Umm, do I report this?

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  1. natowpnzor

    I'm on Esamir right now for the Halloween event, and when I begin roaming, I see this TR sundy park and deploy under the bridge at The Traverse. Naturally, I don't attack it because I don't have any means of destroying him, but I keep and eye on him. Just as I'm about to continue romaing, an ally NC drives up with his sunderer, parks, and deploys just 5 feet away from each other. They both get out and begin like, chatting with each other in some other voice/chat client. Then they begin randomly shooting each other as another NC spawns in. I've taken about 15 pictures with steam wondering if we're supposed to be doing this, but mainly, I wanna know what they were doing. If you want the names too, I've got them, but for privacy's sake, I will only give to a dev or moderator.
  2. natowpnzor

  3. natowpnzor

    Im not BS'ing you.
  4. BurntMyWater

    I don't see any reason for anyone to be reported over this. There's nothing wrong with two friends meeting up and having a bit of fun together. The drivers of the TR and NC sundies probably knew each other.
  5. BurntMyWater

    Also, I would recommend removing that picture. Its got the TR guy's name in it.
  6. Lemposs

    Only if they shoot each other a lot of times and without any resistance from one of them. Because they could be training, or they could be exploiting or just getting kills in an easy way, one is bad the other isn't.
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  7. CorporationUSA

    HYNB are a bunch of cheaters, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were planning to stat-pad, but didn't because you were there.

    I wouldn't report it. Not only is there a system designed to recognize and issue bans for stat padding automatically, it's also not something that hurts anyone in the game. And I regularly hang out with the enemy, since many of us in the air fly know each other and fly all 3 factions. That's not fishy or anything, just a consequence of the game allowing characters for each faction on 1 server.
  8. JojoTheSlayer

    This is so obviously a pretext for cheating... common.
    I say attack the enemies, then TK the "allies" AMS. Oh, they dont like it when their bags of trick backfires?
    F these kind of gamers in my view.
  9. xSalt

    They could've just been 1v1'ing/dicking around. I, and my friends have done it a lot. Pull sundies, park them somewhere out of the way and proceed to duel. It's fun, knife duels, pistol duels, max punch duels. Can have a lot more fun than rolling random faces sometimes.
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  10. sebastian oscar post

    It could be that there was a trade off of intel about a outfit from a spy!
    Outfit espionage!
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  11. Nagant

    They might as well make a movie of some sort... Unless they were constantly damaging each others sundy (and keep repairing it), or killing one another I wouldn't say it's suspicious....
  12. Liewec123

    if they were farming then that'd be reportable, but just meeting up and sparring is fine imho.
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  13. 4wry

    I think this is a suspicious case of statpadding!!!
    They clearly met up to farm the halloween directives for the candy cannon, which other players spend hours getting.
    IMO statpadding should be reported!

    Check the killboard (for Sept. 27th) and notice the streak of candy cannon kills:!/5428345446431753041/killboard/?view=timeline
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  14. _itg

    Yeah, sounds like they were stat padding. Wouldn't hurt to report it.
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  15. Spoprockl

    I've done that too, sometimes with random people i'd just met.

    Drive two sunderers far away form any battle and test out new stuff or old stuff that behaves strangely.

    The last time i've met an enemy stalker cloaker who had repeatedly shown up on my minimap, even though he was crouch walking all the time.

    So we tested the crouch walk against motion spotters and sensor darts, to come to the conclusion that crouch walking on uneven terrain doesn't protect from radar, unless you have the sensor shield 3 or 4 implant equipped.

    So unless you see them killing each other over and over they're probably not doing anything report-worthy.
  16. FieldMarshall

    Thats ok. Everyone can see the TRs name in the huge screenshot you posted.
  17. CorporationUSA

    Well there you have it. HYNB just being HYNB.
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  18. \m/SLAYER\m/

    they discussing tactic against vanu - another proof, that TR and NC cooperating against VS
  19. Goretzu

    You can fill in a report and include screenshots on the main DBG PS2 site (somewhere), whether they'll actually do anything about it even with cast iron evidence is debateable however.
  20. PKSpark

    Why reporting them? You could have just dropped C4 or AV mines from that bridge and watched the fireworks