. It would be more appealing to have unlimited certs so you can test some things in combat that you don't have on live. I feel like I am starting over again and don't want to farm for certs but would rather test things fully. It also would give incentive to new players once they see how awesome they can be when fully certed into something.

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  2. cfnz

    I was surprised that the 10,000 certs you get really doesn't go very far at all.
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  3. Consumer

    I think 10,000 certs is reasonable. It represents perhaps around 200-300 hours for the average player and is more than enough to spread across classes and vehicles or focus heavily on an element. It would be fun to have a sandbox of unlimited certs, but it may disrupt the purpose of the test servers, which is to test new features for bugs, gameplay flaws, or suggestions before pushing them to the public releases. While testing out weapons and upgrades on live players would be fun, you always have the VR Training Area.

    Also, new players probably wouldn't be the target test group for these servers. I suppose it would allow players to inconsequentially practice live, but again, it is not the intended purpose. And the reason I am stressing its intended purpose is because SOE has previously expressed their concerns that a test server would pull regular players from the primary servers, and blurring the lines between the two will most definitely impact that. It probably would never be extreme enough to shut down the test servers, but it's still good to acknowledge and respect that SOE sees you as a volunteer tester first rather than a player on the test servers.

    Fully-certed vs. fully-certed gets old quickly, anyways. The novelty of "how awesome they can be when fully certed" doesn't last long and, with everyone 100% upgraded, would inaccurately test changes for the upper-rung of players (in terms of certifications) rather than the middle that the 10,000 provides for. Because if you're spending your 10k wisely (as in not blowing it impulsively on the first max-level upgrades or 1000 cert weapons you see), they will put you at an above-average level of progression compared to players of the live servers.
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  4. treeHamster

    I would rather instead see a cert reset function so that I can rebuild here and there.

    Or they could make it more like 30,000 certs. Remember the point of this server is for testing new weapons and features. The fact that we have to gain ANY certs means we're testing new XP features. Since we won't be here to develop characters, real XP balancing should be left to the regular servers.

    The point is that these characters will most likely get wiped out a lot. So I'd rather have like 30,000 certs so I can fully cert a vehicle or two as well as one or two infantry classes.

    Heck fully certing most infantry weapons takes around 2.2k certs alone.
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  5. DJPenguin

    i don't see why we can't have everything already unlocked. Cause right now we need to delete and recreate characters if we want to play a different class or vehicle that nothing is certed into.
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  6. Worph

    They have stop you from ONLY playing on the testservers. I see the first people already complaining, when the first testserver char wipe comes. HerpHerp SOE deleted my char on the TESTSERVER I spend HERP hours on it. X$8& SOE!!!

    Go there, be happy that you get 10000 certs and not only 1000 or even less and test some ****, then get back to the normal game where i can kill you.
  7. PsyStorm

    If I want to test the effectiveness of something I don't want to test it on a new character with no nanoweave etc. I was going to do the test server but felt like I am starting over in a game I played since November. I would rather farm my certs on my main account tbh. Maybe I am looking at this wrong but I worked hard for my character. I also think they can regulate the test times if they are so worried about people not playing live. I don't see why anyone would neglect the live server when characters are getting wiped, I just do it to test and check out bugs to help out.
  8. DJPenguin

    that's done by limiting server operation times and keeping it open for events only.
  9. carbonite

    Just have everything unlocked like it is in VR training, so that we can focus on testing the Lattice System instead of worrying about what to and what not cert.
  10. JPJones

    Having everything unlocked isn't an option, as we wouldn't be able to test lower ranks of each unlock.

    Unlimited certs is the way to go. It's the test server. There's no real point in limiting it, especially considering I can just make multiple characters and delete/recreate as needed. Why force a re-roll every time we want to max out a different class/vehicle for testing?

    Edit: Unless the 10k limit is due to a limitation of the game, which I suppose makes sense. Regardless, woot! Test server! -=D
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  11. Ronin Oni

    FYI the max a character can have in the bank is 10k certs.

    Related? :rolleyes:

    IMO the way to approach this is with either boosted XP gains or increased passive cert gains.....

    Lump Cert dumps to active characters with big updates is another option.

    Bear in mind as well that there will be character wipes on test, starting everyone over with the base 10k
  12. PsyStorm

    They could just give us all the stuff certed in the first place so we don't have to pick and choose over 6 different characters and many vehicles...
  13. Lucidius134

    Delete your character and make a new one.
  14. ScrapyardBob

    I envision a few different approaches:

    1) Reset the world weekly or bi-weekly (on a Tuesday). Everyone starts over again at level 1 with 10k certs.
    - Advantage, you can plan for resets because you know ahead of time that nothing is permanent.
    - Major disadvantage is testing of things that require battlerank X in order to unlock

    2) Hand out 5k certs each week to anyone who has less then 5k certs
    - Downside is that players are less likely to test lower cert levels

    3) Add a cert-reset item to the store, or grant it weekly to everyone
    - Lets us test the certification reset function
    - Lets us decide when we want to reset our characters
    - Removes the problem of everyone constantly being reset back to BR 1

    4) Some hybrid of the above where you reset all cert trees weekly, but leave battle rank alone, and reset everyone back to 10k certs

    I don't mind being limited to 10k certs. What did make me unhappy was having to refill all of my Infantry Resource items (C4, etc) from scratch.
  15. RadarX

    Closing this as this really isn't specific to testing feedback. If you aren't happy with your current certification selections, please do try a new character. Thanks!
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