Unable to pull NC MBT at some bases

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mercyceleste, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Mercyceleste

    Can't believe I can't see this reported anywhere, but despite having proper base connections, I am unable to pull a Vanguard from some bases. This happened again today at Allatum Botany and from response in world chat, others had the same experience.
  2. Trigga

    Was it a sundy terminal?
    Look at the terminal, if it has a pic of your factions MBT you can pull an MBT, if it has a pic of a sundy you cant.
    The devs have reverted to 2 types of terminals.

    This is the terminal at Botany wing, as you can see it has a sundy on it, so no MBTs.

    This is the terminal at Rashnu Bio Lab, it shows a vanguard, so i can spawn MBTs.

    There are a few outliers, but a basic rule of thumb is:
    • All 25 point green bases should have MBT spawns.
    • All 8 point blue bases have MBT spawn.
    • And the center purple base always has MBTs.
    **Small tip until they fix it, Eisa Southern has 1 sundy terminal and 1 MBT terminal
    Ive also noticed some of the bases right next to the warpgates have MBT spawns, not sure why lol.
    When your on the spawn select screen, at the right hand side there is a list of spawn options, look for the ones with an MBT pic next to them, they have MBT spawns.

    Regarding having the 'proper base connections' you dont need a tech link anymore.
    From here; https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/june-17-2020-enter-colossus-pc-update.254689/
    (Colossus update)

    As a part of this feature's introduction, we've adjusted the rules for spawning MBT and Liberator.
    • Liberators and Main Battle Tanks no longer rely on the Tech Plant benefit to be pulled.
    • Liberators can now always be pulled from Outposts with Air Pads available.
    • Main Battle Tanks can now only be pulled from Large Outposts and Facilities.
    Hope this helps, apologies for the wall
  3. Liewec123

    not just NC, i had it happen (at a tech plant of all places XD) on my TR,
    the terminal had the Prowler icon on it but when you interect...no option to pull a prowler.