Uncoming ZOE nerf and returning to PS2

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Aisar, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Aisar

    It's been a good handful of months since I decided to hang my hat and give Planetside 2 a break. I managed to get my NC into his 60s, my TR into his 50s and my VS only made it to his teens. I spent many hundreds of dollars getting every wpn and customization I wanted, I had a lot of fun while it lasted. I only mention these things to make it clear, I wasn't a casual, far from it. I realize no one cares, frankly I don't care either ;)

    So I decided to quit about the time the new lattice dropped and ZOEs came out and were ridiculous. At that point I had simply had enough and these changes were both uninteresting and unfair. With ZOE finally getting the nerf bat I have been thinking about getting back in. I am curious how many others will be returning with this balance pass. Here's what I want to know and please leave your feedback.

    1. How OP is the ZOE right now?
    2. Do you personally believe the ZOE needs a nerf?
    3. Will you be giving PS2 another shot when this change rolls out?
  2. Teoke

    1. I'd say on a scale.... 5/10

    2. No, I'd rather see it reworked. I've been suggesting a change across a few forum threads...
    Basically the jist of the change is to force the ZOEs to play more passively than they are today

    3. I'm playing abit on and off at the moment. I'll play more and more once they roll out more preformance updates, since i get like 25fps in small scale fights at the moment
  3. Aisar

    Interesting, thanks for the post. I am also -really- interested in the performance changes. I already noticed the game seems to run better when I briefly logged in to shoots some guns and check out the obvious changes to the game that I could quickly look at.
  4. Konfuzfanten

    If "10" was when ZOE was launched, it would be "8" today. They nerfed the ZOE strafing speed a bit, but its still very hard to hit. Currently the ZOE is a heavy on steroids; faster, tougher and with more firepower.

    Yep and needs to be hit hard with the nerf bat

    Been playing PS2 for a year now and only took a short 3 weeks break this summer. You can always work around the opponents OP weapons, but right now the "work around" for the ZOE is just to pull even more MAX's.

    I love PS2, but the devs needs to nerf the MAX's across the board, MAX's simply are too effective and too easy to use compared to other infantry.

    Right now infantry combat is all about who brings the most MAX's, everything else is redundant.
  5. Badname1293

    because people were ******** so much on here, i tried ZOE (zealot over drive) and i love it! so thanks forum whiners, you made another zoe fan in me!

    cry more.

    ps they better not nerf! i just certed the thing up. its well worth it though!
  6. KnightCole

    Amen here. ZoE is like...idk, a perfect answer to pretty much any situation. Mattherson VS, they start a fight with SMG infils, mines, shotgun LAs, a few assorted HAs and maybe some sundys and tanks. When that fails they bring in the ZOE, every...single...guy....

    Then, if by some odd miracle THAT fails, they stop until the MAX timer cools down, then they MAX crash again.

    Seeing MAX in this game is actually becoming kinda my PS1 BFR.......the thing in this game I wish would just go away and never make its reappearance. They are this anti everything super suit and its annoying running into them. Obviously its a team based game, but meh....even the OP PS1 BFR could be killed that way, yet still I see noone changing thier stance on the things. Soo..bad arguement there. The other side that makes MAX evne more annoying is you realize with teamwork a MAX is unkillable.....

    Id love to see ZoE go away....there really is no way to balance a Faster max suit with more firepower......unless you make it so weak on return fire its a joke to use......but then its useless.....Or else you make the increase so minor its not noticeable.

    MAX are just super infantry, can go everywhere infantry can go, take a squad to kill, are dangerous, tough.....ugh.....Air, MAX, Mines.....the 3 things I really loathe in this game.
  7. MajiinBuu

    Not even close. Every player plays however they want, there is no set class for them, battles are impossible to predict. Barely anyone is in a squad.
    As for your MAX exaggeration, really only one or two private squads organize a max crash, maybe 20% of everyone. And that only happens at large biolab fights. Nobody pulls a MAX without support, and there is not always support.
    It might seem like "every single guy" is a MAX with ZOE when you get wasted and your MAX spam is beaten(I love when other factions pretend they don't spam maxes)
  8. KnightCole

    I am not saying other factions dont spam the MAX, I see plenty of it from every nation....its just the ZOE always seems to stand out as the one thing that always seems to win a fight for the VS. I have been in those big *** battles. We hold for hours until the VS decide its time to spam the MAX suits......then its over. We try to beat our heads against those brick walls but slowly people get tired of getting ZoE'd and leave, one by one the posts get taken....and eventually...every base falls to the OPness of the ZOE.
  9. LegioX

    ZOE's are crazy. 100% chance i will die when i see one as a medic. Hell i don't even try to fight them, i turn corner...see 1, then run back the other way. However i still die 100% of the time. No room for reaction to this unit. Might as well get ready to hit redeploy when u run up on one.
  10. gagle

    Today I've done 220/6 in 1h 45min, then I left because the weapon was locked. I don't even need anti-flak or anti-infantry, I just put auto-repair and I'm good to go.
  11. Konfuzfanten

    I pull a solo MAX nearly everytime i play without my outfit, its not uncommen for my very small outfit to have 3-4 guys in MAX's with just one medic in support. Why? Its simply more effective to have one guy in a MAX AV setup protected by 2 MAX's in AI and a medic for rezzing. Then 1 AV and 1 AI MAX with an engi+medic, since ppl will 95% of the time run away when they see +3 MAX coming their way.

    We rely on random engis and ofc nano repair lvl 5.
  12. voody

    I am probably taking this a little bit out of context as you seem to be answering specifically to the "Mattherson VS situation" but I have more or less been living in a solo MAX for the past 2 months and have rarely left the server with a K/D of less than 15 while playing very very aggressive. There is simply no explicit need for support with that thing.

    That being said, I am kinda unsure if a duration of only 8 seconds, along with a higher armor debuff, isn't outright going to tilt it in the other direction. The idea of it relying on a "fuel source" is a good one in my opinion but I feel like a duration timer of say 15 seconds with a longer cooldown inbetween (maybe 45 sec at lvl1 and 35 sec at lvl5 after it ran out) would be better.

    Oh, and for the threadstarter:

    1. Possibly enough to make the VS win about 98% of all alerts on Woodman. If this can be attributed to ZOE alone remains to be seen but it surely is a big factor in it.

    2. Yes.

    3. Doesn't apply to me, I guess. I took a break in April and March but not due to the game.
  13. Gav7x

  14. MajiinBuu

    I like the Skyrim version better
  15. KnightCole

    I hope ZoE becomes so bad VS stop spamming thier MAX suits.....I kinda liked it better when MAX suits were not so amazing so people pulled em less.
  16. Posse

    Because the other factions don't spam their MAX suits, yeah sure.
  17. KnightCole

    Just that ZoE is a hellva lot more annoying to fight against......The other MAXEs you can run from, ZoE....not so much. Unless the driver is a totally clueless noob.
  18. Rogueghost

    They're nerfing it, pretty hard too, you can check out the changes on the public test server.
  19. Tenebrae Aeterna

    It's far superior to the NC and TR MAX abilities, needs tweaked. While the speed boost ensures that you can avoid the typical counters to a MAX, the increased damage renders you much more susceptible to regular fire. Furthermore, your speed boost typically ensures that an Engineer isn't going to be following you around...you have to haul your **** back to them when you need a repair.

    With that said, it could definitely use some sort of cooldown mechanic to ensure that it can't be flickered on and off, I can easily see how that's a bit overpowered...but I never turn mine off unlike the majority apparently. Furthermore, I wouldn't mind seeing something like what Teoke said either. To remove the speed boost, however, will ensure that absolutely no one on the VS will use it. No one on the VS end cared about the damage buff to begin with, only the speed...so if it's crippled too heavily you'll start to see more Charge MAXes again and maybe one or two ZOE every few weeks.

    Aside from all that...

    I feel that the TR and NC MAX abilities should be buffed. I'd like to see the NC MAX get a slight increase to their shield radius so that it covers about 25% of their sides to ensure that you can only assult them from a position behind them...rather than thwart their shields just by being at a forward diagonal position. Some amongst the NC have expressed that they would like to at least be able to punch, shield bash, or use a single arm weapon while having that shield up...and while I'm a bit hesitant to say yes to the capability of using a weapon...a punch or shield bash would be acceptable in my eyes.

    In regards to the TR, I really don't care much for their ability to begin with so I honestly have no idea how to go about buffing them.


    Either they have to do something along the lines of what Teoke expressed and leave the speed buff alone...or they have to just flat out remove the entire ability and come up with something different. The speed buff is the only reason we use ZOE, the damage buff will never amount to anything that makes it more favorable to the Charge ability.
  20. TheRunDown

    To OP,

    A lot of my friends quit because of ZOE MAX (that and the build up to the out outrageous amount Nerfs to TR over the months) and a lot of my old friends who haven't played PlanetSide 2 yet have no interest in playing after seeing ZOE Farms..

    Hopefully I can convince some of them to play and come back after the Nerf.