Unclaimed Pre-Orders? Argh! I knew this was going to be a good game...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by STeGaMeLiOn, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. STeGaMeLiOn

    ...but I did not think I would be able to run it on my stock Asus (purchased January earlier this year). Who would have known she'd be able to eek out a steady 9-10 FPS?

    Were there any Pre-Orders that were not claimed?
    Will there be any other deals like this?
    Don't get me wrong, the $15 GameStop card is a "deal" but not like the Pre-Order MEGA Deal for $40.00
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  2. Katzura

    What kind of hardware do you have in your computer?
  3. TheEvilBlight

    I have quad i7 Sandys, 8 GB of DDR3 and a 6490M...on a laptop.

    I get 20 at lowest, 40-50 at best with every setting known to man brought to its lowest. I'm hoping that someday it'll run a little better, a little faster, but let's be realistic here.
  4. STeGaMeLiOn

    I have a stock Asus CM1740-04 (The 2.4GHz AMD A8 3800 APU also supports a Radeon HD 6550D graphics processor on the same die as the CPU. This chip design allowed the CM1740-04 to churn out playable frame rates on our DirectX 10 Crysis test)

    And actually, the FPS, whilst low in numbers, is at least consistent and smooth. Only the Sniper Rifle scoped and at range gives me trouble.

    The real problem is realization of the weight of that Pre-Order deal, and an opportunity missed.
  5. Evilnox

    What was the $40 mega deal?
  6. Avallac

    Those aren't your pc's. The engine is bad and incapable of utilizing hardware resources. My core i7 is at 30% load and my oc 660 ti is at 40% and I get 20 frames. The game doesn't use 6 gigs of ram either.

    I hope he is not referring to the alpha crap ripoff.
  7. SturmovikDrakon

    how in the world is it a rip-off? it's 40$ worth of station cash, several unlocks and free camo
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  8. Rothnang

    I put down those 40 bucks because quite frankly, I've bought single player games that I beat in 10 hours and then never played again for 50-60 bucks, and between Beta and Live I've probably put 100 hours into this game already, so was it worth 40 bucks? You bet.
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  9. Mansen

    Game didn't have any pre-orders in the sense that stores carried them (and thus a few might still be around). Alpha Squad was a purely digital purchase only available before launch. So no - no unclaimed orders.
  10. Avallac

    4 weapons, half of which are worse than default, and 4000 of sc instead of 12000 you can get on 3x days. Yes, its a ripoff. With 12000 smedbux I could get 2.5 times more than those "free" unlocks and 4000 SC.
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  11. Katzura

    try removing the CPU parking, it doubled my FPS ingame on my i7-3770k, do take notice though that your batterytime will be reduced since this is a forced "power saving" mechanism that you cant turn off unless you change in the registry of use a program to change it for you such as:http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility
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  12. daicon

    What does OP mean by $15 GameStop card?
  13. Katzura

    if you buy a 15$ gamecard in the US you get a weapon with a special skin (the weapon anybody can get, the skin they can't)
  14. daicon

    Oh cool, thanks. Is it still around or was it like a Black Friday special?
  15. SturmovikDrakon

    you never know when they're going to be selling station cash at 3x, but grats when you do. you could be buying 40$ on a normal day without any of those additional bonuses, which could have cost you almost 5$ for each individual gun, plus permanent camo, which also costs 5$. and you call that a rip-off? it's a pretty f'ing solid package
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  16. Tooks

    FYI the development team have confirmed they're nowhere near done optimizing this game. Theres a post about it over in the tech support forums.
  17. daicon

    Also considering all of those guns we got that are immediatly unlocked on any character we create and the 6 month boost, it was an amazing package IMO
  18. Xenus

    I didn't discover this gem until recently. I felt terrible after I missed the opportunity. SC is obtainable but perks (Account bound guns - permanent camo - 6 months xp boost) are amazing. SOE please make another promotion like this!
  19. Ryloxx

    Please tell me you don't feel that Alpha Squad was a some sort of gift to the player. It was a clever marketing scam by SOE to make the player feel empowered, that's it. In fact I wish I had spent the 40 on the 3x station cash deal they had going during beta. It's been nothing but a headache.

    SOE picks the unlocks for you, and really they are are all useless except for the bolt action sniper. You get a total of 4 guns on each empire, 3 of which you will likely never use or notice a difference with. These guns are also purchasable by any player.

    40$ station cash? The funny thing about this one, is the players will mob you before SOE does. Don't let anyone ever tell you it's 40$ worth of station cash. If you want to be technical considering how often 2x sales are, it's about 20$ worth. Like I mentioned before, there was also a 3x SC sale during beta, so I actually value SC lower than that.

    6 month 10% XP bonus? - This was my all time hands down favorite line from SOE ever. What they REALLY meant to say was "You get a 'boost' that fits in a slot, and is stuck in that slot the second you use it. You cannot remove or even use another boost without deleting your Alpha Squad boost". Get a week off on the holidays and want to splurge on some 50% boost? Well say goodbye to that Alpha Squad boost you were promised for 6 month. Oh, you only used a few weeks of the Alpha Boost? Sorry, should have read the 'fine print' which they can't point to right away, but rest assured when they wake a web admin up they will find it (Create it) for you!

    Camo - The only nice thing. You can probably buy camo close to Alpha's though so it's not some amazing gift.

    It's all the exact same line from them, but hey at least we know they have one good thing going for their game, a marketing department.

    How they also 'missed' the fact half their advertisements said 500SC per month, with no 'fine print' claiming you had to be on a recurring sub is disturbing. Then when the players asked about it, there was no apology, they were made to feel stupid because they didn't go read some FAQ on a random support page that may or may not have ever contained that information. So if you bought a year sub and took your credit card off, say goodbye to 6k Station Cash.(this was separate from Alpha, but it's another example of how much they care about you)

    Honestly, all you missed was a headache. Sony reached a new level in greed during PS2. Their first concern is money, second is the customer. It makes me sick.
  20. Curze

    plus the 6 month boost, and guaranteed access to the beta, which imho was the best part of the deal

    not regretting my Alpha Squad purchase at all

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