unknown player (hacker but worse)

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  1. Towie

    Ok so this is concerning - more so than the usual.

    On Miller right now there's yet another cheater but there is something different:

    So you will see 'unknown player' currently at 97 KDR - but - there's no BR next to him, and i've never seen that before (usually BR0 for brand new players).

    Also if you click to take you to players, it just says error. Almost as if they've created some form of ghost player ???

    He does have an associated player id of 5428962001630285361


    Current KDR right now is 163 and climbing rapidly.
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  2. Towie

    Actually i've just seen another 'unknown player' in the stats so this might be related to the changes last night rather than a new method of hiding.

    So it's just another cheating scumbag - he has now been found out (after 1.5 hours of play, 750 kills and a k/d of 256 - going down as I write this as his kills are backed out)
  3. Towie

    My bad - he's still playing - current KDR over 550 - he is going for the record !