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    UMVS is an objective-oriented outfit that was formed in Planetside 1 on the Werner Server in 2003, we are the oldest EU VS outfit in the game. We are NOT a huge outfit running multiple platoons, we are the definition of quality over quantity, we run small tight-knit squads where each player knows his teammates well enough to know what they specialise in.


    What we offer

    • We currently have a roster of 20, which is 100% active ( we are probably the only Miller outfit with this level of activity).
    • A solid outfit that is organised but not overly formal - we are NOT a military sim, there are no control freak officers screaming orders in UMVS, but we still maintain tight organised squads.
    • If you are sick and tired of playing alongside aimless guys that do not heal, repair, revive and watch your back (or shoot you in the back) then UMVS is for you, we play objectives and support each other 24/7.
    • We have a preference for experienced fps players, but we are willing to help fps players that are new to PS2 adapt to the games mechanics, asking lots of questions is encouraged.
    • The core of this outfit are veteran FPS players, some of us going back to Quake in 1996.
    • Our sense of humour.
    • We run ops mainly from 7pm onward, i.e prime-time (prior to this we are more focused on ranking up / cert gain activities).
    Requirements - What we need from you

    Applicants must be minimum BR30 with Medic and Engie tool up to lvl 4.

    Voice Communications

    • You will need to log in to TEAM-SPEAK whenever you are running with the outfit. You do not need a mic, though having one is strongly encouraged. Also note that failing to set up your mic for push to talk will not give a good first impression.
    • We move location a LOT, if you are not on our voice channel your not going to be able to keep up with us or more importantly understand why we are redeploying to a new location, Squad leaders have no time to babysit and type an explanation of every move we make.
    • You should be asking the moment you log in if an outfit squad is up and running and ask to join It; we are a close knit outfit, being with us means you enjoy participating in integrated team-play.
    • If you are a lone wolf type that does not enjoy squading up we are NOT the outfit for you.
    • I cannot stress how important activity is to maintaining a healthy outfit, lack of activity shows a lack of commitment to the outfit, we are NOT a parking space for your VS alt character, if you join us you have to maintain a decent level of activity.
    • We have a preference for players that can be active most evenings during EU prime time; we will always take into consideration real life issues ( e.g. study for exams ).
    • If your taking an extended break, e.g. taking a holiday with family, work or family issues just keep us informed and you will stay on the roster.
    • We do not ignore individual player performance (if your spm is below 200 and k/d below 1.0 your doing something wrong) however we do our best to help raise a players performance through advice, this is one reason why we encourage asking questions. However if you excel at support then this will be taken into consideration.
    How to Apply?

    • Send Shamrock or Nokus a whisper stating that you have an interest in joining the outfit and that you would like a squad invite, download TEAM-SPEAK https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads and join us on voice ( we will supply the connection details).
    • We do not bother with application boards, what is important to us is how well you play within the squad, we can find out all the details we need to know about you fairly quickly over voice.
    • Your application is in effect your trial period, how long you stay on trial is up to you, demonstrate that your a team player and impress us and it will be short.
    Check out VanuFM's Twitch Stream for some UMVS action! http://www.twitch.tv/theneedyguy/profile
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    Freeze showing how effective (despite the lag) the HV45 / C4 combo is on a CQC combat medic.

    Stork demonstrating how to take care of MAX's
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    can't hurt bumping this I guess :)

    we'll actually teach new players stuff, instead if just letting them run with the zerg :)
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    can't let that girl get spammed away....

    show some class guys, geezus
    I know you can't take your eyes off that... Beamer
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    Good bunch of dudes.... if you swing that way (Play VS)
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    you all know deep down inside that you swing that way.
    real men embrace it then :D
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    Spandex on VS women, there are no downsides ;)

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    Bump, these guys are chill.
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    don't you be stealing pictures!!!!

    shamrock might run out =/
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