Unable to buy ASP token

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by GITRDONE, Sep 14, 2021.


    Unable to buy ASP token states as unavailable was told by support to post bug here
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  2. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    Greetings, can you screenshot or take a photo of this error screen / message. Thanks!
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  3. beltorix

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  4. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    Got it thank you. Is this still happening for anyone after today's update? And does it look different from the screenshot in the link above?
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  5. beltorix

    its still the same for me like the screenshot, nothing changed :)
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  6. Caspar de Haan

    Like Beltorix, i also still have the same issue. It is still Unavailable.
  7. Adventure Cat

    Still a problem for me as well. Same thing as the picture, A.S.P Refund Token UNAVAILABLE. I'm BR 77 as an ASP Operative.
  8. Overlord898

    Same issue here. I remember this happened when i started my NSO ASP. Currently i have my NC and NSO with ASP BR 100. Neither of them being able to purchase the refund token
  9. Talthos

    For some reason, you're unable to purchase the ASP token unless you have 'at least' 5000 certs.

    Even if you have enough Daybreak Cash, it still won't let you buy it unless you have those 5000 certs.
  10. beltorix

    Bug still has not been fixed sadly (just letting you know :) )
  11. Caspar de Haan

    Yeah so, i have grinded up to 5000 certs to see if Talthos's thing also worked with me, and it did. From the moment you have 5000 certs in your bank, you are able to buy the Token with either daybreak cash or (obviously) the certs. The fact that you cannot buy it with daybreak cash WITHOUT having 5000 certs is still a major issue, since people that literally want to spend their money on this, cant.
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  12. videogamer22

    I also sent a bug report and here's the screenshot I could get.[IMG]
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  13. eib1980

    Got the same issue, will appreciate if you get this fixed.
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  14. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    I have escalated this issue to the developers, I will report back when I have an update.

    Thanks all!
  15. X21K

    Yes. I submitted a customer support ticket about this 2-3 months ago. Nothing was done about it.