UnderBarreled Shotgun Disscussion

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Drstrangewolf, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Drstrangewolf

    I love them you?
  2. Flashtirade

    Since the Gauss Rifle (S) isn't exactly the best weapon for CQC, I like using it. Popping off half an enemy's effective health and then switching to the main gun really helps me in those engagements, especially when they're using a dedicated CQC weapon, which is often the situation.
  3. Dead soldier

    I use it for my carbine but Whenever I try to switch back it won't work
  4. ColdCheezePizza

    How's the recoil a
    How is the S affected at range if you choose the underbarel attachment over the grip? I already have a GD-7F for cqc, but wanted something with a lil more range like the Mercenary with a grip, but with the added benefit of having a shotgun to finish heavies off in those close counter situations you sometimes cant avoid.
  5. Drstrangewolf

    find it a good entrance blaster if you aim high or try for full pellet shot since its more "professional" in terms of corner rushing than those ******* rocket bastards who think its tf2. but find it great for the S gauss rifle since helps and a ace in the pocket style weapon to use on anyone you meet since its a possible one shot/ empty all shells into a max.
  6. Plague Rat

    There's no negative impact on the default weapon function as far as firing goes. You just wouldn't have the grip, obviously. However it does make it take a little longer to switch both to, and off of the weapon. For example if you were switching off your S to your heal tool, it might take an extra fraction of a second. This might effect grenade throws as well but I never cared enough to bother testing it.
  7. Dead soldier

    The only problem is, is that you only have 1 shot
  8. Flashtirade

    It's far and away from being a primary weapon. It's a single-shot half-damage pump-action with 4 rounds. There's also a delay between when you switch to/from it and when you can start shooting. Generally speaking, it's at best a utility or fallback weapon for when you find yourself disadvantaged in close quarters. If you're using it on a medic (GR S), it's about as useful as having the under-barrel grenade launcher, which is sometimes. If you're using it on an engie or LA (GC S), it can be used to a somewhat better effect, as LAs can use it to get the upper hand in a 1v1 situation and engies can resupply themselves, cutting out the small ammo capacity. I don't know if ammo suit upgrades affect how much ammo you can carry for this weapon or the grenade launcher.
  9. WalrusJones

    Its very useful for attacking entrenched positions, its very difficult to use in strafing fights.
  10. MrK

    Did they nerf it? It was a 1 shot to kill wonder when I was using it in January
  11. MrIDoK

    I don't think so... But I haven't tried mine after GU6 (switched to a Barrage), so i don't really know. I'll try it as soon as i get the time to do so.

    I always liked the undershottie, it's like a pump action shotgun, but much more unforgiving and with a lot less ammo... But as it comes with a carbine (a mediocre one, but still) you have a lot more versatility, which is good. Undershottie for when you drop behind an enemy to oneshot him, carbine when you see a guy at more than 10 meters. Perfect combo. :)
  12. }{ellKnight

    Last I checked, it deals about the same damage as the pump action. It takes 5 headshots with the pump action to take down a max and it's the same for the UB shottie, 5 headshots.

    The difference is that the range on it is smaller than the pump action.
  13. Flashtirade

    The under-barreled shotgun does like 500-ish damage to regular infantry: it can take down someone's personal shields in one shot and then take out all of his health with a follow-up shot, but it can't OHK like a pump-action.

    I don't know if they've changed the numbers since this video was recorded, but go to 1:15:
  14. kennonfodder

    Never been killed by this weapon tbh

    guys why would someone prefer it over a UB Grenade Launcher?

    Got 100 something certs and the Gauss Rifle S and need an UB attachment, could you give me some arguments in favor of the shottie?
  15. MrK

    Shotty works in the face of your opponent.
    GL works at range.

    A question of choice
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  16. Flashtirade

    If you're looking for a utility weapon, then it depends on what you want to use that weapon for.
    - UB shotgun gives you a small but significant source of burst damage for indoors situations. It's pretty much useless outside unless you get the jump on someone.
    - UB GL gives you some explosive power. The projectile has the combination of lots of drop and a minimum activation distance, so it's for medium ranges, which means usually outdoors. It's not nearly as strong as a dumbfire rocket nor as powerful enough as a real grenade, but it can still instagib infantry and do some damage to MAXes. Direct hits are almost always required, though.

    If you find yourself indoors more and you don't want to use or don't have a CQC weapon
    If you want a weapon that can be used indoors and outdoors (like going into and out of tower fights),
    then the UB shottie is a decent option.

    If you just want mid-range burst damage, then the GL can do that.
  17. kennonfodder

    k guys thanks for that, thinking of an underbarrel attachment I was looking more for a kind of last resort weapon: your mag is empty, the enemy is closing in fast and/or you want to finish him

    ...guess the UB shottie is ideal for that purpose, going for that one first

    as an opening shot (first wounding the opponent hard, then going in with bullets) I would expect the G-launcher works better, in theory at least
  18. }{ellKnight

    They did change the numbers actually.
  19. Drstrangewolf

    I like to have it at all times due to the range nerfs on the UBGL since drops off alot making it horrible beyond 50-60 meters
  20. Lucidius134

    The UB shotty had reason in BC2. You could shoot a door with it and blow it up without emptying ammo from your main gun. It also didn't have any damage drop off.

    That's not the case in ps2.

    I wouldn't want the UBSG to 1hit kill in CQC because it'de take away from being a utility, but at the same time it's so slow and cumbersome that you can't reliably use it without getting the drop and it has no combat or out of combat utility purposes.

    Make it do more damage againt deployables like AV turrets? Make it use flechettes that improve damage against maxes by about 10%? Something???