UnderBarreled Shotgun Disscussion

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Drstrangewolf, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. freeze

    it's absolutely useless

    and that's coming from someone that absolutely loved it in BC2... had a couple thousand kills on it

    it lacks range, it lacks accuracy, it lacks pretty much everything
    and on top of that, the switching between underslung weapon and mainw eapon is so horribly slow, that basically doubles it uselessness
  2. kennonfodder

    attached the underbarrel shotgun and went into the fight yesterday

    I must admit it sucks! :eek:


    Takes too long to switch from default shots to the attachment and vice versa (using the Gauss Rifle S)

    It´s a one shotter, that was clear before, but the reload time for a single shot is simply not competitve, especially not in the ranges that the thing is intended to operate, namely in CQC.

    The moment I reload the UB shotgun, I could have reloaded the well performing mag shot with laser sights as well, but instead of 15 rounds with 200 damage, the UB shotgun allows you just one shot (ok high damage, but again its only one shot vs 15 or 8 with the rebel)

    just wanted to share my thoughts, cant recommend it
  3. Manetheren

    Press B, it changes fire mode back to carbine :)
  4. Manetheren

    It is a 1 hit kill weapon now, I've even killed heavies w/ their shield on.
  5. Messaiga

    I absolutely love the UB Shotgun on my Gauss Rifle S. If you are going between inside and outside it is a great utility if you are certing your weapon for longer range, I find it most useful when attacking an enemy in a corner because it allows you to quickly aim and fire, kill the guy and cap the point. I suppose they could make it slightly more powerful without it being OP by doing something like 2 shots per mag, 4 mags in total. So it would have 8 shots available, 2 shots per reload. They could also extend the ammo capacity of the UBGL from 2 to 4 without buffing the actual power of the weapon because it is already very well balanced.
  6. Evil Monkey

    A "double barrel" shotgun would make it an attractive proposition and give you a good chance of surviving if you mess up your first shot.
  7. Messaiga

    Yeah, not sure how the Pump Action Shotgun users who payed 1000 certs for a 1HKO Weapon would feel about this though because UBSG can also 1HKO, and with 2 shots if you are good at aiming then you have some big killing potential.
  8. JonnyAFKay

    I use the GR-22 for close range fights, the UB Shottie just doesn't appeal to me because if you miss your shot, switching back to the main gun takes time which can cost you your life. At the moment I'm stuck between either buying the Nade Launcher or the Smoke Launcher
  9. MrDerpAssault

    Imo, UDGL is better. Its more versatile and deadlier. It insta-gibbs infantry if you land a direct hit, despite HA shield (Don't know if it OHK inf with max flak armor though).