Unbearable sniper + vehicle spam

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bl4ckVoid, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Bl4ckVoid

    It is too much in both cases. OHK by snipers is not justified. Pulling vehicles is way too easy, there is way too many of them.

    (Do not mention AD-AD, I am aware of that and it does not stop random death.)
    I just do not enjoy being fodder anymore, BYE.
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  2. andy_m

    You are always moaning about snipers. I, for one, will not miss you from these forums.
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  3. ReformerTR

    I don't know how we will carry on without you :(
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  4. RHINO_Mk.II

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  5. DJPenguin

    Well, i guess he didn't say he'd never come back.
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  6. Saviorself

    He said he'd quit the game.

    He never said he'd quit Forumside.
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  7. Nexus545

    If I shoot someone in the heads while they are sprinting 100m away. That's a skill shot and deserves a OHK.
    If someone is standing still long enough to get shot in the head at 100m they deserve the OHK.
  8. Paperlamp

    It is an important difference. I check in from time to time to laugh at the state of the game, personally.
  9. SuperMedicated

    see you tomorrow buddy
  10. Gleerok

    Keep moving for God's sake.

    Snipers are part of the game, and removing OHK on this case would kill the class.
  11. ronjahn

    Snipers? So let me get this straight, your getting sniper farmed enough that it's bringing you to quit? LOL. I'm guessing you stand still a lot because that's the only way snipers and tanks are going to kill you repeatedly.

    Or you know instead of letting people farm you, why not change up your strategies and farm them? A good SMG infiltrator is a snipers worst enemy. Counter sniping is also extremely effective(if you have some skill and accuracy)

    And tanks are counterable by every class but, you guessed it, snipers. Pull c4, pull AV max, pull HA with rockets, pull an AV MBT, pull AP lightning, pull a AV harasser, set up a engine Mana turret 400M away out of render distance, oh and there's also ground vehicles top counter, ESF and Libs.

    This is a L2P issue my friends.
  12. Conscripter

    Counter sniping effective? Lol, any sniper vs sniper meta is ruined by cloak. Sniper meta in general sucks because of cloak. Moving CoF on top of this makes it even worse. All this basically works to make the sniper cover his occasional shot with cloak (which makes him more focused on stationary players, so as not have to stand still taking another shot and thus risk being exactly what hes targetting), putting a low skill cap on the class and consigning it to be low SPM.

    I don't have a problem with snipers, but they unlike TF2 they add nothing to the game and are neither fun to play as or against, mostly existing to alter infantry meta somewhat (outdoors).

    Also, buff CQC snipers and lessen SASR tracer size.
  13. PraetorGavorn

    It's been fun. Don't come back.
  14. LT_Latency

    Not really, If you know there is another good sniper you will be focused on him cause he is the one who is going to get you
  15. Conscripter

    All that means is you sit in cloak until he feels like taking a shot at something else, and you try to hit his head in that window when the enemy decloaks while still, fires, than cloaks. Which is a waste of time, you could be doing the exact same thing and he is unlikely to get you, if you know how to sprint and cloak.

    As a sniper I've basically learned to ignore enemy ones, you lose interest in each other after cloaking and get way more SPM farming regular infantry. That only changes if you decloak on top of a rock and sit still for more than a few seconds.
  16. LT_Latency

    I snipe as well, Snipers are my favorite targets next to engs on turrests. You will clean up the easy ones in like 2 mins and then maybe have one good one to deal with.
  17. Conscripter

    The easy ones, like the low BRs that sit crouched and never move or cloak? :p
  18. jiggu

    I just love sneaking up on a sniper nest with my LMG.
  19. LT_Latency

    Right and they you have to fight the last good one or he will kill you. If you can't counter snipe a good sniper you are most likely 250+m away which is too far.
  20. Zenanii

    As much as I dislike snipers, they are hardly more then a nuisance and nothing I would ever rage quit over.
    That said, I like the idea that infiltrators can see other infiltrators through cloak while they are scoped (thermal style).
    Means they could entertain each other without draggig me into their mini-game.