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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by mattmaceten, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. mattmaceten

    Everywhere in planetside 2 i am seeing ##UI before everything and anything! wether it be chat, objectives, vechiles weapons etc, i am running windows 8 64 bit! i can't fix this problem, i've reinstalled twice and that hasn't fixed it please help!
  2. slannmage

    You have to change the language on the Launch Pad and then back again.

    It's dumb I know, lots of friends have had it and just uninstalled without trying, SOE hasn't fixed it since beta.
  3. Freyar

    In the PS2 launcher options (the wrench icon in the bottom left) change the language to English, then back to what you want.
  4. mattmaceten

    Sorry how do i get to the launchpad?
  5. slannmage

    What you launch the game with when you click PLAY, the option should be at the bottom.
  6. mattmaceten

    Oh yes i see, oh my god! thankyou both so so so so much! the game is fixed and playable!!
  7. slannmage

    Wait till you get into a battle... then you'll be back on here complaining about low FPS.
  8. mattmaceten

    Well this system im using was only built yesterday and im in a battle and everything seems fine
  9. iGamer1990

    nice to see you got your issue fixed :D hail vanu!