Uniforms showing BR and Medals?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nenarch, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Nenarch

    Just curious when is this coming up, It\s been a while since launch.. and I\m atleast waiting for these especially if higher ranking players are starting to give more xp as they got bigger kill amounts.. would like to resognice them by appearance aswell not just by their names so would know asap whom to shoot..
  2. LordMondando

    Decals already do, I'm so OP I tend to forget to update them.

    NC ranks do somewhat resemble IRL western ones, the more bars adn stars the more epic the player as a rule of thumb. Anyone with a star is BR 30 at least.
  3. Aghar30

    you can get your rank decal on your shoulder, unless you are wearing composite armor.
  4. Hodo

    I dont put the decal on my shoulder. I cant stand it personally.

    That and I dont want anyone to know what BR I am as I take my Flash off a cliff and suicide into a Liberator camping a base. Nothing more fun then shooting down a Libby with a ATV.
  5. KraggTheGrim

    If you have the special composite armor vanity item you will not see your BR decal. (might be NC only problem though)
  6. Hamakua

    It is the same for TR.

    I wish they would

    1. Fix the composite/decal armor issue.

    2. Have more things to unlock based on your BR. Can be simply cosmetic.
  7. Aghar30

    no theres one thing more fun, ramming the libby with a flash covered in C4 and popping it :p
  8. Hodo

    I havent done that yet... I missed and killed a lone inf hiding behind a rock below the libby when I tried. I am sure he thought I was hacking, but it was pure dumb luck.

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