[BUG] UI Minimap Colours - enemy and allies showing up as Platoon members

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Canaris, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Canaris

    Been getting bugs now on the UI with other members of the TR showing up as if they are in my platoon with bravo squad colour when they most definitely aren't
    Also had Scythes showing up on the minimap as if they were in charlie squad being chased by mossies who were also appearing as being in my charlie squad..... we didn't even have a charlie squad at the time.
  2. Crazy Airborne

    yep, enemy vehicles showing up as yellow and green when they are set to purple and red (and normally show this way) this can be quite frustrating.

    "hey who in the squad pulled a lightning?"

    "umm idk?"

    "wait wait! thats a VS lightning!"

    "oh god he shot my rear armor"
  3. Canaris

    seems to be only vehicles it effects then, can't say I've seen enemy infantry show up in any colour but red on the minimap but I'll keep my peepers open this evening
  4. }{ellKnight

    Saw a green magrider on my minimap on patch day. Was thoroughly confused, actually went there to see what's up. It was enemy, I died.
  5. Stigma

    Yep... seen this too many times already. Enemies show up as green on the map.

    Seriously... I am peased that they took the time to improve the map visibility (they did a decent job there even if it still has some way to go) but they managed to introduce even MORE map bugs to an already very unreliable minimap.

    Just SOME of the bugs:
    - Enemy ghost-dots stuck in the map (including vehicles) make you have to guess if its a real threat or not
    - Enemies show up as allies
    - Enemies often don't show up at all when they should be
    - Friendlies often don't show up at all when they should be (all the time basically), especially annoying when it happen to your own platoon-members and you can't even figure out where your own guys are.

    Add to this the sore lack of being able to select a zoom-level and also losing a lot of vital information whenever you turn the map large...

    It all adds up into a map that just isn't worth using a lot of the time. You can't trust it to show vital information that you should rightfully have - and worse yet - now it actually tricks you into getting killed by painting enemies as allies.

    Only the latter bug is new. Everything else is old bugs that they never did anything to fix. Wonder how long this new map bug will last or if they will just keep acumulating...