Ummmm. I just saw a max with jets on the soles of his boots.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by P3STILENCE1973, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. P3STILENCE1973

    About an hour ago. I play as NC and one of our maxes, jet "booted" over the sundy I was in. I could see the jets (6 per boot I think) burning as he flew over the sundy. Is this a bug?!? Or is it some obscure upgrade I'm not familiar with? 10,000 kills with max punch earns you wings?!?
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  2. AlterEgo

    Sadly, it isn't. It is but a bug that seems to give you MAX rank health while having Light Assault weaponry and mobility; do report any flying skill suits you happen to see!:eek:
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  3. HappyStuffin

    Hmmm, not saying I know the answer to your strange sighting.

    But it sure does remind me of when I have super high pings and I see tanks go flying over hills, sunderers flying over bases, and then suddenly everything skips into place when my ping goes back to normal.
  4. Shabo

    This happened to our mates and tried to replicate it to no avail. It is a bug though.
  5. Alzir

    It's quite clearly an upgrade which you pay for. It can't possibly have anything to do with game performance or lag ATM.
  6. P3STILENCE1973

    Well. It wasn't ping/lag issues at all. I know what that looks like. This was an ACTUAL jetting max with visible jets on it's boot soles with the jetpack sound and all!!
  7. P3STILENCE1973

    Additionally. Several squad mates saw it. He was on our faction. NC. Connery.
  8. palto1826

    was the user name by any chance Tony Stark?
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  9. MAXArmar

    Seen several before. It's a bug that has something to do with getting ressed I think. If they're (ab)using it just report them.
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  10. VargTwo

    Ah yes i have had this happen to my VS MAX one time, a flying MAX with a auto-shotgun. Never seen anyone else have this bug nor ever experienced it again. As far as i can tell it is somehow triggered upon being revived just as the timer runs out.

    Your first person view as the MAX is kinda borked though, as the MAX hands end up being open palms no fingers with no animation.
  11. Who Garou

    It's a bug, I've seen several since last August or so. Can't remember when exactly, but I think the first time I saw it was well before the Valkyrie update.

    Seems to me that the one that I remember the most clearly was a Vanu.
    Which faction was the jump-jetting Max that you saw?
  12. Pointyguide2

    theres a thread on here with a youtube video of a tr light assault in a max suit.
    he had the same bug as you
  13. Crowne

    Wonder if it's then related to the fact that we default as Light Assault class when we just died as a Max.
    Maybe they should switch the default class we come back as to Heavy Assault, though can't say a Max with Heavy shield sounds too appealing either :eek:

    Kudos for giving them a place to start in trying to solve this though.
  14. Marka Ragnos

    Hmm sounds interesting that there is even an animation for a max suit with boosters. Sounds like SEO at one point added max jet animations at one pont otherwise you wouldnt see the boosts on the feel.

    Dead givaway for what features they plan for the max suits, or evidence of a failed feature they decided not to implement and left the animations.
  15. Maliese

    I had this happen to me once on my NC character. Flying max with a GD-F7? Heck yeah! I then realized just how much I was cheesing it up and ran into a group of enemies to get killed. Actually took a bit longer than I expected. Turns out Max auto repair is always on with this bug, even when taking damage.
  16. stalkish

    Failed feature id guess.
    Back in PS1 the VS max could jump jet.
  17. Conflictt

    Yeah, no. It's just a bug

    (Skip to 2:00)
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  18. tf2hero

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  19. hostilechild

    Had this happen when i died as a MAX at the same time i was zoning to another continent. I spawned in to the continent and was in a MAX suit, but what do you know i could fly. Logged out and back in and was LA. Couldn't reproduce, timing/lag etc hard to do.

    In the past the bug spawned you as LA but with the health pool of a MAX and resistance. That was nasty as it was hard to tell, but you knew when you met them.
  20. CapEnTrade

    Happened to to me once and it was so much fun!