Unerfed NC Max Suits, now un-nerf TR

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneShadowWarrior, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Since you folks had unerfed the NC Max Suits, can you now unerf TR? Our Prowlers, Banshee, Striker, Gatekeeper, Vulcan, also reinstate the old Butcher and all the Lightmachineguns to there original values?

    Also reinstate old nanoweave armor where headshots couldn’t effective, also give heavy assault there original shield values?

    Thank You!
  2. Campagne

    I take it you disagree with the buffs? :p
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  3. iller

    Let's be really clear here. NC Maxes had an effective range of 10 feet on almost every Arm option. TR had waaaay past that range and almost as good a DPS as Vanu (well not, not as good as BlueShift but f*** that s***, it needs a nerf!)
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  4. Demigan

    Ah the good old "we got X nerfs versus Y buffs, since they got a buff we deserve buffs too!" Argument.

    It doesnt matter if your faction has had 10.000 nerfs or just 10 nerfs. What matters is if it is balanced or not.

    Prowler is closer to being OP than UP. Banshee is still a solid weapon. I have no idea why you are complaining about the striker. The gatekeeper, finally something that actually needs a buff! Its ridiculous that with the higher skill required to actuallt hit all your shots you cant even kill 1 infantry dude, at the very least let it get a headshot modifier. Vulcan? You must be trolling get out of here.
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  5. Liewec123

    So you want striker back in its 'reign of terror' days when it was a lock on, with 300 lock on range,
    lock wasn't broken by LOS, the missiles didn't despawn and passed through all terrain until they reached you.

    You want GK when it was pinpoint accurate from renderrange and NC/VS vehicles wouldn't even see or hear the missiles,
    our health would just start melting.

    You want vulcan when it could one clip sunderers and melt libs in 3 seconds.

    You want 120 RPM Prowlers with OHK splash camped on cliffs spamming high velocity death across the map.

    Imma say no thanks?

    Do you remember the hilarious World Domination Series? TR had a higher score than NC and VS combined.
    It wasn't a competition, just a display of how hilariously OP tr were back then.

    Imho tr are the ideal balance to aim for now, not OP (except banshee) not UP.
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  6. FLHuk

    OP, 10/10, great work and highly amusing, thank you.
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  7. KingDeadly

    The only thing that needs unnerfing is your 2 braincells. Clearly you mom have them cuffed so you wont go full ******. So lets hope you develop at least some level of thinking after you got unnerfed a bit.
  8. OneShadowWarrior

    I never said unnerf the NC maxes. They shouldn’t have nerfed them in the first place, ever since the Critical Mass update in 2017 it’s been a continuous nerf central, then they go back and unnerf, than nerf it, than unnerf.

    Meanwhile, no new maps, not enough fixes and not enough damn content.
  9. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    So I presume this is a joke?

    Prowlers are very strong now, Banshee works great, Striker has the lowest skill floor of the three faction "launchers": Two stiker heavies can basically clear the skies over a base. GK came very well out of CAI, Vulcan came farily well out of CAI (I disagree with almost all cai-changes but relatively speaking you are not getting the short end here) and then you go into a non-tr rant about stats that affect all factions equally... TR victim syndrome deluxe. Let me guess: You have NEVER played the other factions...
  10. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    Yeah, it's been nerf central - and it's boring AF. I don't agree they buff things back again; at least not vehicles. If it kills it's bad and must be nerfed. Remember when CAI went live and tank crews could go out to luch while fighting eachother cause the damage output was a joke...
  11. Thalestr

    I sincerely hope you're trolling.

    Please be trolling. I am worried about your sanity.
  12. Tr34

    Buffing other nerfed stuff would cause further imbalance just like current situation. NC Maxes were nerfed for a reason.
    The only solution for current situation is designing new MAX weapons for NC MAX instead of shotguns. Shotgun maxes with instant killing ability is OP, but if they nerf it then they become useless.
    NC Maxes should have single projectile automatic weapons like VS and TR otherwise there's no middle ground for current NC Max weapons imo.
  13. Peebuddy

    Of all the things to ask for buffs you don't mention the only thing that truely needs one, the murauder?! The Tr A.I. weapon is absolute garbage, I recently tried using it as a joke and it's just unbearable. I'd gladly take a vulcan nerf to get any resemblance of splash damage back on our murauder.