Uninstalling SweetFX & Flawless Widescreen

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by JoCool, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. JoCool


    I seek an answer regarding the uninstallation of these two programs.

    I did delete every SweetFX file to remove it and it seems that worked out.
    I kept Flawless Widescreen not active while playing PS2.
    Then I validated game assets.

    Save from bans now, yes, no? Does the plugin of Flawless Widescreen eject automatically after closing the program? Do the programs write / inject and stay in the game code? Do people have to reinstall PS2 to be sure?

  2. Ashnal

    You need to remove the dll files they depend on in PS2's executable folder. For Sweetfx the key file is d3d9.dll.
    I'm not sure about Flawless widescreen personally.

    To be sure I'd redownload the programs and check what files are included in the downloadable package in order to check if they exist in PS2's executable directory.
  3. Shmojens

    Get ready for a sad and grey environment. I miss the sweetfx :(
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  4. Atromnis

    Know that feel, bro.

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