Underbareled grenades not being restocked from ammo pack

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Marko Box, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Scyntrus

    To avoid creating an extra thread, I will post all of the issues I have with the underbarrel grenade launcher here:

    1. 50% of the time, it prevents me from switching back to bullet firing mode. I have to switch to pistol and then back to my primary. Many times I have died from this.

    2. The ammo resupply - WHY IS IT SO RANDOM? I've had an ammo box resupply me with just 1/2 grenades.

    3. Hits sometimes don't register. Once, I hit a max straight in the chest and killed him. I fired one into another max right beside the first one, hit him in the chest, saw a big explosion, but didn't even get a hit marker.

    4. It moves the rest of your weapons down a slot. As an engineer, I press 3 expecting a repair gun, but no, I get a pistol and start shooting the max I want to repair. I suggest making underbarrel attachments replace the single shot firing mode, so you switch to it by pressing B. Seriously, why would the pistol slot change?
  2. Marko Box

    4. should be optional
    Its the quickest way for me to switch to it and im allready used to having tool on 4.

    Agree with u on other points and had them at some point, the moust anoying is the not registering hits bug (i have a feeling that on average every 5th grenade i fire is a dud sometimes even more).
    Also today in a big lagy fight for tech plant i had all the bugs chained together in all their glory, forcing me to not use it at all tonight.
  3. Lord Nod

  4. Scorponok

    they should just remove the option to reload the GL on ammo packs...same for Rocketlaunchers. thats a perfect fix.
  5. Goats

    They're not as powerful as normal grenades. Not nearly the same blast radius, and I don't think even the same direct damage.
  6. Pyldrvr

  7. Nehlis

    No i mean did the game not consider them grenades as in the consumable that you have to restock? From what people are saying though they're not.
  8. Scorponok

    having to restock them and rockets in terminal brings more balance to the game.
  9. Marko Box

  10. Lord Nod

    you dont need to do the voodoo dance everytime.
    After you prime the process (do the voodoo dance), you can just swap to your half reloaded pistol, reload but swap to your main before it finishes reloading again. Shoot a shot from your main weapon. Reload. Bam, more underbarrel. It's still an annoying process, but much less than the full fledged voodoo dance. Although this of course is only applicable every life after you have already done the voodoo dance.

    Advice: fully reload the underbarrel every time. That means one in the barrel, one in the stash. Sometimes you can prime the underbarrel to start reloading normally again.
  11. GodMachine

    Then you'll have HAs, LAs, Medics and Engies all hovering around the terminals at every base under siege.
  12. Pyldrvr

    Can anyone confirm whether or not this has been fixed today? I'm at work but this is the main thing I was hoping would be working properly after the patch and I didn't see anything about it in the patch notes.
  13. darklink

    I can confirm this still doesnt work.
    Theyre behaving the same way they did before patch.
    **** still sucks.
  14. Onyxinator

    I am not sure if devs look here, but may I suggest GL / Smoke Launcher to automatically resupply with a cooldown? The same type of CD that prevents a turret to be placed. If it is 2 minutes after the two charges are used, it will not be spammable and yet it will be useful in virtually almost every fight.
  15. SMatthewM


    I've emptied my grenade launcher at an enemy and when I get killed, there is not one bar missing from his shield. This has happened so many times that I am considering just switching to a shotgun and forgetting about the 'nade launcher entirely until they fix it. But when it does work, it's like art in motion how I can one-shot HA, usually both shots can take down a slightly weakened Max, but that's leaving a lot to chance based on how buggy it is so far. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problems of no damage and no consistent reload from ammo packs, good to know it's not just me.

    Well, based on the bugs so far with the weapon, it seems like they could go either way with it. However I hope that you CAN reload from an engi's supply satchel since the 'nade launcher unbugged does have drawbacks (also even though engineers can run around and redeploy ammo packs for limitless ammo, those too have cooldowns and clamps them in place if they want that limitless ammo, packs also carrying a small 'arming' period before they are active). For one, if you don't hit your target that first time, you usually have to run for cover because it takes forever to bring your main carbine barrel back to shoot regularly. Reload time between grenades is painful too so if that guy does miss the shot, just a quick rush and he's done. And again, there's always a pretty big chance right now that the grenade even if on target won't do any damage, probably 20-30 deaths of mine are attributed to this fact.
  16. Xyrm

    In my experience, it only does no damage if the shell directly hits a person, as it goes right through them. If you aim for the ground near their feet, it should work just fine.
  17. SMatthewM

    Oh no, I've hit a HA right on the torso numerous occasions and have gotten those lovely one shot kills from such an occasion. Those make me grin widely.
  18. Indalamar

  19. Scorponok

    ive gotten a headshot with the grenade launcher that was a instant kill..

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