Umm, do I report this?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by natowpnzor, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Negator

    who cares man, relax.
  2. 4wry

    I'll just add to this that there is the test server and VR to "test" stuff.

    There is no excuse and DBG should reset the progress for all those that blatantly statpadded the directives, preferably ban them. Statpadding is simply unacceptable because there are actually many guys out there that had a hard time EARNING those directives/certs/auraxiums etc. If statpadding is tolerated, there is no prestige, there is no true reflection of skill, no valid sense of ownership.

  3. FateJH

    To be fair, /reporting suspicious behavior is fine. If the stars are right, someone will review the logs and determine what the people reported were doing and if it was punishment-worthy. If no one does anything, nothing will happen anyway.
  4. natowpnzor

    Well, when I post I usually give a day to see if anyone replies, if no one does, then I'll spill everything and leave it for someone who can do something. Also, I can't edit it out because it took too long, and thats why its still up.
  5. Goldmonk

    Were they killing each other?
  6. MikeyGeeMan

    Was there ever any validity in it? All the nerfing and bugs have taken any skill out of the game