Ultimate Empire failure - Is there nobody at SOE who actually worked on MMOs previously?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Aerensiniac, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Aerensiniac

    30 minutes into the first event: 3/4 of the players are on indar and esamir.
    Pleading in /orders wont do anything either.
    I left 10 minutes before the end of the first round cause it was utterly pointless.

    Sorry guys, but the basic principle behind playing is the rewards involved. You've just made an event with no awards, no achievements, no decals, no armors, no nothing. Completely devoid of any reward.
    Results: The majority of the population didnt care about it.

    Would it have been too hard for you to put in a frikin decal for those who participated?
    You would have spared the players which actually wanted to participate, the frustration of watching 70% of their faction not giving a single damn about this crap.

    Honestly SOE. Donno what is going on at your place, but it more and more starts to look like this is the first mmo and/or game you have EVER made.
    Maybe it would be time to fire Higby to hell.
    When you manage to ruin an event just because you were too lazy to add a 100*100 jpg that every nab can put over their armor... lets just say that you are far from competent.
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  2. Zeron

    Actually there were decals given out if you joined their PR marketing ******** (following leaders on youtube, twitter, send a message etc)
  3. Gavyne

    They aren't new to MMO's, but they're new to esports.
  4. Windchaser

    Well, I wanted to join it but my showdown involved me staring at a ridiculous Q that hasn't moved. Started off 2 hours ago at position 100 as a member and sitting at 88 now.
  5. Arsinek

    I dont know but it looks like youve copied my name.
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  6. Aerensiniac

    Aint it a good thing that nobody ever knew about it? Even if this is true, getting a decal for a facebook post? Awesome. Maybe next time award it for actually participating in the event and not for tweeting.
    Good thing im not frustrated at all /sarcasm
  7. Aerensiniac

  8. Gadamlu

    their all on the other continents because Amerish is overfull, no room on the cont, and a much too long queue
  9. Colinthetank

    It would be nice to play on Amerish on this event. But I just wanted to play in general. My queue time is several hours.
  10. An Hero

    Meanwhile in Rome...
  11. Ozrik

    BS I tried all that and didn't get a decal from any of them, so they can all go you know what.
  12. Zeron

    Hahaha not surprised really.
  13. QuantumMechanic

    Well, apparently you weren't paying extra attention. But your point is valid, SOE is doing honestly a pretty horrible job communicating with their players (despite the fact that they say they are doing a great job of it).

    SOE community managers could have / should have posted about how to get the decals on the Planetside 2 forums. Actually maybe they did? I don't recall seeing it though. I did see the tweets.

    Higby and Smed should post more on the Planetside 2 forums than they do on PSU and Reddit.

    Basically if you want to be included in SOE's "excellent communication with players" you need to get on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Planetside Universe. Reading these forums is optional but by no means required.
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  14. Cab00se187

    Blah blah, give me something for logging in SOE, blah blah. I want rewards for everything I do. Playing for fun isn't enough, gimme gimme gimme.
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  15. Gary

    Thats not exactly a reward for participating.. I got the Decal, Just done the first event and then Dc'd and now stuck in a queue.
  16. Colinthetank

    Dude, I can't even play. Give me nothing for logging in, I just want to be able to log in.
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  17. GhostAvatar

    A horrible job at communicating with their players is a understatement.

    A tweet by Smedley saying it ain't true;

    All content for Higby;

    I can even find Smedly to check, there are that few posts (which is saying something since Higby posted 6 times). Simpy fact is that if you go to Twitter, reddit etc. you will find that they post more in a day there, than they have in this entire forums existence. If the main guys don't give a flying **** about their own forums, why should anyone else.
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  18. Cab00se187

    Genudine has lots of space, come on over :p
  19. Aerensiniac

    Apparently you fail at reading bro. I was there at the event without any rewards cause i intended to play for fun. Yet the majority of our faction didnt care because there was no motivation to do so.
    If you are trolling at least bother comprehending what you are replying to. Otherwise you will end up making a ******* out of yourself.
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  20. Kelly0481

    I really don’t want to talk out of turn but, so I’ll try to keep this short.

    At least the developers seem to care and are enthusiastic about the game. This is one of the only reasons I am here.

    I mean it’s not like they care about money, cause they are giving the game away. It’s the only real thing I don’t understand about the game from just a business standpoint which boggles my mind. If it were up to me no one would be in here without a premium account.

    No matter what the flaws are, or were, or who fell on whose face tonight at least it was an event. Something we can look forward to and something we can all participate in. Something that promotes the game.

    The game has only been around what, 3 months. That’s still beta in most games and that is actually what we are playing. A beta version of the game that is still unrefined and unfinished. Heck, look down next time you spawn infantry and ask yourself where did your feet run off too?

    We are all looking and playing a rushed product. A product rushed out the door by about a year I would say. Why the hell do you think you are playing it for free, cause its Beta.

    They could wipe the slate clean tomorrow and revamp everything and strip everyone’s gear and equipment, and I’m betting a good 85% population of this game would have no right at all to complain as they have not paid a dime.

    Yet we see them every day here on the forums complaining about this and that and how and what. Honestly, who cares what a bunch of freeloader thinks, and SOE sure shouldn’t care at all either. Maybe the servers could handle the load if we got all the freeloaders out of here finally. lol

    To me this whole “free to play” thing is what is killing the game chasing people who are willing to pay away and ruining the reputation of the game and game play. It’s the scariest part of the game and it looks like it’s going to be its downfall.

    The developers of this game have done nothing but bend over backwards for the community, and then bent over again and let people play for free. Something IMO they should have never done.

    Maybe you should just think about these things when you are complaining. Maybe you should just say; thanks, and move along.