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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Yago, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Yago

    This is a simple request to the staff to start a dialogue with regards to implementing flexibility of the text and indicators of the UI.

    Putting it simply, can the ability to make the in game text, "Doritos", radar markers etc, bigger.
    Currently the fixed size is too small for some people (not all got 20/20 vision), and also a source of great confusion to new players (dorito size especially contributing to TK events and camo confusion FoF)

    I can understand that to some an increase in size would be seen as cluttering the interface, but if this is adjustable then each player can find their sweet spot.

    To players out there, if you agree, please post support, and try to keep this issue in the limelight, and we may yet to see feedback from official sources yet!

    Thanks... not quite blind yet Yago :)
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  2. Yago

    This is the "Customer Support" section?

    Being a customer and asking for support here, so points raised are still active.
  3. Yago

    Still a problem without an answer.
  4. Yago

    Still can't see an answer.
  5. Yago

    "I can't see clearly now the font is small"
  6. Joay

    customization is a thing that was asked for before a few times, like being able to set the transparency for example, but chances are not big. Their staff is small and there are many big issues with the game on its own, that stuff like this way down at the bottom of their to-do, or even, consider-list
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  7. Yago

    Thanks for replying Joay.
    I can't see how increasing the font size slightly is any kind of challenge like transparency flexibility.

    I'll still keep this thread going until I get an official reply.

    Here's a tale from PS1 that you might find interesting.
    Back in the day I (and others) had some issues with the service from SOE.
    We got the usual "not our problem see EULA" replies, until my solicitor contacted the UK Department of Trade and Industry.
    The DTI supported my stance and claim and were prepared to rule against SOE within the UK legal framework.
    Miraculously all out problems disappeared overnight, and so did ALL my posts concerning the issue.

    Whilst the legal stance may not be the same these days, and this issue, I have a proven track record of taking on SOE without breaking a sweat.

    Its just a little increase in the font size after all, is there need for such trouble?
  8. Yago

    "can you see the real me, can you, can you?"
  9. Joay